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Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 5th October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with Yug, Jaggu Dada and Johny goes inside Palekar Mansion. Tantrik handover the bottle in which he has kept the ghosts captive. Yug gets sad. Johny and Jaggu Dada gets happy and pay money to tantrik. Yug enters the house and sleeps in his room. The bottle moves while Yug is sleeping. Peter supports Sophia and tells Ben is not right for Amy. Veronica says you means my judgement is wrong. She asks how did you know that Sophia is saying right? He asks how did you know that she is lying. Veronica says Sophia is jealous of Amy. Peter is shocked and tells he believes on Sophia’s judgement. He tells that he will enquire about Ben’s history. He tells that when he went to inaugurate the swimming pool, some girls came closer to him, but he told them clearly that only Veronica stays in his heart. Veronica gets happy and kisses him. Peter says I love you. Dadi asks her family to get up. Radha says she did a good acting and fooled Tantrik. They acted to get in the bottle. Ishaan says his strength has weaken. Dadi tells them that Yug has returned home and occupied the room again.

Sophia returns home silently. Amy tries to shout to call Veronica and Peter. Sophia stops her and says Ben is not right for her and having an affairs. Amy says so what, he would have changed? Amy tells she will inform Veronica, but Sophia says she will not else Peter will come to know about Veronica locking her in room. They do their usual sister fight. Amy gets hurt and Sophia cares for her. She says she is jealous of her height and says she will get a best guy. They hug and say I love you to each other.

Dadi receives angry. Radha suggests you was concealed someplace, but we fought with tantrik. Dadi suggests she is quite energetic. She asks where is Yadav? Yadav will come out from your bottle. He says I have saved you till now, although not any longer. Just then Yug’s telephone rings. Dadi seems there, accompanied by Radha and Suraj. Yadav usually takes cellular phone in his hand and asks what is this? Dadi suggests could be it is tantrik’s trick.

Tantrik arrives jogging to his Expert Mata and asks her to avoid wasting his daily life. She slaps him and asks what has occurred? He tells he went to Palekar Mansion, and was going to catch the ghosts, but they’ve got closed him within the bottle, and was enjoying activity with him. He states they ended up laughing at him, and he was by some means saved himself. He asks her to carry out a little something. She asks him to await future Amawasya.

Everyone glance cluelessly at the cellular and thinks it is a look at. Peter asks Veronica why did she insult Yug.

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