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Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 2nd October 2015 Written Update

Episode starts with Yug helping Sophia getting down through the stairs. Yug keeps Veronica busy with his talks. Veronica thinks he talks too much. Sophia hugs Yug and thanks him for saving her from Veronica. Yug thinks his Sophia hug him for the first time. Sahiba song plays……………Yadav tries to look at Yug’s things. Dadi comes and scolds him for looking at other’s things. Yadav says don’t know if Yug will come back or not. Dadi says it is good that he didn’t come else people will stop believing on ghost. Dadi tells she is missing her husband and takes Yug’s perfume, saying it is her favorite. Yadav says it is stealing. Dadi runs after him. Yug wonders where to sleep in the night and thinks his stuff is in Palekar Mansion. Jaggu Dada and Johny tells him about the tantrik which will help them get away with the ghost. Johny asks him for a hug. Yug says he can’t as Sophia hug him for first time. Johny and Jaggu Dada are surprised.

Veronica asks Nancy and Meena, where did Sophia go? Did she disappear from here? Meena says I didn’t see her? Veronica says let her come? I will see her and you both. Peter comes back home. Veronica is angry. Peter says there is always a short circuit in your mind, that’s why you hairs are curly. Veronica looks on angrily.

Johny, Jaggu Dada, Yug and Tantrik occur within Palekar Mansion. Tantrik starts the puja. Dadi, Yadav, Suraj, Radha, Ria and Ishaan look and gets tantrik electric rays. Johny says we will hear their screams. Tantrik prays and throws anything in fireplace. Yug, Jaggu Dada and Johny get terrified. The many ghost get agony. Yug tells Tantrik that all the ghosts is going to be suffocated in one bottle and displays pity on them. Johny says shall I give A further bottle. Yug, Johny and Jaggu Dada comes out. Yug feels poor for their doings. Tantrik asks the ghosts to scream, and suggests your game is around. I’ll capture you from the bottle. Yug tells That is their household, and we’re acquiring them away from their particular house. They argue. Jaggu Dada states they’ve got problems every one of the Bustura individuals. Many of the ghost get while in the bottle.

Tantrik exhibits the bottle to Yug. Yug involves the Palekar Mansion and sleeps on bed.

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