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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Raman taking Shagun with him. Bhallas come to see Raman and Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says Raman told us that Ishita is brought here. She prays for Ishita. They get shocked seeing Raman bringing Shagun, realizing she is alive. Shagun asks Raman to listen to him. Shagun looks at them and cries. Romi comes there and gets shocked seeing Shagun alive. Raman says Shagun is alive. Sarika quietly leaves and informs Ashok.

Ashok gets glad and smiles. Sarika says Raman has caught Shagun and now the family knows she is alive. Raman asks Shagun to stop it. He says Ishita is fighting with her life, if anything happens to her, then… He goes. Ashok hears this and smiles. Sarika asks Ashok did he hear. Ashok says great Sarika, see my fate, I thought I lost Shagun and Raman has caught her. He ends call and says Ishita bhalla I failed you, in just third step, what will happen to Raman now.

Raman goes to ICU and looks at Ishita. He asks her what was the need to do all this, if anything happened to you then, what do you think you will always do as you want, problem is our lives are related with yours, I m very angry with you, we promised we will never hide things from each other… he cries……

Raman does not hold her hand and wipes his tears. He worries. Doctor comes and Raman will she get fine. Doctor says yes, we operated, but anything can happen in such cases, it was crocodile attack, we will keep her under observation for one day and her recovery can take upto few weeks, pray for her that there is no complications. Raman says I can’t lose her.

Shagun is treated and asks doctor to let her go. Doctor asks her to rest, this will affect her baby, your family asked us to take care of you. Raman comes there. The doctor asks her to rest, they won’t let her leave. Raman stares at her, fumes and leaves. She cries.

Its morning, Raman looks at Ishita. She sees him and he goes angrily. Shagun also recovers.

Next day, Romi and Sarika come to meet Ishita. She smiles expecting Raman. Romi and Sarika keep food and leave. Ishita cries. Prateek and Abhishek talk to Shagun. They help Ishita recover. Raman comes to see Ishita at night. Aansoo ka rishta……………plays………….. Raman sits outside and cries, while Ishita and Shagun cry too. Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla come and keep tiffin. They leave. Few days pass……..

Adi comes and cries seeing Ishita. He hugs her. Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla show annoyance. Raman sees Ishita in the ward and sends food for her by ward boy. Ishita sees Raman and signs him to come. He leaves. Next day, Raman cries angrily and stops himself from meeting her. She gets upset.

Its morning, Bala tells someone that he can’t come now, he is in class. He takes class and gets disturbed by calls. He says I m not able to concentrate on anything. Khosla comes and shouts on Bala infront of the students. He says there are many things wrong at the training centre, computers did not come, you should have gone there and see everything, training has to be start soon. Bala asks how, I m busy with my students. Khosla says I invested much money in training centre, you can’t neglect it, I can’t work with such business partner. He leaves. Bala worries. He reschedules the class and thanks the students. The student says this will harm our studies, Bala is trying to earn more and playing with out future. Bala hears them and leaves.

Khosla informs everything to Suraj. Suraj says keep this pressure on Bala. He recalls Vandu’s slap and says problems will break loose on Vandu.

Ishita tells doctor that she feels better, she can go home now, her husband will come to take her. Romi comes. The doctor asks nurse to prepare her discharge papers. Ishita gets a call. Romi goes out to do formalities. Ashok asks Ishita to see the result of getting against her, he exposed her in 3 steps, Shagun’s truth is out, just pray for Raman, all the best. She cries.

Bhallas and Shagun wait for Ishita at home. Romi brings Ishita home. Raman with teary eyes asks Ishita how is she. You look fine, did you meet Shagun…oh actually I forgot you played this game with Shagun, we felt Shagun died and see she is alive here, I m not asking you, I m telling you, you don’t have to say anything, I will say today, I have many questions and things to know, I m fool, I thought Shagun did this game, but Ishita did this. He tells Appa that both his wives are expert in playing games, Ishita crossed the limit. Ishita cries.

Raman asks Ishita not to wear her mangalsutra, their relation is over. Ishita cries. Shagun and
Abhishek get worried.

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