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Yeh Vaada Raha Episode 1 – 21st September 2015 Written Update

Scene one:
Location: Mumbai (31.08.2003)
A younger Woman, Survi is having fun with the Ganesh Utsav, when she misses 4 phone calls coming in within the mobile. she arrives inside and finds shanti, Yet another younger Lady, eating absent the snacks when she was alleged to keep a depend. She angrily snatches it from her, and the Female apologises to survi, asking for the snack. Survi tries to get her depend and study, but she doesnt shell out heed, and when she will get the subsequent chance, shanti once again gets to eating snacks. But when survi will get angry, sahanti starts off reciting the desk of three. Survi again receives the call, which time she picks up, and its a goon like fellow, who tells her that he’s endeavoring to be her father’s Buddy, but her father doesnt Permit him be. just then, her father arrives, and asks who is it. survi narrates every little thing. he will get offended, and then talks within the mobile phone. When the goon light heartedly chats, Srikant asks him to justification him, as he cant do what he needs him to complete. thie enrages the goon who tells him that he needs tjhe Bhao at any Price. He cancels the call. srikant is tensed. Survi is boggled and issues him, if he cant explain to this to her. And if he cant, then he must inform it to bhao Kaka. Srikant gets tensed, as she asks him to share it with him and lighten up. The girls leave. He stands tensed.

Scene two:
Locale: About the highway
Even though These are light-weight heartedly bantering over the road, once they encounter, a fifty rupee Notice, which survi decides to select up, and continue to keep, to provide to whoever promises it, and then if practically nothing like that comes about, then they shall give it on the law enforcement station. Survi tries to get, though the Notice keeps slipping away, as its essentially a prank by Kartik, a bubbly spirited guy, that’s teasing survi, along with his boy gang. Survi is enraged, when he arrives and teases survi, indirectly through shanti. Sanhti even so claims that she doesnt would like to speak to him, as he retains teasing her Good friend, survi. Survi suggests that she shall complain in his title. he asks if she is threatening him, and asks her to go and tell the entire identify. he leaves with his gang, but survi notices that he is going to retreat and fall into a pit, when she extends out her hand, just in time to hold him, from falling. he appears grateful. she leaves rapidly. he calls out to her, but she doesnt respond. When strolling, she will come across the exact fellow, who experienced identified as her father.

Scene three:
Place: Goon’s Hideout and Bhao’s home
kartik concerns find his aunty, learning english in the english Trainer, even though the other youthful close relatives make entertaining of her Odd english. They’re amused and snigger, even though she reprimands them for her Mastering, as its her twenty fifth relationship anniversary, immediately after a few times, and she or he has to deliver an english speech. They question her to chill and communicate in hindi, but she’s adamant, obtaining sworn at the time. she starts mentioning how she despatched all the children to english medium educational facilities, but all in vain, as noone bothered to create her find out anything at all. They’re amused. she commences reprimanding her Trainer, in marathi, and he is completely boggled. kartik tells the Instructor that if for her speech, she is ridiculed by any person, then she would get rid of him. He’s terrified. Just then, another Female comes in inquiring How can she look. Her sister comes and tells her that she wont don it, as she herself is carrying the same costume. they begin squabbling, whilst kartik is amused. Tai receives to Mastering classes another time. just then, bhao enters and all get tensed and scared of him. The Trainer and each other young member disperses away. Just then, srikant enters tensedly, and bhao greets him, boggled, inquiring if he has come to the payment with the curiosity. Srikant comes in. kartik gets to grasp from Bhao, that his informants have informed that he will probably be attacked and is particularly shocked. Bhao’s correct hand asks if they must enhance security. but tai methods in saying that noone has the guts to destroy bhao. Kartik states that they shall damage the legal. tai suggests that may take place once the bullet is inside of bhao, but what shall he do once the bullet is being fired. Kartik stands speechless. Tai asks if he shall stand inf ront of bhao, to facial area the bullet in his upper body designed for Bhao. kartik is shocked. A lady hears this from at the rear of the curtains, which is shocked as well. tai expresses that bhao has finished a favour on him by offering this kind of a lavish daily life, and when he shall repay or not. kartik suggests Of course, although the Girl is tensed. tai commends him, and claims that until some time, he is with bhao, very little can take place to him, and she shall continue to be married. Srikant is tensed. bhao is happy.

As survi is stored captive, the goon amusedly banters together with her, although she’s terrified. he claims that he finishes his duties adequately. They provide her Vada Pao, and he or she hesitates, and begs to generally be despatched back again to her father. he eyes her angrily. She’s worried.

In the meantime, Srikant’s number rings all over again and he is tensed as its the exact same goon contacting him all over again. they all evaluate him boggled. srikant states that its an urgent contact, and leaves to consider it. The goon asks how could he achieve Bhao, and tells that his daughter was wishing to be with him, and instead of coming to his spot, he went to bhao. He asks him to depart immediately and come straight to the specified address. he cancels the decision. srikant composes his deal with, and claims that he experienced come to pay back the fascination, but forgot the wallet. tai asks how could he forget the desire dollars this time, as he is extremely punctual about payment. srikant stands speechless, whilst she asks if theres any stress. he denies. she arrives and faces him, inquiring him to go and acquire the money. srikant usually takes their leave. tai eyes him doubtfully. Srikant meanwhile storms away from your home, and straight for the designated address. he enters inside and finds Survi like that. They both rush but are helpd through the goons’ Adult males. The goon states that they’re running out of time, and they have to have the bhao at any Price tag, and asks if he shall do the job for them or not. He eyes his girl helplessly.

Scene four:
Locale: Bhao’s residence
Tai reprimands lata, the Girl who was helplessly eyeing srikant previously, for producing the same staple diet plan day-to-day, and asks her to get ready Specific dishes. lata states that she must master. tai tells her thats not her dilemma, as she advised her what she wants to try to eat and she would enjoy to own that. She tells lata that if she doesnt comply, then she would’ve her thrown within the streets, along with her psychological daughter, Shanti and son,Kartik. she finds bhao and kartik speaking, and to precise her adore in the direction of lata, she starts to phony praise about her culinary taste, in front of her son, kartik. After they are gone, she once again reprimands lata, who feels helpless and disturbed at the situation that they are in. She asks lata to center on her operate, as kartik is accomplishing his.

Outdoors, Bhao asks kartik to have a bag with fuill security and when he reaches that spot, give it to the one who’s there to collect it. kartik leaves. tai will come and asks why he gave these kinds of a very important get the job done, and no matter whether he shall be able to do it. he says that they may have to Allow him totally free to make sure that he learns and picks up trade techniques. he suggests that following him, kartik has to handle it, as his own youngsters shall not sign up for Within this messy company, nor does he want them to. He says that kartik is the greatest person as he shall be obligated to take action. tai asks Let’s say any individual listens to them. He states that they have carried out a favour on them, and This can be the only way they could reciprocate the favour, under which they shall constantly be indebted. he asks her to generally hold them realising whatever they did for them, his paternal’s brother’s spouse and children. She complies.

Scene 5:
Location: On the street
srikant attempts to mend the chain, but just then the bag falls on to the floor, and pistols appear away from it, resulting from his collision with srikant, who is coming in Along with the goon’s Guys. Srikant is tensed and asks him to depart this function, as this isnt proper and he will be trapped someday. Kartik asks him to not lecture. Kartik claims that he doesnt want complications, as his basic principle is clear, that he would like to stick with Bhao, and turn into like him sometime. The goon and his menask srikant to move in advance. he complies. Kartik asks srikant who are these Gentlemen. He fumbles and states that they’re his close friends which have originate from afar, and wish to fulfill Bhao. Kartik questions that he had gone to obtain the desire dollars, then how did he meet up with the chums, and when they wanted to satisfy bhao, why didnt he get them there right before. Srikant fumbles. kartik senses srikant tensed, and asks when there is any pressure. Srikant stands silent. The goon signals ons of his men, who places a revolver on kartik’s midsection, after which you can spots a hankey on it. he can take kartik aside and tells him that he shall make him like bhao someday. He then locks him In the very same household, qwhere survi is retained captive. they both of those are stunned and tensed to see one another, in captivity. the display screen freezes on survi’s confront.

Precap: Tai is super indignant at srikant, inquiring how could he betray them like this, significantly soon after how bhao assisted them. In the meantime, kartik and survi appear out, following he manages to overpower the goon’s men and escape. A scuffle breaks out in bhao’s home. Bhao picks up the revolver, and masses it, but just then, One more from the goon’s person shoots him issue blank in his head from behind. He staggers on the bottom. tai screams out in horror. Srikant is stunned. Survi and kartik enter in just then, and so are stunned and apalled to begin to see the dead human body. lata and the rest of the loved ones are in despair.

Written Update By Sahir


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