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Yeh Vaada Raha 7th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: On the road, Nasik
Survi looks up aghast, while kartik is alarmed too at the sudden screeching halt. Jatin and khushi watch tensedly. she apologises and hurriedly leaves, while kartik bends back up just then, but misses seeing her. meanwhile, jatin starts fuming at the driver, and reprimands survi for talking on the phone while driving. she says that it was an office call, and she needs to go urgently. he hastily says that she would have to but wishes to talk to her. she says that she doesnt wish to speak if its Mumbai, as she is adamant that she wont go. they both eye each other tensedly. he denies that he wanted to talk about that. khushi says that he wishes to take them to lunch, and jatin happily complies. survi apologises for scolding him, and then asks khushi to refer to him as Uncle, and not Motu. khushi gives another justification in defence. he tells her that she cant call him either motu norUncle, but by his name. khushi complies. survi is outrage at that, but jatin says that she can call him by name, as a friend. survi complies, and then asks him to settle down, instead of philandering around with girlfriends, who are after him for money. he starts talking about the current one, who doesnt need money. he says that he wants them both to meet the girl, at lunch. they are irritated. he says that he considers them as family, and hence once they approve, then he can get married. he asks her to hurry up with the work, and meet later on, while he takes khushi to the hotel. they depart.

Scene 2:
Location: Hotel
Jatin arrives with khushi and makes her sit at the lounge, saying that he shall go to arrange for a table. she takes his phone saying that she shall talk to her mother. Kartik too sit right in front of her, oblivious of her identity. As kartik waits in the lobby, and khushi waits too, both oblivious of their relation, they try their mobiles, and express frustration at the same time, when the line doesnt get through. they both speak the same thing, commenting about it. as he coughs, she too starts coughing. he finds it weird. they both look at each other. he is weirded out. he then asks her not to copy her, since he misunderstands. she says that she wasnt doing anything like that, and instead reprimands him. they start fighting, while she lashes back at him, with one comment after the other, and he too continues to fight with her like a child. he remembers how survi used to talk to him like this. while they are fighting, jatin comes and confronts kartik, as to whats the problem, and if he scolding, thinking that the child is alone. she too instigates jatin further, and clarifies her part. kartik stands tensed. he then comments, that the child is just like the father. just then, jatin’s girlfriend comes and is shocked to know that he has a child. kartik adds fuel to the wire, and asks him to deny, that the woman he saved earlier in the day, wasnt his wife. she lashes and reprimands him, and leaves. she clears the misunderstanding, and tells kartik that this isnt her fathwer. he asks if not him, then who is the father. she is emotional, and overwhelmed with tears. jatin asks him to go, as for seven years they were alright, but he came and apoiled it all. jatin asks him to leave, while kartik too fumes and lashes. he turns to leave. Meanwhile, oblivious to their confrontration, survi walks towards her daughter. they both instinctively feel the other’s presence, and turn around, but have missed each other by inches. they are both reminded of their romantic moments spent together, as they stand stunned. as kartik leaves, when his accomplice calls him, she turns in that direction, but its too late by then. she looks around nervously. meanwhile. jatin consoles khushi, who is terribly crying, and asks him not to talk about the copycat uncle to survi, as she has never asked about her father. survi joines them and asks why havent they had lunch together. khushi says that they were waiting for her. they join jatin’s girlfriend at the table. Jatin then raises a toast in the hotel, saying that its Khushi’s birthday today, which he wishes to celebrate with everyone. he asks them all to join in the celebrations. the girlfriend complies on, even though disinterested. he then indirectly talks about his money, to impress the girlfriend. she again asks about his marital status. khushi then clears the entire misunderstanding, and she is relieved. she tells survi that she wants their friendship to be evrlasting. khushi says that it is. survi then asks kamini, the girlfriend, if jatin told about his condition. he says that he did, and if there is anything else, then they should wait till after the cake cutting. survi complies. but kamini insists to know. survi talks about how jatin is going bankrupt, and how everything is under debt. kamini instantly gets frustrated. khushi clears that survi is testing kamini, in which she is sure to fail. survi then says that now that she knows everything, they can happily marry, since they love each other, and even can stay in a chawl if need be. kamini is frustrated. Kartik meanwhile, sits in the box office, having his meeting, with survi’s back to him, in the restaurant, but identifies, jatin, his girlfriend, and the child. he wonders what twisted tale is this, that the wife and girlfriend are sitting together, with the man and the child. khushi meanwhile waives at kartik, who is boggled. he asks her to speak up, but the girlfriend, lashes asking what does he have, that she marries him, as she only bore him due to his money. he starts reminding her of all the romantic things she had told him. he holds her hand, while she asks him to let go. he does, and she falls on the cake. as all watch her smeared face, they are in splits of laughter. she too throws back a cake. While survi is amused, jatin throws a piece of cake at his girlfriend, only to get hit back. A cake fighting starts, while khushi continues to waive at him. survi finds her doing so, and asks what happened. khushi denies. she turns to see who khushi waived at, and isnt able to find out, since kartik turns around just then. she is boggled. survi turns back to khushi and smiles.

Scene 3:
Location: Tai’s residence
Pyare comes and finds tai drinking, and compliments as to how she had successfully managed to fool everyone for her memory loss, and now is set to rule the world. tai asks him not to speak much, and while she is lecturing him, she notices that her rigth eye is twitching, which she considers as an omen. he asks if the crimes of hers are over now, and she is due to be exposed. she gets viciously angry and slaps him tight across his face, while he is apalled. while she inspects her eye, he continues to give pointless advuces, which only further irritate her. he says that when her eye twitches, he gets scared. she asks him to shut up. he asks her not to be scared. but he tells her that if her memory loss farce is up and exposed to the rest of the family, then there would be dire consequences. enraged, she warns him. they notice someone having heard and they turn towards the door and are shocked to find hema;s girl listening. she asks how could tai be doing drama for the past seven years. they are apalled, while she continues to accuse her of acting and lying to them all along. she promises them that she shall immediately warn kartik. The screen freezes on tai’s shocked face.

Precap: On the road, while kartik is in the car, khushi comes and tries to make him buy something, as she is selling items to generate money for the poor. he asks why should he purchase. She says that its her birthday today, and that she wishes to see happiness on everyone’s face as her name is khushi. he is reminded of his own daughter, and is apalled at the irony of meeting a girl named khushi, on the day when its the birthday of his own khushi. he gets down, as she takes his hand, and leads him on. he walks in a daze with her. Meanwhile, Survi, praying at the temple, feels instinctively, about kartik’s presence somewhere around her, as khushi approacehs the temple with kartik. she clutches at her mangalsutra, instinctively. khushi meanwhile gets kartik to the temple, and shows survi from the backside as her mother. he is tensed and boggled, while survi looking ahead is confused too.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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