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Yeh Vaada Raha 7th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kartik was drinking, Survi stops him. Kartik says he has got defeated today, he misbehaved with his Tai. Survi takes the bottle off his hand, she says some people have broken his trust. Kartik says he had such faith in this family, Tai took care of them all when his father and Bhao left him. He never gave his mother the position that he had given to Tai, now how he will confront her? He says everything has been scatterned. Survi says it is only scattered, not lost. She says they will assemble it all, if he trusts her? Kartik says he trusts her the most, he never felt her need more than today. She says she will be back, but he holds her hand asking her not to leave.
Tai comes to slap Pyaare. She asks how dare he entered her home again. He shows her a video blackmailing him. He says that his wife has accepted her without any condition, he shows her Hemma approaching. Tai asks Hemma if she has gone insane. Hemma says Pyaare told everything to her, Bindu was flirting with him. Hemma asks Tai to let her marriage go on and not be broken, she knows how to talk to Kartik. She deters Tai that if she opens her mouth in front of Kartik, he would come to believe what Survi will never be able to do. Bindu comes out, Hemma warns her to stay away from her husband. Tai stops Bindu, but Bindu says if Pyaare is living here she would also not go away from this house, and Tai will explain it to Kartik, else she will open her mouth to Kartik.
Survi says to Kartik she won’t leave him, she can’t see him helpless because she wants to be his strength. She will be back. Kartik confirms if she will come back. She nods. She was coming downstairs with the bottle when she watches Hemma and Pyaare come inside, then Bindu and Tai. She wonders what is happening here. Durga comes to Tai and asks what is happening. Tai asks if she ever warned the mother who gave birth to her. Tai says she was never afraid of God, she never cared for the people of the world. Whatever she did was for her children. She cries that today her children warned her. Whom she did wrong to, her children or Kartik. She says Kartik is a nice boy, better than her own children. She cries that for the happiness of her children, she destroyed Kartik’s life as well and snatched his happiness. Still he loves, trust and respect her. She cries that this is it, she will not bear it anymore. Survi thinks towards God that today Tai also wants to change.
Tai says Bhao began to celebrate Shivratri well, but tomorrows Shivratri will be the biggest. Durga says she now appreciates her piousness. Tai says neither Kartik nor her children will forget tomorrow’s Mahashivratri, she makes a cut on her hand with knife. Durga is left shocked. Tai swears on Bhao’s photo that tomorrow she will come as Mahakali, she thinks she will snatch all the money from Kartik. Durga asks what she upto is for tomorrow. Tai leaves saying she doesn’t trust anyone, she will do anything by herself. Kishore comes there, Survi says she has to speak to him.
In the room, Survi tells Kishore that they have to stop Tai tomorrow. Someone stalked them. Survi says she must tell all the trust to Kartik. Kishore says Kartik won’t trust her. Kishore says they must stop Tai tomorrow, else Tai will suspect that she isn’t Durga but Survi. It was Pyaare who had heard this conversation, he comes inside clapping and says she has beaten Tai as well. Pyaare says he himself will tell Tai about her drama. Kishore goes behind Pyaare and beats him hard, both wrestles. Survi comes and beats Pyaare with a stick on the back of his head. She says that they can’t bring Pyaare in front of Tai before tomorrow. Tai comes to the lounge, she could only see Survi’s back from behind the sofa and comes to her. She asks Survi what she is doing here, meanwhile Kishore drags Pyaare inside. Durga makes up that her earring had fallen, she says she has to tell Tai about something. Tai tells her to say whatever she has to over here. Durga tells Tai to make her a part of her plan. Tai says never. Durga says what if she plans against her? What if she traps her saying she isn’t Survi and is Durga? She doesn’t trust Tai, and if she doesn’t unveil her plan to her she is leaving. She counts till three, Tai asks her to stop.
In the room, Tai asks Durga to drink, offering her a glass. Survi thinks she can’t drink, still she can’t deny. Durga says if Tai still suspects her to be Survi or Durga. Tai says she doesn’t suspect, she has trust that she is Durga. She asks if Durga wants to know about the plan, Durga says yes. Tai asks her to drink first. Survi thinks this is for her family. She takes a sip, Tai closely observes her. She says this is her daily scotch, why is she making face then? Durga says she knows this is scotch, but this is insult to it without ice. It has a style? Durga asks for her plan now? Tai takes a notepad and asks if she has played a game, they will go to childhood today. She asks her to hold some paper chits and read aloud. Survi reads Death? Kartik? Mahashivatri? She was shocked and looks at Tai who had been smiling.

PRECAP: Tai asks a man if he got what she asked for, he shows Tai a snake. The snakes man says if someone bitten by this snake doesn’t even ask for water. In the Maha episode, Dimple asks Survi what this snake box is doing here. Survi is worried if Tai wants Kartik bitten by snake?

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