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Yeh Vaada Raha 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha watch online


Scene 1:
A doctor comes and sees lata, and tells her that before she starts posing as dangerous to the family, she should be kept in an asylum, as there is no rememdy to hert sudden bouts of madness, even abroad. they are all shocked. Tai refuses to let go of lata to the asylum. Just then, lata wakes up, oblivious to everything and what she did, while tai asks them all to let her rest and they all leave.

Scene 2:
Location: Survi’s residence
survi is tensed at lata’s behaviour, when srikant comes and asks her not to be upset on her special day. a father-daughter bonding moment happens, wherein she reminds him that soon he has to get in the habit of getting things done on their own, as she wont be around to help them. He gets emotional.Just then, kartik comes and survi gets tensed, as srikant rushes out to meet him. He asks her to take survi to the house, whilehe runs some last minute errands, like calling the priest and getting the ring. he leaves. they both eye each other tearfully and emotionally, as she goes out with him, both remembering their childhood and intimate moments.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Pyare meanwhile along with bindu plans an idea she starts throwing a tantrum of leaving the house, while hema is upset. Tai comes in and asks her to get lost rightaway instead of this drama. She leaves with pyare, who intentionally refuses to go with her, since tai then intentionally forces. they are amused.

Later, lata comes to find tai doing the decorations, and taunts hr as to hw painful it must be for her, to do something that she resents. tai says that this is her changed look, without any enemity, but she wouldnt understand it. Shanti comes with her meds, but she accidentally spills them, and when lata and shanti leave, tai crushes them under her feet, saying that she is speaking far too much and shall need to be given a special dose. the screen freezes on tai’s shocked face.

Precap: survi arrives with kartik, tensedly in the car, as she asks him terarfully if they are doing the right thing. Then they go inside. survi during the ring ceremony, accidentally drops it, and tai reprimands her. they get to searching it. As fate would have it, it lands on kartik’s feet, and they both eye each other awkwardly. Later, Survi takes leave, when tai tells her that she cant let her go like this, as she is the bahu of the house. kartik says that he is going that ways, and he shall drop her. but aniket stands behind him, and tai says that survi is nomore his responsibility but aniket’s. Survi and kartik are tensed.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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