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Yeh Vaada Raha 6th July 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik comes in the drawing room, and he finds jatin walking inside the room. he asks whats he doing here. jatin reminds that he is right on time, for their site visit together for their business plan. kartik reminds him that he had promised for site visit only with survi, and asks where is she. jatin informs him, that seh has gone very far away, taking her daughter away. karik gets berserk and asks where she took her. jatin says that he neednt be tensed, as she shall work from wherever she is. Kartik asks him yet again. jatin says that he cant divulge, but he wont be able to reach there. he says that he forced her to do this, as she was fed up of him being after her and her daughter. kartik is enraged. he says that he shall discuss everything with survi, and that survi shall plan as he wants, but from where she wants. he asks him to be assured, that there shall be no lacking, and if he wishes to cancel, then he shall pay the compensation. jatin asks him if he shall get to the site now. kartik is enraged, and says that this project is shelved till survi doesnt come back. jatin leaves smirking and amused. Tai hears from a distance and is amused. after jatin leaves, Tai instigates kartik that survi did exactly what she did seven years back, and that no revenge is so big, to stoop down so cheap. he denies saying that this time, he wont let survi be successful, and shall get back khushi. tai asks him to stop planning and get back khushi, and they shall deal with the law later, as she is rightfully his too. he says that he cant snatch, as then khushi shall hate him, for keeping her away from her mother, instead he wishes khushi to know what kind of a mother she has and what all survi did, and then she shall herself hate survi and rush back to hhim. he asks tai to take care of one thing. he asks her to be careful that she never spills the khushi is his daughter. after he leaves, tai wonders what game she has started, and that they shall complicate their lives so bad, that there isnt any solution. she says that he wants survi to confess that khushi is his daughter, and she wont since she herself doesnt know, and since she doesnt, he wouldnt spare her, starting a never ending tale. she prides on her evil masterplan and guffaws loudly. kartik descends down, and lata tries to speak, but he ignores her and walks out. tai eyes him going with interest. lata is boggled, and asks whats the matter since she was in his room. tai asks her not to worry, as he has two mothers to take care of him. tai smirks evilly, while lata resignedly complies.

Later, kishore asks lata to get to the temple with them, but she denies seemingly tensed. he asks whats the matter. Lata expresses that she thinks that maybe tai is again interfering in kartik’s life. tai hearing this from hiding, is tensed to hear this. lata points out the recent behavioural change, as to how she is always near kartik, and he also always listens to what she says. tai starts clapping and sarcastically comments that its wonderful they think like that. she says that she thought lata used to respect her, and care for her, and asks why did she do this. lata reminds what she did seven years back. tai says that she got to know it, but by their mouths. she asks her to get kartik in front of everyone today, and narrate what she said in the room. tai pretends to be hurt while lata and kishore are tensd. she retreats towards the room.

Scene 2:
Location: Undisclosed Location and Survi’s residence
Jatin tells survi over the phone, as to the success of their plan, which worked out exactly as they had wanted. he says that he was misunderstanding their silence as a sign of their weakness whereas it wasnt actually true. she asks hm to take care pointing out how mad and irrational kartik can get when he needs to have his way with things. he asks her not to bother and take care of herself. he says that kartik doesnt have this number, and he doesnt know where khushi is, and hence he wouldnt be able to destroy them. he places his call on hold, when the doorbell rings. when he opens, he finds kartik waiting outside, hearing whose name, survi is shocked too. kartik asks him to tell where is his ex-wife. jatin is enraged and says that wherever she is, she is safe, and he wont know. Kartik asks him to speak. jatin says that he wont speak at any cost. kartik takes out the revolver, while jatin asks if he is scaring him. kartik threatens that he shall shoot. survi is shocked to hear this. jatin is adamant on his stance, while kartik raises the pistol at him. jatin dares at him to shoot, while survi listens on helplessly. jatin says that he shall be indicted for his muder, and survi shall atleast be rid of him. kartik retreats the pistol away, smirking at him, while jatin stands boggled. he compliments jatin that he should be bothered about his death, as he can deal with the law later on. he again puts the pistol at him, but jatin is least unfazed. kartik then sits on the stairs, and teases him by singing a song. he then suggests a game, that every minute he shall shoot blind, and if it hits him, then his story ends right there. kartik starts the countdown, while jatin bravely starts coutning with him, boggling kartik. Survi hearing all this, thinks that kartik is completely unreliable. kartik shoots, and jatin screams in reflex. survi is distraught. jatin is shocked and taken aback, while kartik continues to tease her. she then dials the police control room, and asks them to help jatin. kartik meanwhile asks jatin why does he want to sacrifice his life for her, and asks him to think wisely. he starts the countdown yet again, and fires once more, and jatin retreats back again. Kartik turns around in shock, while survi is apalled. she helplessly dials kartik’s number, out of scare, and he is amused to receive her call, and points the same to jatin, who is boggled too. when he receives the call, she asks kartik whats he doing, and how can he fire like this, and then asks him to make her speak to jatin. kartik teases and taunts her, that this is exceedingly well planned, and asks her to come home soon, or tell where she is. she complies and gives him the address, in the pretext that he wouldnt hurt jatin. kartik says that he is coming rightaway, and asks her to wait there. jatin stands sullenly. Just then, the police comes in and asks about the pistol firing. jatin says that it was kartik. the police is boggled. kartik gives up an excuse that they were playing, and shoots at jatin, to prove that it was a mere toy gun. the inspector asks them not to joke around like this, and then leaves. then kartik makes a mad dash for the door, with jatin after him. jatin’s foot slips, and he falls face head into a container of flour. Kartik is thoroughly amused, to see his face smeared in flour, while jatin resignedly fumes.

Scene 3:
Location: Unidentified Location
Kartik comes and meets survi, and teases her about the perfect location, suggesting that she and jatin could have had a nice romantic escapade here. she asks him to get to the point. she asks why is he doing this. he asks her to tell why she did what she did. she says that she doesnt know, and has no clue why he is doing this. she says that life moved on, after seven years, but he is still there, and she knows, that he has lost his daughter, and understands his pain, but that doesnt mean he hurts those who love him, and whats the fault of the child, who he first kidnapoped, and then became a hero. he confesses and says that he wanted to torture her, just like she made him torture for the last seven years. he grabs her hand and clutches her tightly towards her, saying that what she went through, he has learnt to live with it. she says that its enough, and asks what she needs to do to end it. he asks her to accept her crime. she says that she cant what she never did, and asks what then. he asks her to bear it then. she says that then so be it. she says that she bowed down as a wife, but not as a mother, and not accept his digusting allegations, and that he is mistaken, that she shall succumb to him. Survi confronts kartik and says that today she challenges him, that whatever power he has within him, he can muster it up, and do whatever he wishes, but he wouldnt bbe able to break her, and if he feels, that she snatched his Khushi from him, then he is mistaken, as she didnt do it. he eyes her tensedly. she says that she wont accept defeat too, and that she wont let him anywhere around khushi ever. he says that now the game becomes interesting, and that they arent bonded by their ealier love, and now he wont let their relationship of hatred break. she then promises him too, that he can do anything, but he wont be able to break her, come what may. The screen freezes on their enraged faces.

Precap: While survi is shocked and screams for kartik, he comes to hr casually and asks whats the matter. she points towards the door, and they both are petrified to see a tiger lurking right in the doorway. they are stupefied in fear and then rush inwards to prevent being detected. they hide behind a closet, and are suddenly aware of their physical intimacy, as reminiscient memories of their romance re-surfaces, as they eye each other in an awkward yet romantic eyelock.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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