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Yeh Vaada Raha 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha watch online

Scene 1:
Location: Temple
kartik asks her whats she doing. Tai says that she did the Shradh of her enemity, and she accepts survi as the bahu. she says that she has had enough of this enemity and rage and now wants to get rid of it all, and go ahead with god’s plan, as he wishes to marry aniket to survi. He eyes her tensedly. She then says that she shall go and get dressed, as she cant go for the bride of her son, in these plain, white clothes.

Scene 2:
Location: Survi’s residence
Survi is brought down and asked for her consent, while she keeps asking for kartik. lata says that he shall be here soon with tai, but till then, she can give her decision, and either which ways, they would be happy, and wont take her decision otherwise. srikant too asks her not to be hasty and make a calm and clear decision. She stands tensed as she continues to pester for kartik’s arrival. Finally, tai comes with kartik, and all are shocked to see her bald head. Aniket comes and asks what she did. She says that she did the shradh of survi and srikant, and then adds that she put their enemity to rest finally, bowing to the love of her son. She then comes dressed with him, to survi’s house, and asks for her acceptance to the marriage. Kartik is shocked. tai asks survi if she likes her son. Survi says that she is ready for this marriage. Srikant and kartik are shocked, while aniket is overjoyed. Survi is distressed. Kartik leaves. srikant asks her not to be hasty. she eyes kartik and says that she has decided after much thought, and talks about their metting last night, and what he told and convinced her. She says that today she had t reciprocate the same favour. All are happy, as she then turns to aniket, and tells him that till date, she has always seen him as a friend, and that she never imagined anything beyond friendship. She then looks at kartik, and then says that now she shall think, as kartik feels so, and he must be right. She asks srikant not to worry as she is lucky to go to a place where there is kartiik, as he wont let her be troubled. tai exclaims that they should then finalise this relation here itself. Aniket feeds survi, while kartik looks on with teary eyes. Tai eyes the laddoo in her hand and then comes to lata, saying that she needs to eat, as its due to her, and forcibly gives her sweets. Tai talks about immediate marriage withion the next 2 days. srikant is tensed, while kartik is shocked. tai says that there is no other muhurat available. Pyrae then gets them for a group pic, as aniket puts his hand around survi, as she is apalled, while kartik looks away tensed. survi then excuses herself and leaves.

in her room, she is distraught and apalled, at what just happened. lata comes in, while she composes herself, shocked to see her, saying that she was just coming out. lata directly asks her that she loves kartik. survi is stunned, while she denies, and asks them to come out, as all are waiting. but lata doesnt let her go, and sternly asks her if he loves kartik. survi asks whats the matter. Lata asks if she is an idiot to not see that she loves kartik for the past 14 years. Survi begins to go, but she turns her around, and then grabs a knife by the shelf. Survi is shocked. then as all intervene and are shocked, kartik stops lata from lunging at survi with the knife. in doing so, his hand comes in between, as lata lands a blow, and his hand gets cut. survi immediately gets concerned for his injury, as blood starts gushing out. survi starts screaming, while all are alert and startled. they both eye each other tensedly, while aniket is boggled to see her concern for him. lata meanwhile goes berserk, and then finally goes unconscious. survi distraughtedly, narrates what happened. kartik is shocked. the screen freezes on survi’s apalled face.

Precap: Survi takes leave, when tai tells her that she cant let her go like this, as she is the bahu of the house. kartik says that he is going that ways, and he shall drop her. but aniket stands behind him, and tai says that survi is nomore his responsibility but aniket’s. Survi and kartik are tensed.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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