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Yeh Vaada Raha 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha watch online

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Suri and kartik sit at the tea stall. she shivers, remembers how he had put the jacket on her, but this time, he is so lost and occupied, that he doesnt notice that she is cold. Survi asks whats the matter as he seems tensed. He says that she knows very well what tai means to him, and that she is more of a mother than lata. He says that he sees his lord in tai. survi hears intently. He then says that he had promised tai long back, that her happiness means paramount to him, including her family’s. she says that she knows about his intentions. he says that he cant snatch his own brother’s happiness, as he loves him more than life. he remembers aniket’s confession of love for survi, and then tells him, that aniket loves her more than his own life. As survi confronts kartik, waiting for his confession of love, with teary eyes, kartik spills out that he cant spoil his brother’s happiness, and be happy at the cost of his brother’s life. He tells her how aniket has fallen in love with her, and wants to marry her. he begs her to accept the proposal of aniket for his behalf. Survi is shocked and taken aback, and is too stunned to react. he says that aniket is a nice guy and shall keep her happy, fighting back his own tears, and talks about how aniket loved her at the first sight. he says that he knows he is forcing her to listen to him, but he himself is helpless too. she then shoves him away, and retreats into a corner, while kartik himself is distraught and frustrated at the latest turn of events. She is aspalled by his betrayal. She says that he speaks whatever he wishes to, and that she complies to every wish of his, without questioning, but not anymore. he tries to come close, but she stops him, saying that she knows he means important to her, and when his phone came today, she was expecting his confession but she was wrong, as the truth is that, he speaks first and thinks later. She says that she is his friend, not some property that he can give away to his brother. She turns around and rushes away from there. he screams and reaches out to her, but she doesnt listen. After she leaves, he collapses on the ground, screaming her name.

Scene 2:
Location: Survi and Kartik’s residence
Survi is distraught as she enters the room, eyeing the moon, tears streaming down her cheeks, as she remembers what just happened, while kartik too remembers their past moments, distraught and apalled. he takes out his phone and calls her, but she doesnt pick up. he is tensed. He continues calling, until she finally picks up. he begs her to listen to him, but she asks him to leave her alone, and then cancels the call. he is tensed. He turns around to find aniket confronting him. Aniket comes and asks kartik what did survi say. he is unable to tell him, as aniket looks up expectantly at him. he asks kartik if everything is okay. kartik smiles and says that all is okay, and asks why. Aniket says that he had gone to meet her, and what did she say. when he finds him quiet, aniket asks if survi refused. kartik denies and asks him not to think like that. Aniket continues to talk about his passionate love, while kartik asks him to calm down, and rest, as its late, and be sane. aniket thanks kartik, and decides to go to sleep, as they have to go to survi’s house tomorrow.

The next day, lata with shanti’s help, gets all preparations done for the shagun for Survi. kartik comes, stressed and distraught, while lata asks him to see if everything is okay and nice. He remembers his last conversation with survi. Lata finds him tensed, and asks whats wrong, and where is he lost, and asks him to go and change. Through his tears, he asks if they arent hastening up, as before all these preparations, they should ask survi. lata says thats why they are going, to ask for her will, and asks him to go and change. he complies and goes back in, when he finds aniket, all nervous and excited, about meeting survi. kartik smiles at him, while lata teases him about it. Just then, pyare comes and tells them that tai isnt in her room anywhere. lata wonders where would she have gone at this time.

Scene 3:
Location: Temple and Kartik’s residence
Tai meanwhile is getting a shanti yagna done, dressed in white for the peace of the souls of Srikant and Survi, who she declares as dead. she eys them with vicious rage, as she remembers aniket’s retaliation. Her phone rings, and she picks up, while kartik asks where is she, as all are worried. She says that she is at the temple. he asks if she doesnt want to go to survi’s place. Tai asks him to come get her from the temple./ He complies, and then tells this to them. Lata tells him to go and get tai, while they leave for survi’s place. He complies.

As he arrives at the temple, kartik is shocked to see that tai is getting her head shaved off, with pics of survi and srikant’s beside in garlands, as she eyes them tearfully. he is stunned, while trying to stop, but she holds him back, as the barber does his work. She completely shaves off her head. She then bathes herself in water.

Scene 4:
Location: Survi’s residence
Srikant greets everyone as lata comes with the family, and the shagun, seeing which he is slightly boggled. he asks lata whats the matter. He is shocked to know that lata has come to talk for aniket’s marriage with survi, while he blushes. Meanwhile, survi is in her room, as she is distraught and apalled. He is a little taken aback, when aniket intervenes and then confronts him. he gets up and stands in front of him. Aniket with folded hands, tells srikant that he knows it would be difficult to trust him, but he shouldnt doubt on his love for survi. He says that he loves her galore, and shall keep her very happy. Srikant is tensed as he eyes him. The screen freezes on survi’s apalled face.

Precap: kartik asks her whats she doing. Tai says that she did the Shradh of her enemity, and she accepts survi as the bahu. She then comes dressed with him, to survi’s house, and asks for her acceptance to the marriage. Survi says that she is ready for this marriage. Srikant and kartik are shocked, while aniket is overjoyed. Survi is distressed.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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