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Yeh Vaada Raha 4th July 2016 Written Update

The episode begins with survi speaking to jatin about living together as a family n kartik exclaiming “forget it.. it ain’t possible”..

Jatin n survi are taken aback…kartik changes d topic… he says look I am here on d dot… it ain’t possible that I would b late… kartik asks about khushi.. survi tells him she’s resting in her room.. kartik is about to head to khushi’s room but jatin stops him n asks where he’s going.. kartik “apni beti se Milne”… haaye kya dialogue maara.. anyways he again changes d topic n says ki bacche bhagwan ka roop hote hai… phir chahe khushi tumhaari beti ho ya meri…

As kartik walks towards khushi’s room jatin asks survi whether she still wants to work with a person
like him n would go with him on a site visit… survi answers in affirmative stating that even she wants to know what’s going on in Kartik’s head…

An extremely cheerful kartik meets his khushi asks her how she’s doing.. khushi tells him about feeling weak… he assures her she would b fine by evening n playfully hands over a modak to her… kartik seeks khushi’s permission to take her mom for site visit… khushi says her jatin dad (lol) would take care of her… kartik taunts about jatin being a good lookin, entertaining dad which doesn’t go down well with khushi.. kartik takes khushi’s leave…

Kartik walks with survi in tow who’s still looking towards khushi’s room.. kartik halts abruptly making survi bump into him n she almost trips … he catches hold of her .. haaye that awkwardness (told ya to go n watch d episode)…

As kartik drives survi realizes he’s not taking her to d propsed location… they bicker over it… kartik receives a call from d police.. he says he wants to close khushi’s case coz he has realized that the kidnapper was only working for d main mastermind n eyes survi angrily… survi is shocked n asks him d reason for closing d case.. kartik says he wants to move on in life like survi already has..

At d location survi almost trips seeing a mouse n kartik catches hold of her… exactly d way she had prevented him from tripping about 20yrs ago… haaye those flashbacks… survi wonders if it is actually d location kartik intended to visit.. he tells her of it being an old hotel of a friend of his n now he wants to build a complex over d said plot..

Kartik takes survi by her hand wanting to show her around… but she jerks off his hold n asks y he’s troubling her.. doing all this intentionally… kartik moves menacingly towards her pins her against a pillar.. survi makes futile attempt to escape… he closes in on her… God those flashbacks… after getting too close for comfort kartik moves back.. n with his signature ‘uhhhahh’ exclaims that she still uses his fav perfume… survi starts with aap aisa kyu kar rahe hai blah blah… kartik says I slapped u n threw u out of d house… so u sought revenge by dis kidnapping drama n giving shelter to d kidnapper for 7yrs.. survi is bewildered…

Rohit calls up khushi n asks how she is.. khushi says she’s bored.. rohit tells her to come over to barve mansion… khushi asks jatin papa if she can go to rohit’s place.. jatin papa all elated… tai smirking n wondering what kartik’s gonna do next…

Precap: same as wat was shown on friday

Written Update by kiara26

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