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Yeh Vaada Raha 4th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha watch online

The episode starts with Karvi getting out of the car. YVR BG song starts. Survi sits on a bench of a tea stall. Kartik looks at her admiringly then wraps her with his coat as she was feeling cold. They begin speaking at same moment. Survi asks if he wants to say something to her. Kartik asks to tell her instead. She asks him to tell first. He says that he’ll come tomorrow to talk with Srikant. They smiles coyly.
At night, Survi and Kartik recalls their past memories from childhood, Kartik’s proposing, adding vermilion etc and gets happy. Sanam re plays in BG. Kartik who is lost in thoughts, collides with Shanti while walking. Shanti asks where his mind is. He chides her instead for walking absentmindedly. She says he bumped into her. He pulls her cheeks and says youngers are always at fault, not the elders. Lata smiles seeing this. She thanks Bappa for letting her see their children’s bantering. Kartik comes to her and starts to help her in making sweets. Lata asks how can he do it. He says he’s just trying as one should take care of house besides business. Lata tells him to work on his business only as she’s there to take care of household. Kartik tells she must be getting tired for working so much, so he should bring someone to serve and help her. Lata smiles then asks him to come to point. He is about to talk about survi when they hear angry tai’s voice and rushes to see the matter.
Tai is scolding aniket and says if he says any word further she’ll kill him. He retorts back that he’ll kill himself. Tai slaps him hard then says it is her mistake to raise him giving so much liberty..she’ll cut his tongue etc. Aniket says then she must cut his heart as well as he will keep ranting the name she can’t bear hearing till his heart beats. All are shocked. Tai goes to strangle him but kartik stops her. He asks the matter. Bindu tells him that aniket wants to marry the girl,suvi, whose father is responsible for their father’s death and his handicap. Kartik is stunned to hear that aniket loves survi too.
On the other hand, survi cuts her hand while cutting vegetables. Sarikant aids her cut, chiding her for cutting vegetables at night. She says may be kartik will come to him to have a talk. Srikant asks what’s the talk. Survi avoids him saying she doesn’t know even.
Here, aniket says survi isn’t responsible for bhau’s death and srikant did everything under pressure of police. He says to Bindu that srikant didn’t ask police to shoot at his leg. Tai gets furious. She says his father died due to him. Tai brings out a cutter to kill aniket. Kartik stops her saying aniket is being childish and parents give life to children, doesn’t take. Aniket asks her to kill her if she can’t accept survi. Lata tells her that now they’re here to control aniket’s madness but if he does something silly later, they won’t be able to save him. All leave from there. Karitk is left along..he recalls aniket’s words and cries.
Survi is looking at moon when Simran comes and says her sister must be in love. Survi blushes and denies it. Simran says her face is telling her heart. When she asks her lover’s name, survi tells her to shut up. Simran asks if she has told him already, then says she should confess before she returns from shoot because if one doesn’t confess in right time then love story becomes incomplete.
Kartik calls Survi and asks her to meet. She thinks kartik wants to talk about his feelings…that’s why being impatient. He tells he wants to talk with her.
Here, tai is wandering in her room and remembering aniket saying survi will become his wife surely…even if she doesn’t accept. Lata comes there and gives her a bottle of medicine. Tai says she must be enjoying her misery. Lata says she wanted to see her in trouble and pain before revealing her truth. She says God’s justice is very apt that’s why her son loves survi whom she hates immensely. She says she can’t kill her dear son and she’ll have to bring Survi as bahu in this house and will have to tolerate her every day. She says this is her punishment from now on.
Tai looks frustrated. Pyare comes after lata goes. He says if aniket marries survi then there will be big problem. Tai says angrily there is no problem but she will create one. Pyare looks amused. Tai says lata was right that she can’t kill her son but she will not let this marriage happen either. She adds tomorrow all will see that side of her which nobody has seen yet.

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