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Yeh Vaada Raha 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha watch online

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Survi is apalled, as kartik walks out, after having torn off the tickets, and branding her a liar, and asking her to never dare to lie to him again. she thinks about kartik’s rude behaviour recently, and is apalled. she rests her head against a pilar and doses off. When she wakes up the next morning, she is shocked and surprised, to find that its already very late and that she should have been up much sooner.

meanwhile, down at the temple, kartik is blessed by tai, and congratulated by everyone on his birthday, while bindu and hema intentionally tease him, as to how he must have had his first birthday wish by survi, who must have made his first birthday after marriage memorable. he is tensed and pained to hear it. tai tells them not to bother him or tease him. they continue asking what he got as a gift from survi on his birthday as it must have been something really speial. he gets disturbed. Tai then asks him about survi, and he irritably says that she is still asleep. they tease that they must have been awake for a long time last night, hence she is still tired and asleep. he gets tensed. Then he says that he has to leave for his office urgently. tai asks him to go and then come back soon, in the evening, as she has thrown a party for him. he complies and leaves.

As kartik stands by the door of his car, he stops as he hears survi stopping him. he stands angrily, while she comes to him, apologising for being late and trying to wish him a birthday, but he says sarcastically that someone must have reminded her, and he doesnt need borrowed wishes. he behaves rudely with her, and then walks off. she stands apalled and distraught. later, as she goes in, tai along with bindu and hema taunt her too, as to how she couldnt get to be with kartik on hir birthday, and then reminds that she forced her to do this, as she isnt used to losing. Survi eyes her tensedly. she says that she shall see to it, that she shall be successful in winning over his heart. Survi tells tai, that before this day ends, she would get a smile back on his face, and mend their relations. tai turns and says that she too shall see how she does that, as by sunset, their relation shall end too, and that a smile is long gone, she wouldnt even let her talk. survi eyes her tensedly. She asks her to keep dreaming. tai is tensed.

later, along with the help of kishore, survi prapres a wonderful romantic setting and ambience of the room, to celebrate his birthday with him, and make it forever memorable for him. Kishore hopes and prays and is sure that soon he shall come to know of his wife’s calibre and her honesty. survis is all hopeful that this shall remove all their misunderstandings tonight. She dials his number, and then sings the son for him, and asks if he is still angry. she is shocked when she hears tai’s voice at the other end, saying that she has no clueif he is angry, but the fact is that he cant speak to her right now, as he is busy attending to guests at the party that she hosted for him on his birthday. survi is apalled to hear this. tai reiterates that she shall never allow her to get close to him, today of all days, or even get a chance to talk to him. Survi is apalled as Tai cancels the call.

Finally, Survi calls up shanti, who asks her where is she, and how is she not at the party, as everyone is here but not her. she says that she shall explain later, and asks her if she can see kartik. Survi asks her to make her talk to him. Shanti complies, and then approaches kartik. the screen freezes on kartik, and survi’s tensed faces.

Precap: When survi finally, returns, kartik mocks and sarcastically welcomes her in the party, that the much awaited person finally arrives and how they should welcome her. Survi is apalled to see this.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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