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Yeh Vaada Raha 3rd June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik alights a lamp, in the temple. Kartik gets a call from the police, and gets to know that he needs to come to the railway station, as the kidnapper was spotted there. kartik says that he shall reach there.

Scene 2:
Location: Railway station
The kidnapper reaches the station, and then sits in a train, and as fate would have it, he sits in the same train, that survi is travelling in. Survi eyes the child, oblivious that it her own, as she decides to leave with srikant. as the child cries, she points it to the kidnapper, and then he says that she is meant to cry for her life, as her mother died giving birth to her. survi is apalled. he asks her to hold it for sometime, and she wonders if the child would cry. he begs them to help him, as he shall just get her milk. while the kidnapper is in the train, kartik arrives at the platform. the kidnapper places the baby in her arms, and steathily gets down the train. survi eyes the baby, laden with emotions. meanwhile, as kartik approaches the compartment, he hears the sound of his child crying, and is startled, oblivious, that their own child is in survi’s lap, who is in the train, with srikant, she herself oblivous that she is holding her own child. but just when he turns, someone comes in the way, and he is unable to see. he leaves with the inspector. meanwhile the kidnapper is held by tai, disguised, who shows him how kartik is here with the police. the kidnapper is scared. she tells how she heard when kartik got the call, and hence she is here to alert him, or else her plan would have been exposed. she asks about the child. he tels what happened, and says that he shall get it. but tai asks him to think about himself, as he is being searched by hounds. she asks him to let the child be with the lady, who shall ultimately give the child to the orphanage. she thanks the lord that what she wanted did happen. As the train starts moving, survi starts getting upset. everytime, meeting of kartik and survi is stopped by fate, as someone keeps stepping in beteen their eyesight. srikant is tensed as to where the father went, as he already lost the wife, and now he cant lose the child too. he says that they should give the baby to the police, so that they give the child to the father. she says that she shall go down and see. she asks him not to, as the baby must be returned to the father. he asks her to come fast as its time for the train to leave. she steps down.

Meanwhile, the kidnapper gets the shawl given by tai, to disguise himself, and then is about to leave, when kartik’s attention is caught, and he stpps him. before he can lift the blanket, the kidnapper makes a mad dash, with kartik after him enraged, on the platform. survi meanwhile hears kartik’s screams, as he runs after the kidnapper. the kidnapper passes by, and kartik following him collides with survi. an awkward embrace follows. then the police catches up on him, and they both leave survi, boggled, and rush after the kidnapper. but they are disappointed as they lose him. the police then continues their search while kartik is enraged. he rushes inside, and again confronts survi, that she gave him another wound, before leaving, as she let the kidnapper escape for the second time, yet again. survi is apalled and distraught. he says that he feels like ending it all. she asks whats left to be earsed, as everything is over. he says that she is right, as everything is turned to ashes, and asks her to never show her face ever again, and be out of his life for good. as he begins to go, his handcuff yet again entangles in suvi’s dupatta, as fate has done innumerable times, and they both eye each other remembering whats happened in the past too. he turns around, fuming, and snaps the handcuff away from her dupatta. tai watches it from a distance, gleaming from a distance. finally, they both go on their own ways, departing from each other’s lives, oblivious of the strange way fate dealt with them. she is aghast as she remembers his recent behaviour, while he is too angry and enraged to be able to see clearly. she steps inside the train. tai watches with satisfaction, that she did separate kartik and survi, and now she needs to go back to Barve mansion, wherein she shall rule again, starting a new chapter. she wonders tht there is noone to save their relation now, oblivious of the child with survi. survi is stunned, while srikant asks her what to do now, as the train has started, and the father seemed dicey, and didnt even look like he was concerned for the child. he says that they shall hand the child to the police at the next station, as tht would be the right thing to do. just then, the child clutches tightly at survi’s pallu, and she is apalled and oevrwhelmed to see this. she takes the child in her arms, and says that she wouldnt allow her to go anywhere. she says that she lost her child. she says that a new hope has risen, and now when she has got the child yet again, she has got a new motive and direction to live on. Survi tells srikant that she lost her biggest relation today, and today itself, the lord gave her a new relation to start her life afresh. she says that a promise tied her to kartik 14 years back. she says that today she promises to the lord, that she shall raise this child as her own, and give her the name, that kartik wanted to give to her child, Khushi. she says that khsuhi shall bring back happiness in their lives, and that people do get relatons in life, but rare are those who get life in their relations. he complies. she kisses khushi’s forehead. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: A GENERATION LEAP OF SEVEN YEARS..Survi prays to the lord along with khushi, that had her own child been alive today, she would have been the same age, and that this khushi might be someone else, but still she feels her own. Meanwhile, kartik is living with tai who has again revamped herself in a new avatar. she does his puja, while kartik tells tai that he is going to nasik and shall return by the evening. Kartik thinks that its khushi’s birthday today, and gets overwhelmed with happiness. Meanwhile, survi too wishes khushi a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Khushi thanks her mother. In nasik, Kartik prays at the temple, that his khushi might not be there with him, but she still remains in his heart. Just then, survi pases by him, with their child, behind her, on the scooty, and stop behind him, looking for something. just then, kartik too instinctively feels something.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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