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Yeh Vaada Raha 31st May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
Kartik hears the doctor denying the nurse, that the child wasnt with her. he lashes and reprimands them as to how and where could the child be, as how can they act so irresponsible. all get tensed as kartik raises a hue and cry. survi comes as if in a trance, eyes full of tears, when he says that he shal find their Khushi anyhow. Kartik and others search around frantically, while all are aghast. survi is apalled and distraught, as others try and calm her down. then the doctor comes and asks him to come along. he is boggled but complies. the entire family then lands in the CCTV control panel, and are shocked to find that someone kidnapped their child. they are stunned. Kartik and his entire family are tensed, at the disappearance of their baby. he gets a call. As kartik picks up the call, he hears the cries of the child, and then puts it on speaker. they all break down, while survi asks who is he. the kidnapper asks for 5 crores, if he wishes to hear the voices again. they are tensed and distraught. he ask them not to be oversmart as it isnt much money for them. he gives them 24 hours to arrange the money, in which he shall keep her child safely. she begs him not to do anything, as they shall comply. she remembers her entire pregnancy term.

Scene 2:
Location: REsidence
Survi is distraught, while others pace around nervously. they are tensed as they find kartik coming. she rushes to him, and asks if he managed the money. he says that it isnt a matter of the money, but he went to the police. they are shocked. tai asks why, since the kidnapper clerly instructed them not to. he says that someone informed the police already from the hospital, and hence they tied up. he tries to assure survi that they are doing right by involving the police, due to a reason. she asks whats it. the police says that always its seen, that they take the ransom and then dont return the child too. he says that they either kill or sell away the child. they are aghast. the police says that parents fear the safety of the child, but forget that the police always is the best help, so that their child is fine. he assures her, but she doesnt seem interested in taking the risk. she says that she shall take the money and get their child back, and what if they hurt her. kartik asks if she is believing the kidnappers. she is tensed. he tries to ask whats the guarantee that given the money, the kidnapper shall return the money. he begs her to try and understand that the poice shall render them more powerful. he tries to say that he cares as much for the daughter as she does. she is adamant too that the police shall not be involved. he asks why isnt she understanding. kishore gets the money for ransom. she asks the police to leave. he asks if she has gone mad. she asks him not to do this, as she shall comply to their wishes and not take any risk. all are tensed, while kartik is in a dilemma. he finally complies, and tells the inspector that he an go, as its their personal matter . the police complies, and says that he wont interfere. they leave.

As kartik sees the room, that he had decorated for Khushi, and then remembers their first meet. he calls the police, and says that he cant risk anything for the child. he adds that survi is emotional, and hence isnt able to take practical decision, and that they shall continue to act as per the plan. the police asks him to call them, when the kidnapper calls. he complies. he swears that he wont let anything happen to her, whatsoever he might have to do.

Late at night, as survi sits in the temple, the phone rings, and the kidnapper gives her a designated location. he informs her that once he gets the money, she shall get the baby back. he asks if the police has been informed. she swears that she wont tell the police. she complies to every wish, and begs him not to do anything to the child. she eyes the clock saying ten, and remembers him asking her to come alone to the temple, at eleven. he is about to go with her, when she says that she needs to go alone. He is distraught. she begs him not to worry, as she shall handle everything, and shall get back her khushi. she leaves, while all are tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Isolated location.
as survi finally arrives, she is oblivious of the fact that kartik has arrived with the police team too. she finds another kidnapper there, along with the main person. the police says to kartik, in hiding, that this is exactly what they were trying to make her understand, which she didnt. MEanwhile, one of them approaches survi, who stands with the briefcase. one of them asks for the money, she asks for the child. he demands the money first, and she gives. then he asks her to wait as they shall count first and then get the child. after he leaves, the inspector orders the hawaldars to circle the area. they do so stealthily. he shows the bag to the other kidnapper, who sees the money and then gets the child out to survi. she is overwhelmed to see her in his arms. then the main kidnapper comes out to confront her, and just as he is about to reach to her, accidentally, a stonme falls on the ground, by the feet of the hawaldar alarming them. all of them capture around her, while she stands stunned. kartik arrives at the said designation but armed with police. the kidnapper gets enraged as he points the pistol at the baby that he has in his hand. survi is aghast. he says that his child as well as his money shall go, since he shall have to pay heavily for this oversmartness. he begs them not to get ahead, or else he shall kill the child, and places the pistol on her chest. she begs them to take the money and leave, but not do anything to the child. they kill the kidnapper’s aide, and he gets more violent, saying that he shall kill the child. kartik continues to try and ask him to go and kill. he warns that he wont be spared thereafter. she begs kartik to leave. the kidnapper asks him to listen to her. they continue to progress while the kidnapper says that if he is allowed to leave, he wont harm the child. survi finds a pistol and then places it on her forehead, saying that if anyone walks ahead, then she shall kill herself. the kidnapper uses this distraction and leaves with the baby. the police rushes after them. survi stands shocked. he rushes to her. Kartik tells that its her fault, since they were this close to retrieving her. she tells him that its due to him, as she would have gotten the baby from the kidnapper, had the police not come. he says that he doesnt wish to argue, and whatever happened today, is her fault, and if anything happens to her, then only she would be to blame. he asks her to go home, while he leaves to find her. she collapses apalled.

Scene 4:
Location: Residence
ALl are tensed, when survi comes back, defeated and disappointed. then she finds herself being barraged with questions, as to what happened, wher is khushi, and why is she alone, and if she got the child. she is unable to respond, and then breaks down in srikant’s arms, who consoles her that everything shall be alright. she goes and alighst a diya at the temple, begging the lord to return their daughter to them safely. all pray tensedly. kartik meanwhile searches throughout the night.

The next morning, survi comments that she hasnt even seen her daughter once. they are all surprised, as they find kartik coming back with a hung head and a defeated look. He stands stunned, as he is bombarded with questions from all sides. finally he says that he couldnt find her, and that the police is still searching. survi is distraught, and others are shocked. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As kartik, and others are tensed for the child, the guard comes with a bwon parcel, saying that this was at the front gate, even before he joined the duty in the morning. all are boggled. he opens the box, and from what he sees inside, he drops the box in shock. tai picks it up to find out whats it, and they are all apalled, to find blood stained cloth of the newborn. they are shocked. then he gets a call, from the kidnapper, that since he tried to act smart, he killed his daughter. he is shell shocked and others are too stunned to react.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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