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Yeh Vaada Raha 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha watch online

Scene 1:
Location: on the road
survi carries the pic, and walks listlessly on the road, when kartik catches up on her, asking whats she waiting fir now, and asks if she still doesnt believe, what their destiny is, and she is lost in rajmata’s words, regarding their re-birth. He says that he doesnt believe in rebirth and they cant falsify it. she says that it doesnt make a difference to her stance regarding him at all. She turns away to go, but he holds her hand, and turns her around, asking him to say it now. A romantic yet awkward eyelock follows, as they confront each other. he leans in close to kiss her, while he amusingly whispers if she would still say so. she suddenly realises their physical proximity and jerks herself away from him, and turns around to leave. He asks her to wait, and she asks whats the purpose, as they dont have anything to give to each other. Survi tells kartik that she gave him much pain and troubles, but not anymore and hence she should go away from here. She begins walking, as she hears kartik’s scream, and turns around, shocked to find kartik at the rooftop of a high building, screaming to be forgiven, or he jumps off instantly. the crowd gathers up, begging survi to forgive him. She asks him to stop this childishness but he is adamant. saying thathe wont live without her. finally she relents in, and turns around to come down, but his foot slips, and he hangs at the top of the building by barely a thread, trying to reach up. survi rushes inside the building, while the people are shocked. she arrives at the rooftop just in time, to prevent him from slipping. They come up with a jerk, and then hug each other. as she realises this, she distances himself away with a jerk, and again becomes aloof from him. he begs to be forgiven yet again while then she notices, blood gushing out of his hands, and immediately gets conscious, and starts attending to it, while he smiles amused. he then takes his hand away, saying that he wont let her treat him, till she forgives him from the heart. He says that his acts may be childish, but his feelings are genuine. She says that she forgives him, and then asks if he is in much pain. he says that let it be, as he deserves it, and begs for a chance to rectify his mistakes. She agrees but on one condition. he emphatically says yes. She asks him to hear her out first. He complies. She asks him to promise, that he shall never doubt her ever again, at whatever cost. he smiles at her, and catching his ear, says that if he doubts her ever again, that day would be his last. she is overwhelmed as he bends on his knees, and extends his hands for her.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Pyare, with much scare and tension, gets the bag of 20 lakhs, and manages to send the guard in another direction, after distracting him. he then places the bag outside the main gate, as instructed, commenting on the shrewd nature of the blackmailer. he leaves. the blackmailer turns out to be tai.

Later, tai places the money back in his safe, and then thinks that she shall always outwit Pyare mohan, as she took his pic, when he was burying kishore, and if this case opens, then he would be implicated as the murderer. then she eyes lata, shanti and kartik’s pic, and wonders why lata didnt give her away at that time, when she could have easily had her thrown out and wonders whats her ulterior motive behind it. She is determined to ruin her, for what lata did to her.

As survi and shanti take to preparing and decorating the entire room, for survi’s arrival, tai fumes. She also instructs for them to prepare all of survi’s favourite food. pyare comes and instigates tai, as to how she is getting out of their control, and hopefully she will start managing the entire house around like this. tai fumes in rage. lata calls pyare too, and gives some task. she is determined to get rid of Lata. She turns on the burners in the kitchen to max, saying that lata is insistent on preparing nice food, and that she has set the entire scene, and now lata only needs to alight it up nicely, so that she and her favourite survi can be ruined. Later, she waits for lata to go in the kitchen, and the scream to emanate. it does and she happily rushes to the kitchen. Tai comes into to noticce, pyare on the floor, with shanti and lata around him, and the butlers gossping. tai comes in and asks whats the matter. Pyare winces that he came here looking for something to eat, and then smelt gas, and just when lata was about to switch it on, in a bid to save her, his foot accidentally slipped. Tai is frustrated at the failure of the plan, while lata is amused, knowing that Tai is behind this. She asks tai who could have done this, while tai lashes at the butlers, who say that they were nowhere near the kitchen. Tai is alarmed to hear this. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: as survi and kartik arrive home, lata intentionally hands the plate of red chillies to tai, saying that she is the eldest and hence she should do the Nazar Utrai ritual for survi too. Tai fumes but resignedly complies, and with venomous rage does the ritual. She then burns off the chillies in the kitchen, with pyare behind her, in frustration and rage, smearing some of the black ash on her forehead, swearing to promise to ruin both survi and lata.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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