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Yeh Vaada Raha 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha watch online

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik comes in and immediately gets to know from the doctor that survi is bedridden with fever. he gets concerned and rushes by her side. Tai and bindu wonder whats she upto now. They decide to check out. Tai comes and asks her whats the matter, and stealthily places something on the bed, and checks her fever finding that its too high. survi says that she shall be okay. Tai shows her a lizard by her pilow and she jumps by kartik’s side. tai and bindu are amused as they wanted this. Tai is shocked as they find onions on the bed, that have actually given survi a temperature. tai and bindu are amused. Tai pretends to be shocked, and asks whats all this, and asks why are there onions on her bed. Tai accuses survi of forging her sick health, just to get out of going to honeymoon. tai asks why the reluctance and then the drama for all this. Survi and kartik eye each other tensedly. he is shocked to hear this. She asks why she did so. She pretends to be emotionally overwhelmed at how it must have hurt her son terribly. She asks whats his fault, and why is she hurting him, after how he salvaged her respect at the altar. he eyes survi accusingly. they then begin to leave, but cruelly and evilly eyes survi and gives her a thumbs up. she thinks that she wont let tai ruin their relation. she begs him to try and listen to her, while he goes ahead. She holds his hand and makes him stop, saying that it isnt that she doesnt want to go, and adds that she didnt want to hurt him. He wrenches off his hand and walks out. she stands apalled.

Later, she prays at the temple, wondering how to convince kartik that she didnt want to lie. She gets a call, from her father’s friend, who tells her that her father is unconscious, and she needs to rush and come. She complies and leaves. tai stands amused. She thinks that she wont let her talk to him, leave alone make peace with him.

At night, when kartik returns, he doesnt find survi anywhere and rushes down. tai asks if he didnt go. He asks where. She then talks about the phone call, and why survi went. he gets tensed, and decides to call. but she says that they should themselves go and check on srikant. he complies. They both leave hurriedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Srikant’s residence and on the road
meanwhile, survi arrives at her home, and finds srikant perfectly fine, who too is surprised to see her, so untimely. They hug each other, while she starts crying, and says that she had gotten scared. he is totally ignorant of any such call. She understands that tai is behind this, and she made someone call her, and she should instantly go back, before tai does something, so that she gets a chance to talk to kartik. he asks whats the matter. She distracts him, and says that she shall go. But he insists on her to stay back for sometime. She decides to call him up. Meanwhile, tai drives along with kartik, and finds survi’s call, and stealthily cancels it. Survi thinks that he must be terribly angry and hence she should leave urgently. But he insists and then she complies. She comes inside the room, and finds the room in a mess. she starts cleaning it up, while he apologises like a child. They have a good laugh. kartik and tai come just then, and he misunderstands the scene. tai furthermore instigates him, and he leaves away from there hurriedly. tai is amused. survi serves him food, while he gives a gift, for kartik, an idol of ganesha, as its his birthday tomorrow. she also decides to make it memorable for him.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
survi comes back and finds kartik sitting tensedly in the chair. she apologises for having faked her fever. he asks where had she gone. she says that she went to srikant’s place. he asks how is he now. She doesnt understand what to respond. But then thinking that its tai who is behind this, she says that she put him to sleep. he asks her to stop as he cant stand lies. she says that she did call him. he again brands it as a lie. he tells what he saw. he says that first she went sick, then her father got unconscious, and that she betrayed him and tai too, who is praying for their wellbeing. But she is insistent on ruining their relations. she apologises and says that she should have talked to him, before going, but couldnt. She is all tears, showing him the tickets. he is enraged, and tears them, while she stands shocked. he asks her to never lie to him again, as he hates lies, and people who are liars. She is distraught. he laves. she eyes the torn bits and is apalled. the screen freezes on her teary face.

Precap: Survi tells tai, that before this day ends, she would get a smile back on his face, and mend their relations. tai turns and says that she too shall see how she does that, as by sunset, their relation shall end too, and that a smile is long gone, she wouldnt even let her talk. survi eyes her tensedly.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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