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Yeh Vaada Raha 2nd December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Aniket asks simi her name, and survi is tensed of her reaction. finally, simi, understanding the situation makes a lie and says that her name isSimran, and introduces herself as simi, aka survi’s cousin sister. He jokes about simi and simran staying together, and simi takes him on a different astrological route about similar names. survi asks her to shut up, as its getting late, and asks him to go home and rest, while they take the auto, and rush away, citing that her family must be tensed. survi sits with simi and drives off in the auto. Aniket leaves too.

Scene 2:
Location: Simi’s residence
Survi comes home with simi, and srikant asks how did she get so late. She says that she got held up. Simi’s mother comes out and asks him not to harass her, and then asks him to go and rest, so that they can pamper and impress her, asking her to go and freshen up, while she lays out hot, fresh food for her. Survi is tensed but complies. Simi’s mother deliberately ignores simi, and attends to survi, so that she gets impressed and then does her any favour she asks of her. She keeps hovering around her, and then tells survi that she knows she works at Kartik, and also knows that srikant doesnt know, but asks her not to worry, as she wont tell. Survi looks at simi, who apologises for her slip of tongue. Simi’s mother asks survi to get simi the role of the heroine of the film, that he is financing. Survi tells her that he wont listen to her, remembering what happened with Bindu. simi says that she was giving him personal opinion, and survi clarifies what he actually did. simi’s mother gets angry and asks her to say clear, that she wont do it. simi stands for survi’s defence saying that she is her best friend, and would do anything for her, and maybe he actually is that obnoxious. then simi gets a call that she has been shortlisted for a movie, and is overjoyed and declares this to everyone. survi is happy, while her mother says that she shall keep account of the balance. Simi says that she needs to still defeat 3 other girls. survi expresses her faith that she shall defeat them and bag the role, and asks her to pray to the lord for the same. Simi as a joke, gives her first autograph as a kiss to her. survi smiles.

Scene 3:
Location: Tai’s residence
Survi comes to kartik’s house the next morning, and then goes straight to pray at the temple. tai comes down angrily, and asks whats she doing here. Survi wonders if tai got to know that she is survi. tai descends down angrily, and then walks past survi, and survi turns to find that its Bindu’s husband, Kishore. tai asks him how dare he came here. Kartik comes too and remembers his ideologies last time. She asks him to speak up. survi and kartik along with others come too. He apologises to him, saying that he ignored his talks yesterday, but thought about it and decided that a marriage works when the bride and the groom are together, and if bindu cant shift then she would stay only where she is happy. Bindu rushes to him. survi and kartik are tensed to hear this. tai taunts him and asks who gave him this sudden whirlwind of decision. he asks her to let bygones be bygone. Kartik says that these doors are always open for bindu’s happiness, but asks him to remember not to ever upset her, or else he would have to face his ire. He eyes him tensedlly. aniket hears this all. kartik leaves. tai asks bindu to come along. they both leave. Kishore comes and greets aniket asking him what to do next, as he did excactly what he had told him to do. Aniket says that his work is done, as he had to get him inside, but now its his way to get inside bindu’s heart and that if he keeps his intentions clean, then everything would rectify itself. survi is overwhelmed to hear this and looks at him appraisingly, while kishore goes inside. Aniket leaves. survi goes after him. She comes to him outside, in the garden, and then asks why and how he did this. he repeats her ideologies, and how she had reprimanded him, that brought him, his principles and his thinking back on the right track, and thanks her for making him aware of his responsibilities. She commends him and gets to go. aniket stops her and then asks if she has a friend. she fumbles. he says that he knew she didnt have one, when he saw her life through her perspective, and found that she direly needs a friend. Saying so, aniket extends his hand for friendship to survi, who hesitates for a second, remembering his past rude behaviour to her, when they were kids. He asks her not to think too much, as he is just being friends, and that he shall never let her be troublesome, and always stand in her way when problems approach and survi is taken back to the time, when kartik had extended his hand. Survi tells him that making friends is easy but continuing it is difficult, but fulfilling it takes enormous initiative, and the biggest factor being trust, a person should have blind faith on his friend. He asks why so serious, as he isnt signing a business deal. He promises that he would fall apart but never makes her trust get that fate. She remembers how she had said the same thing to kartik. he jokes asking her to accept his hand. She smiles at him and then takes his arm, accepting the offer. kartik sees this from a distance and doesnt like it. He says that they should sit down and talk and turns around, but when he sees kartik, Aniket flinches his hand away abruptly and leaves hastily. survi is boggled, and then she finds kartik’s angry glare. she comes out of the garden and then approaches towards kartik. As Survi tries to walk past kartik, he blocks her way, and she eyes him tensedly. She asks to be excused as its time for lata’s meds and then walks past yet again, while he continues to eye her tensedly, by shifting aside a little when her dupatta gets stuck in his cufflink, and he eyes her tensedly and frustratedly takes it out with a jerk, when she is unable to unclaps it, tensed more so in his gaze, as she remembers the past times, they have gotten stuck like this and then walks off angrily, while she eyes him with mixed emotions. she eyes the tear in her dupatta getting tensed and sad too.

Inside, as survi administers to lata, she is shocked to find that the meds havent been given to the nurse on time. the nurse retorts back saying that she neednt learn from her about efficiency. tai comes and asks whats the fight is about. survi explains the importance of giving the meds on time, and says that she shall have to complain to kartik about him. tai is shocked. The screen freezes on her boggled face.

Precap: Later, kartik meets the ladies shortlisted for his film, with simi being in one of them, while simi is too excited to see survi coming in and unable to control her excitement, she waives at her, while survi nudges her not to do so, and acknowledge them knowing each other, but its too late, and he already sees simi waiving, and then asks him who was she waiving at. she eyes his back and kartik turns around to see who is it, while simi eyes him tensedly.

Written Update By Rimjhim



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