Yeh Vaada Raha 29th July 2016 Written Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha zee tv serial

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Yeh Vaada Raha 29th July 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Courtroom
The judge brands the kidnapper as a criminal, and says that she has to a file a case, as they cant settle outside. she asks first and foremost for a DNA test for khushi, survi and kartik. survi is tensed. she apologises and says that its better if they keep khushi out of this, as she would be adversely affected. the judge sympathises with survi and asks her to do the needful as this is paramount for the solving of the case. after she leaves, Survi overhears the lawyer assuring him, that now its just a matter of time, after the results of the test that shall solve everything. Outside the office, survi has a fainting spell, and she gets dizzy. kartik eyes her, and rushes in to save her. an awkward romantic eyelock follows. then they compose themselves. he asks if she is fine. she says that she just had a fainting fit. he lashes at her to take care of herself, while he is taken back to see himself being so concerned for her. he then becomes curt yet again. the judge eyes them. survi is apalled. she hopes that she could erase that time, when they lost the child, she could have been with him then.

Scene 2:
Location: Survi’s residence
when jatin asks what happened as she comes back, survi tells and then asks where is khushi. he shows her and she finds khushi praying at the temple. she is tensed. khushi remembers what ria told her. he tells her that ever since she came back, she is standing like this only. as she rushes to her, khushi clutches her tightly, and then hugs her, saying that people are wrong to blame her as a liar. survi is apalled. khushi asks if she would ever leave her. survi denies, saying that come what may, she wouldnt let her go afar. she asks her never to think anyone could snatch her from herself. she wipes her tears, and says that they shall eat together. she makes her smile, while jatin intervenes in too. khushi asks jatin to come along and arrange food. he asks survi to lay out the table, while they get food. he leaves with khushi, while survi stands tensed. she remembers the court proceedings. just then, she hears kartik coming in excitedly hollering khushi’s name. she stops him, and asks him to get lost. he says that he is here to meet his daughter, as he wont give her another chance to lie, as the DNA sample shall be taken right in front of her eyes. survi complies, and then asks him to leave, as khushi shouldnt know about any court case, and she doesnt want her to be stressed anymore due to this, as she has managed herself through a lot, in such a young little age, and asks him to back off, if he has any feelings for her at all. he complies, for khushi’s sake. he asks her to get khushi to the Sanjeevani Hospital. he shows the toys that he had brought for her, and then leaves.

At night, at the dining table, khushi eats with them, but finds survi tensed, and feeds her, while survi is lost in thoughts of the DNA test. survi stealthily tries to bring up the topic of a routine checkup, while khushi happily complies to it for her sake. Survi sleeps with khushi in her lap, while at her place, kartik eyes the pics that he had imagined khushi’s room would look like.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital
The next morning, Khushi gives her blood sample easily to perform the DNA test, and she vehemently says that she is absolutely fine. then the doctor takes survi’s sample. Kartik watches from outside. then he too gives the sample.

Scene 4:
Location: Survi’s and kartik’s residence
Jatin and survi find that no lawyer is willing to accept a case against kartik, as its professional suicide, and wonder what to do now, as they consider fighting against kartik as an inevitable failure. survi wonders.

The next morning, tai gets khushi’s room arranged, while ria vents out her frustration, as to how she would be ignored if khushi comes here. tai salvages her, saying that some things need to be done. they both decide up a conspiring strategy to irritate khushi to the core.

Scene 5:
Location: Courtroom
The judge arrives and starts the proceedings. she finds survi missing, and kartik’s lawyer instigates her furthermore, that survi wont come now. the judge proclaims before going on a break, that after 15 minutes, she shall give her verdict, if survi is still not present. Pyare and tai are thoroughly amused at survi’s plight right now.

Outside in the corridor, jatin asks whats her next move, and then goes onto point out what would happen, when the court takes away her khushi from her. she is apalled and says that right now, she shall act and not waste another second in talking. Inside, Kartik is amused, when the judge proclaims that the due to the defendant’s absence, the case is given in the applicant’s favour. before she can finish, survi arrives and says that she is here. as they all turn around, they are shocked to find her in the unfiorm of a lawyer, present to fight her own case. kartik stands boggled. The screen freezes on her tensed faces.

Precap: The judge starts the proceedings of the case, and says that she shall first check the DNA test report, as a positive test would indicate she is in deed survi and kartik’s daughter. kartik and survi wait tensedly. they find that the test is negative which means khushi isnt kartik’s daughter. all are shocked, while tai is amused as she is behind this.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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