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Yeh Vaada Raha 29th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha watch online

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
kartik comes into find survi in a dilemma standing in front of the wardrobe, wondering where to put the clothes. he ignores first, but then gives her tips regarding how to arrange the wardrobe to make space. She loves the idea, and wonders why it didnt come to her. she then comments as to how sometimes, the solution is right in front, and still invisible like this. He goes to his wardrobe. she then starts commenting, as to how men are real disorganisers, and hence his advise on wardrobe management just goes onto show that his wardrobe must be really neatly stacked. kartik is tensed, that survi shouldnt see his wardrobe, and find the truth, that contradicts whats he preaches. But as fate would have it, his hand slips, and the wardrobe falls open, showing it to be in a mess. she is shocked and pleasantly amused to see this. she has a good laugh, while he fumes. she asks him not to worry as he shall arrange it all. he says that he gave her the idea for her closet, and hence he can manage his own. She asks why is he trying to prove his point, as he wont be able to do. he asks if she is challenging him, and swears that he wont go, till he is finished with everything, and gets to arranging his wardrobe. he gets to pressing clothes. she says that she shall do it. he asks why, as its been only one day that she has been in his life. they both get tensed. raghu comes in, and is shocked to find kartik pressing clothes. they both are amused, while he is frustrated hearing them joke about it. he addresses her as bhabhi, and kartik asks why. raghu says that the relation has changed now. survi stands amused. Kartik fumes and vents out his aggression, and asks whats he doing here. raghu says that he was never stopped from coming earlier. he says that it was different earlier, but now its their room. they again eye each other awkwardly. raghu smells something burning. survi distracts him into checking the fuse outside, and then shows kartik, after raghu leaves, the way he burnt the pants, due to steaming iron.

Later, Raghu is out, when kartik stops him, and says that they have to go to bandra to the comissioner’s office. he finds the doctor coming in, who had given lata shocks, and he says that he has faith on her, just like tai, and asks him to get lata okay. The doctor assures that a couple more sittings shall rectify everything. Tai comes out and agaain asks the doctor whats he doing, as her condition has worsened. just then, kartik gets aniket’s call, and he asks where is he, and if he is okay. Aniket gives an address and asks him to come there. he says that he shall be there, and then narrates this to tai. He hurriedly leaves, and asks raghu to take the doctor inside. tai says that she shall come too, along with bindu, but asks pyare to stay back to get lata properly treated. He understands. Kartik leaves with tai and bindu. Pyare gets the doctor inside, and then finds lata already sitting in the electric chair. they amuse amongst themselves about lata, while she eyes them. Just then, the door closes, and survi confronts them.

Later, hema while drinking water, hears pyare’s screams, and then tries to find where the sounds are coming from. She knocks on the door, and survi opens it. hema remembers their past encounter, and then finds pyare being given shock treatment. she asks the doctor if he has gone mad. Survi asks the doctor not to stop. She says that if this time around, he stops, she wont only get his license cancelled, but also file a complaint, and should give as many shocks as they gave lata, as he should know what pain feels like, and asks him to continue. The doctor complies. hema is apalled, while survi and lata eye them sternly. pyare apologises profusely, while hema too begs to leave him, while survi eyes them sternly. hema eyes pyare apalled. finally, he asks the doctor to stop. he complies. She asks him to never step foot in this house again, as if kartik knows about his fake treatment he wouldnt be spared. the doctor leaves hurriedly. pyare gets up, and hema asks if he is okay. she then asks survi why is she doing all this. She says that they forced her to do this, as they committed every possible crime, but now its time to be exposed, and its better that they accept their crime, before its too late. hema takes pyare away from there, while he still reels in the effects of the after shock. After they leave, she gets tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Sports Complex
tai and bindu arrive with kartik, to find aniket playing in the basketball court, where they had been called. tai hopes that he doesnt spill the truth. kaartik comes and hugs aniket, who hugs him heartily while viciously eyeing tai. kartik hurriedly asks if he is okay, and where are the kidnappers, and why didnt he come home immediately. Aniket says that maybe they forgot, as the kidnappers were really brutal. tai goes on a rant as to how thankful she is, that he was saved as she searched for him everywhere. Aniket eyes him sternly. Kartik is asked whats he thinking. kartik hesitatingly explains why he had to marry survi, and adds that he wont accept her, till aniket consents and forgives him. aniket tells him that he wishes to thank him, as he was concerned for survi, as to what she must have gone through, and that whatever he did was right, as it was necessary to give name to their relation, that they were tied into, and hence he gave. he says that he has always fulfilled every small and big whim of his, and taken care of him and his family properly and he has a final request, and thats to accept survi as his wife. Kartik is apalled to hear this. Aniket goes over to tai, and swears on her, that survi cant have any more pain and she too deserves happiness, and that she was, and she shall always be a good friend, and then goes onto hug kartik, who is overwhelmed as tears stream down his cheeks. Kartik says that he relieved him of a huge burden. he says that everything is okay now, and they can stay like a happy family, and decides to share this happiness with survi, over the phone, but then says that he would discuss this personally with her, to see her happy face. she finds kartik ecstatic, and thinks that she cant allow this to happen. He gets a call, and then after hearing, he says that he shall just come. he tells them that he shall have to leave for the office. Aniket asks him to go, as now he is here, and he neednt bother, and asks him to go. Kartik complies and leaves. tai eyes aniket angrily. She angrily asks aniket why did he do this. Aniket angrily asks if he doesnt know what game is she playing, and she should thank him, for having saved her respect. She eyes him tensedly, as he says that he is going, and wont return for sometime. He warns her that he didnt say anything since she is his mother but if she tries to poison survi and kartik’s life, then she shall have to face his ire. saying so, he leaves. Hema calls up bindu and narrates everything, and she is shocked. The screen freezes on tai and survi’s faces.

Precap: Meanwhile, survi tells lata that she wont be able to do this, by giving pain to others for her benefit. lata tells that she is doing this for kartik, and now its upto her to decide what she wants to do. Later, tai comes in angrily, and says that today she shall end both of them, lata, and survi, and end this altogether. she tries to stab lata, but survi narrates some dialogues that remind tai of sakhi. tai is shocked to know that she is that Sakhi, which survi had to turn into, to save her family.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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