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Yeh Vaada Raha 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1:
Location: Train Station
Survi turns inside, before kartik can see her, but her dupatta sways in the air, and falls on his face. as she takes it off, they both confront each other. He keeps asking survi not to go, as the train sirens off. The train starts off, as survi eyes him apalled, while he calls out to her. She goes in, and he is distraught at having lost her forever. But then he starts sprinting, and ultimately catches up and jumps up much to survi’s surprise, who is puzzled to see him. she tries to go in, but is unable to, as he stops her, but she angrily asks him to let go of her hand, and he complies. He again stops her by his hand pinned on the wall and begs to be forgiven. She doesnt say anything and begins to leave. he blurts out that lataa is awake, and she is pleasantly surprised to hear it. She turns around happily unable top contain her excitement, but then gets tensed seeing him. he says that lata cleared her misunderstand. she says that its done and he may leave, and goes back to sit on her seat. he follows her, and co-passengers identify him as the guy who pic survi was seeing a little earlier. kartik is amused, while survi stands flustered. He gets jovial and says that he wont leave until she forgives him and decides to come back with him, as everyone is waiting. The passengers are amused. She gets up to go, and he goes after her, nd continues to badger her to firgive him, while she reminds him of the numerous occassions he hurt her. He is extremely apologetic. When he doesnt let go of her, she informs the TC that he doesnt have a ticket. The Tc gets insistent that he gets off on the next stop. Kartik however trells survi that if she wants him off the train, then he shall jump off right now. She gets aghast and stops him, after her own conscience and other passengers’ begging her not to be so hasrh works. They begin to travel resignedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
hearing lata’s screams, all gather up, asking whats the matter. tai is tensed. but she doesnt say anything, and tells the children not to worry, as she was feeling a little uncomfortable and hence thought of resting some more time. Shanti is boggled and asks that she should be in her room, if she wanted to rest, why tai’s. Tai is tensed. But lata says that she came here, since tai has taken such good care of her for the last eight years, and wanted to be with her. tai too has no option but to comply. They send the children off together. After they are gone, tai eyes lata angrily, who is amused. Meanwhile, Lata tells tai not to think about taking care of her, as that isnt needed anymore, and asks her to stay alert, as one mistake, and she shall blurt out the truth to kartik. Tai is tensed and shocked.

Scene 3:
Location: Amerkot haveli
As survi arrives in the haveli of Gayatri and Rana Sahib, as her new job placement, she is shocked to find a 50 rupee note lying on the floor, that sways away everytime she tries to catch it. Finally, it turns out to be kartik’s prank, but she gets tensed and angry, while he begs her to forgive him now. she asks him not to create a scene at her workplace. Just then, the Rajmata comes and is shocked to see survi, as she proclaims that she cant believe she is seeing her after so many years. survi and kartik are boggled. She takes them inside. As they go through the heirloom pics on the wall, with the recent one being Gayatri and Rana Sahib, she is shocked to find her pic next to it, and wonders how is this possible. kartik too is shocked. Rajmata says that after years they have landed here, to fulfill the promise that they made to each other, when they couldnt meet each other, and decides to tell them that story. they are thoroughly boggled. The screen freezes on survi’s shocked face.

Precap: Survi comes in Gayatri and rana Ji’s party, wherein kartik too joins her with a mask on his face, while she is surprised to see him.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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