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Yeh Vaada Raha 26th July 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s rtesidence
While kartik is tensed, khushi says that she wishes to talk first. she says that she is here for her mother, and blurts that he doesnt love her mother. Khushi confronts kartik about everything that survi told her about him, and his threats and asks if this is true. he stands tensed and shocked, while all others watch tensedly. she says that she cant be with him at all, and hates him. he is aghast and says that this isnt right, and tells that her mother didnt tell the truth. she says that her mother doesnt hide anything from her. she says that she is an orphan, but is lucky that she got jatin and survi, as guardians, and talks about what survi told. she says that he cant replace her mother at all, and begs him to let her be happy, and says that she doesnt want any relation with her, and thats her last decision. she asks him to try whatever he wishes to. he is tensed to see her holding her mother’s hand, and says that she wont leave her mother come what may. he gets enraged and frustrated. pyare whispers to tai what if, kartik blurts out the truth. as they begin to go, kartik starts clapping taunting her. survi turns around. he compliments her that she did turn this entire thing around. he then reveals everything that tai’s planted kidnapper had told him. he tells khushi and everyone else that she isnt an orphan but his own child. they are shocked to hear this. he tells her that survi indeed is her true mother, and he her father. taio is tensed. he then turns to everyone and starts saying that this is khushi, their daughter, and tells what survi did, according to the kidnapper. she says that its true that he finds his daughter in khushi, but the truth is that their child is dead. all are tensed. she then asks him what and why is he doing this now, and then tells him that khushi is indeed an orphan. he is about to slap her, when khushi comes in between. he is shocked, as khushi reprimands her. he lowers his hand. tai smirks. he asks survi not to say this again, and again says that he never thought she could stoop so low, as a mother always cares for the child, and she is branding hers as an orphan. she then blames him for the conspiracy that tai implicated survi in, through the kidnapper. they again get into a verbal arguement. survi explains what actually happened. kartik asks what proof she has. survi says that her father, a witness is dead now. he says thats convenient. he asks her to call the same kidnapper, who was at her place. survi is boggled, as he gives the identity of the kidnapper, whom jatin gave money. jatin tries to clarify, but kartik shuts him up. survi tells him that he has stoooped enough. he wrenches her hands, and says that she broke every promise. she blames him, and heated arguements follow. she says that he deserted her when she needed him the most, and now he wishes to take away her khushi too from her, and says that she wont let him play any more games, and now its his turn to lose. all are tensed. survi says that he cant even instigate khushi now, and hence she isnt scared of him. she shows khushi the real side of kartik. they both turn around and begin to leave, but he holds her hand and begs her not to go, as he is her father. the girl says that she doesnt wish to hear anything. they all leave. kartik breaks down, distraught and collapses on the floor. tai enjoys his plight. survi wonders what has kartik turned into, and hopes that he stops.

After they leave, kartik turns enraged towards the lord, saying that he knows that he isnt lying, and the lord knows who is right and wrong, and begs for his help, as khushi is his daughter. lata is about to get ahead when tai stops him. he asks her whether he is lying, as she too knew it all. tai is flustered and then tells him that he only had stopped her from telling. she is tensed, while kartik is distraught. she tells everyone that khushi is his daughter.

In his room, tai takes kartik and then asks him not to drink. this instigates him furthermore, and he starts drinking. she smikrs, having achieved what she wanted. she asks him to ruin the person responsible for this condition that is survi. she says that she knows survi wants him to be ruined, and hence took away his daughter, and filled her mind with hatred, and if he doesnt do anything, then survi would soon instigate her against everyone else. she continues to lament as to what survi has turned into, and that she never thought, survi could turn into this. she asks him to take care of himself, and then leaves. he is frustrated and starts drinking heavy. the screen freezes on kartik and survi’s tensed faces.

Precap: The next morning, kartik tells everyone as to how he knows how to deal with survi, and get her to understand that she cant take everyone for granted. A lawyer arrives at survi’s doorstep, claiming to have a summon from the court, for the tenth, against complaint by kartik against her and if she doesnt turn up, then the court can issue a non bailable warrant against her. she is shocked.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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