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Yeh Vaada Raha 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha watch online

Durga Rani comes to Kartik and apologises for her behaviour. Kartik says this time she has crossed her limit. If she wants to say sorry, then say it to her father. In their argument, he holds her wrist. Tai was watching them and she leaves.

Durga Rani comes to her and says she will charge extra for damage done to her wrist, and then next time if she watches her secretly, then she will charge extra as well. She goes to kitchen and takes out whiskey. Bindu, Hema, Pyaare along with Tai come there and are surprised seeing that. Bindu tries to snatch the glass, but Durga Rani holds her wrist and stops her. Pyaare interferes but gets Durga Rani’s slap in return. Tai then informs them that she is not Survi, but her duplicate, Durga Rani. Tai questions Durga Rani why she came here after saying no to her. And how did she figure where they live and how Survi behave with everyone. Durga Rani says she can either work without answering any question with their fixed price or take double money for answering questions. Tai says she will pay double and asks her to answer her question. Durga Rani says she thought she will never make that much money by dancing, so decided to become Survi. And after telling her intensions, she figured out Survi was a good person and it’s no big deal for her to act good. Tai is still doubtful. Durga Rani asks her to pay her money now, else she won’t say a word in front of Kartik. Just then Kartik comes there with police asking Survi to tell them the truth. Durga Rani is quiet. Tai makes excuse and leaves from there. She shows money to Durga Rani and then she tells police that whatever Kartik told them is true. Police say they are leaving her because of their relationship with Kartik.

After police leave, Durga Rani again says sorry to Kartik. But he says her to say sorry to Tai. Durga Rani refuses to apologise to Tai. Kartik says had she said sorry to Tai, then he would still have forgiven her, but now she doesn’t mean anything to him. He leaves. Durga Rani smiles at Tai.

Later, Durga Rani is counting money. Tai comes and says there is no need to count money. Durga Rani says she can’t trust anyone, especially Tai, who sent her people to her village to find out info about her. Tai gets shocked and asks how she found that out. Durga Rani says now as she sent them, they will get good treatment by her village people. She further says, she can’t work with her as she has no trust on her. She takes her money and leaves. Pyaare was trying to hear their conversation outside. Durga Rani slaps him once more and leaves. Pyaare asks Tai why she let her go. Tai says if she’s Survi, then she won’t come back again. If she’s really Durga Rani, then will come back again if they throw money at her. Tai sends Pyaare behind Durga Rani.

Pyaare follows her and reaches to a chawl where Durga Rani lives. Durga Rani talks to the lord and asks why she had to stop this work so soon. If few more days, then she could have made more money. Pyaare concludes she is not Survi and tells that to Tai. Tai is still puzzled why she sees Survi in Durga Rani.

Precap: Kartik asks Survi/Durga Rani who she is really. What she knows about Tai that he doesn’t know. Survi/Durga Rani asks he has strength to listen the truth? He tells her to tell him the truth. Survi/Durga Rani says him something (which we don’t get to hear).

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