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Yeh Vaada Raha 24th December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Aniket says that today they shall finalise srikant’s case, but bfroe that they ask about survi, while he denies to answer. aniket then takes out a lighter but kartik asks her not to do it, but aniket doesnt budge and lights a circle of fire around him. Suddenly survi screams out baba, and all are shocked as they turn to her, disbelieving that she is survi. Aniket is boggled, while kartik watches her sternly, as she rushes down the stairs, and jumps into the fire, much to everyone’s horror and shock. She frees srikant, who starts suffocating for breath. kartik rushes to dive in, when survi stops him saying that its enough, as she bore silently what he kept doing to her, but she wont bear anything against her father, and asks if he is doing this for the revealing of the truth, then so be it. Srikant is apalled. Survi comes abreast, as she stands beside srikant, in the circle of fire and clean with her truth about survi, srikant’s daughter and his accused. Tai hears this and is tensed. kartik gets enraged as he eyes her. As she tries to calm down her suffocating father, kartik takes off his coat, and finally takes off a portion of the fire. survi and srikant walk out of the fire. She tells him that some people do what they forever regret in passion, as when a person even realises it, they dont get the idea to regret and penance it, and reiterates that she never did anything wrong, but still she and her father have to pay the price for it. He is enraged, and asks if she didnt do anything, and asks why she hid her identiy, and her existence with everyone. Press have a field day clicking these pics. tai sees this and sends them away, calling it off. Then she comes angrily in front of them, and asks them to come inside. She takes survi inside and throws her with a jerk. srikart due to the wounds inflicted by them, and talks about her mistaken identity as Simi. Survi says that she didnt want to, but tai herself forced her. tai remembers it. kartik asks her not to blame her fault on tai. Others fume. he says that she lied, to tai and everyone else, and she is responsible for lata’s condition. Srikant vehemently denies, saying that its a misunderstanding, and is about to blurt the truth, when survi stops him. She says that the truth is that she was trying to get lata okay, and the truth is that neither of her medicines nor her treatment were going okay. Tai is shocked to hear this and tensed that her involvement in lata’s debiliating condition might be out. Before she can continue further, tai slaps her tight to distract the topic, while all are amused. Tai asks how many more lies shall she concoct, and asks if she came here to save her. Tai forces her to accept that she did that to lata, or else kartik shall keep being tortured all his life, and its better that he gets killed by her, suggesting her, and hence she has the last chance to speak up that she did this to lata. Survi remembers her last warning, while she is apalled. She collapses on the floor, while tai is amused that she managed to get things back on track. survi says that she couldnt make him realise the importance of their relationship, and if her confrontation helpssave him, then so be it. She accepts the crime and confesses it. All are shocked while tai is amused. He comes and sits beside her, tensedly. He asks her to get lost from his house, and asks her to never see her face again. She is stunned, while all others are shocked. Tai is amused. Srikant begs him to understand, while he asks them to get lost. Kartik is apalled, while survi is apalled. Srikant comes to survi, and then consoles her. As they begin to walk out, simi tries to stop them, but her mother asks her not to bother, as they are betrayers, and they bear no relation to such people, and asks them to get lost from her house too. kartik eyes them going enraged.

With burning diyas in the hands, tai tells the lord, that she has always beenhis devotee, as he first took her husband, but she continued to worship him, despite her son being handicapped, and begs for mercy now. Tai asks him that this time she wont let him fail her plan too. Meanwhile, kartik holds lata’s hands, and says that survi did wrong with her, and now its time that she gets punished. A flower falls off the idol, and lata’s hand starts moving, but kartik doesnt notice it yet. Lata raises her hand, but kartik has turned away by then. Lata is distraught and then her hand falls back again. When kartik coems out, he finds tai giving prashad to everyone, and tai asks him not to be sad, and pray to the lord. Just then, they hear lata’s voice calling out to him, and all turn around to find lata standing in front of them, physically extremely weak, while all are shell shocked to see her. Tai is apalled and grieved as to whats going on. Shanti goes and hugs lata, who hugs her back. then she comes to kartik, as she takes one step by step, and comes to kartik, who is too emotionally overwhelmed to hug her, but he is shocked when she slaps him tight across a face, and comments that he is a big man, who made much progress, but couldnt understand the difference between the truth and lies. Lata says that she was unconscious for eight years, but she heard everything, and survi didnt push her, and all are shocked, while tai is petrified. lata says that she fell herself, as her foot slipped, while tai is boggled as to whats she upto. She eyes tai venomously. She says that survi isnt to be blamed at all, and that she tried hard for them to stop then, but they didnt. she then comes to tai, saying that she knew everything though, that srikant signed on a blank stamp paper, and told that his 50% should be in the name of kartik, and therefore its natural, that he didnt get those papers, if he is accusing srikant, and maybe after she fell, the papers went missing. Kartik remembers survi’s explanation and his behaviour to her. tai is alarmed and tensed. Kartik is boggled and then asks why did survi accept the blame if she didnt do anything. Lata says that this reply can only be given by tai. tai is alarmed and starts fumbling, and says that they didnt leave any other choice to her, as they were so angry and hence she must have gone away yet again. Simi comes rushing to tell them that they have been thrown out of the house. lata tells kartik that eight years back she was wronged, but today survi should get justice. Lata tells kartik that survi is her daughter and asks her to hurriedly get her. he takes her blessings and swears that he wont return to the house without survi. Tai is enraged as she hears this. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Lata tells tai not to think about takingcare of her, as that isnt needed anymore, and asks her to stay alert, as one mistake, and she shall blurt out the truth to kartik. Tai is tensed. Pragya and abhi tell about survi going away on a flight, and asks kartik to pursue his true love.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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