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Yeh Vaada Raha 23rd December 2015 Written Update

Yeh Vaada Raha watch online

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Survi is apalled, when she is asked to make a drink, but complies with steely determination and then escaping the tear that trickles across her face, she comes back to him a smile, and a tray full of drinks, and asks him to have one. he takes one, as she behaves as the perfect waitress. She gets to serving others, while she is aghast. tai notices this and comes to him, and asks whats going on, that he is making a film with simran, that she understands, but now what he is doing with simi. he says that she shall understand when this reaches it climax. She jokingly tells him that she wants it direct, and says that seeing simi, she feels something is wrong, and asks him if he is hiding anything. he is tensed and then confesses that he is hiding. She is shocked to hear this, as he asks her not to question anything, as he wont be able to lie, and she wont be able to bear the truth, and that with time, she shall know everything. He asks her to trust him, and she says that she shall. She keeps being taunted by the guests, some of whom also leeringly behave with her, while she is apalled, and rushes away from there.

The MC then announces the unveiling the first poster of the film, VAADA, and then recites a poetry on the same, that irks survi and kartik. He then unveils the poster, that contains a hand with a wrist watch and a girls’ hand with a red thread, signifying his and her hand, when they were young. Survi is apalled, while kartik eyes her piercingly. She leaves away from there. The same leering man again catches her, and lewdly comments her to stay for the night, proposing her to suggest her rate for the night, when she tries to run away. Survi is aghast, and when he continues his leering innuendo, and she rejects, he starts demeaningly insulting her. He is about to grab her hand, when kartik stops him with his hand. the person continues to talk about how he would have kidnapped this girl publicly had he not been at kartik’s party. Kartik continues slapping him to pulp, while all are shocked. Survi is shocked. Simi and others come in. Kartik lunges at him yet again, despite people pulling him away. finally, kartik is taken away from there, as the person flees from the party. He eyes survi angrily, while she eyes him distraught. Simi is about to take survi away, when he holds her hand and takes her from there, in front of everyone, and they are shocked. Tai is too boggled wondering whats he upto and whats he hiding.

Kartik takes survi to the room, and throws her with a jerk on the bed, while she is shocked. He then starts breaking things off in hatred and disgust, while she is boggled and upset at his behaviour. he sternly asks her to change clothes. She asks why now,a s this is what he wanted to see. He is filled with rage and then turns to her, and holds her by her hair, as she winces in pain, and clutches at the bedsheet to stop herself from screaming. Then he leaves her and goes out. She wonders if he cant see her in pain, then why does he give her some. She says that she shall happily bear any pain that he gives provided it gives him relief. She says that there must be some limit to which he can pain her, and he would love to see upto what length he can go.

Meanwhile, Pyare paces around nervously, while tai comes and asks whats the matter. He reminds her of the pic, and 20 lakhs ransom demanded. She asks him to fend for himself, and arrange the money. he says that he cant, and if he gets involved or caught, then he might just blurt the truth. she is shocked, and then says that she doesnt want to be involved, and hands him the safe keys, to kartik, asking him to go and take the money himself. He says that he isnt a thief. she asks him to decide whats to be done. He is tensed, as she goes down to meet the guests. Pyare is in a dilemma as to what to do.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Amiket drives ahead and stops srikant’s auto, while he is boggled as he is unable to identify aniket. Rahul gets down and then asks whats the matter. Aniket throws him away and his head falls on a stone, and he goes unconscious. Aniket then comes to srikant and asks if he isnt able to recognise him, after killing his father and making him handicapped. Srikant isboggled. he says that he didnt forget anything, neither his name, nor his face. Srikant asks who is he, and he identifies himself. Srikant is shell shocked. rahul gets up after his dizzy phase. He says that they are being searched for the last eight years but now they cant escape, and forcibly make him sit inside the car.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
later, kartik eyes survi, as she comes back wearing a salwar suit, as survi eyes him too. Simi hugs survi and thanks that kartik came at the right time, and asks if she is okay. survi complies. then she comments how nice kartik is. Just then, Aniket comes and tells kartik that he might have had a wonderful party, but he shall provide the entertainment needed. All are boggled. he asks everyone to go out, promising them a wonderstruck performance outside, that shall leave everyone agape and speechless, as they stare at it stunned. They are all boggled. Survi meanwhile is tensed. as they all come out, they find a person gagged in a chair, and kartik shockingly asks who is this thathe has tied up like this. Aniket proclaims srikant’s name and then he rotates the chair around and reveals him, as he alights a circle of fire around his chair, branding him as a betrayer and the biggest liar of all times. All are shocked, while kartik stands stunned. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Survi comes abreast, as she stands beside srikant, in the circle of fire and clean with her truth about survi, srikant’s daughter and his accused. Tai hears this and is tensed. kartik gets enraged as he eyes her. He asks her to get lost from his house, and asks her to never see her face again. She is stunned, while all others are shocked. She says that the truth is that she was trying to get lata okay, and the truth is that neither of her medicines nor her treatment were going okay. Tai is shocked to hear this and tensed that her involvement in lata’s debiliating condition might be out.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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