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Yeh Vaada Raha 22nd June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Survi’s residence
Kartik comes to survi, as she stands beside jatin, tensed of his reaction. he tells her that khushi is at his home, and called him PAPA. she is distraught and asks if he told her anything. he taunts and says that he didnt say anything, as she feels he is her father, oblivious that his daughter died 7 years ago, and that he felt he should tell everything about this khushi, to that khushi, but he couldnt do it, as when she addressed him as PAPA, he was moved even if for a little instant, he was reminded of his daughter. she listens tensedly. he points out the irony, and says that he cant understand the lord’s ways, and that with this pain, he is living for the last 7 years, but now its her turn to live that pain, and till the time, she doesnt accept in front of him, her daughter and his family, that she is the murderer of his child, she shall have to stay with him, in his house, with his family, as his wife, to bear the pain. he asks her to come and confess to her crime and stay with them. he says that their relation is long lost. he says that she shall not get love, but atleast in front of her daughter, she shall be able to keep her false life alive, but if she doesnt comply to this too, then forcibly he shall have to tell khushi the truth, that she isnt his daughter. survi is apalled and distraught, and he continues that she and not he shall be the reason for her heartbreak. jatin tries to interv ene, but he asks him to stay out of it, as its between him and survi. he clutches at her tightly by the shoulders, and says that their relation cant be revived, but maybe khushi’s heart shall stay intact, and asks them to decide till 4 0 clock, that either she accepts her fault, and spare khushi’s heart, or else she comes and accepts, and takes khushi, out, or herself step in. he asks her to keep the counting at 9 and not end it, ad his final mistake shall be remembered by her for life. he leaves. she is dazed and stunned to react. she collapses on the floor, breaking down into tears. she is in a dilemma.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road, and Kartik’s residence
Kartik hastily drives on the road, frustrated and irritated at the recent turn of events. he finally arrives home, tensedly. all wait in anticipation. khushi rushes to him, and asks that he did come back, and asks him to answer her, whether their problems have been solved, and if they shall stay together. he asks her lovingly for somemore time for all the answers. all are boggled. she takes him by the hand, and sits beside the temple, as kartik eyes the clock, seeing that its close to 4. he remembers what survi went through and what all he did with her. when the clock strikes four, he thinks that survi has forced him to reveal the truth to khushi, as she is nowhere to be seen. he is about to blurt the truth, when survi walks in, holering his name. all eye her shocked and tensed, as she steps down the stairs of the house, after seven years, reminisceing everything that hd happened here. she croses past him and then goes to khushi, who profusely apologises, that she came to meet her father, having made an excuse to her. she tells everything that happened with her in the hosue, claiming that she set everything straight. survi turns to her, and says that she misunderstands, and that kartik isnt her father. all are shocked and stunned. kartik himself is boggled. survi looks at him, and he is about to speak, when she shuts him up. khushi tries to speak, but survi says that since she hasnt questioned her earlier, she expects the same today, that she wont hurt her with further questions, and asks her to believe that he isnt her father, if she loves him and that from now on, they wouldnt talk about this matter ever again. khushi feels her entire world crumbling down. all eye survi and khushi tensedly. khushi apologises addressing him as Uncle, and then to everyone. survi asks her to go out, as she wishes to talk to him. rohit and riya take her out, on survi’s instructions. after they leave, survi tells kartik that maybe she made it difficult for him to torture her, and that today in front of everyone, she wishes to reiterate, what she said seven years back, that the incident that happened the other day, only he was responsible and to be blamed. she again reminds him, that she remembers everything that day, and how his ego led them to lose the child. she says that she keeps having nightmares of that night’s incidents, as to how due to him, they lost the child, and that the lord himself and every member of the family is an eye witness to that, and that maybe they love him too much, to let him know he is at fault. he asks her to stop the nonsense. she says that he is the one doing it, and she was silent all along, but she speaks today, only because he involved khushi in it. she says that not just him, she too is in pain, as she too lost the child that day, ever since that day, and that noone can feel that pain more than a mother, but still he always lashes and reprimands her. she says that she always kept quiet and didnt say anything, as she loved him, and hence bore everything, but today by involving her daughter, he made the final mistake. all stand tensed.

Outside, rohit tries to cheer khushi up, but riya continues to downtrod her. rohit asks her to shut up, and tells khushi that she is his best friend. he asks her to stick with her work, while he plays with khushi. riya insults khushi furthermore and leaves.

Inside, survi tells him that a child strengthens the relation, but it can even weaken or break their relation due to this child. she begs him to understand that a mother cant be responsible for the death of her own child. she begins to leave. Kartik wrenches her by the shoulders, and says that its easy for her to say, that he should move on, but he is still stuck there, and continues to feel that stinging pain ever since. he says that she might forget very easily but unfortunately he cant. he says that he cant believe that the survi that he loevd so much, has stooped down to this. he asks what should he do, find someone like she did, to sire a child, so that she can be named khushi. he asks her to tell the illicit relation that she had, hinting at jatin. he asks who is the father of this illegitimate child. he is aghast at the insinuations. the screen freezes on her distraught face.

Precap: Survi slaps him tight across his face. she then tells that if he wishes to know then so be it. she says that he isnt the father, and neither is she the mother, and that khushi is an orphan. he along with others are shocked. riya hears this and is stunned. she goes out and finds khushi playing with rohit. Riya tauntingly tells khushi, that she is tensed that kartik isnt her father, additionally she tells her that even survi isnt her mother. khushi is aghast to hear this. Meanwhile, she walks listlessly on the road, her life shattered, and doesnt notice an oncoming car, which collides into her, and she is thrown at a distance. crowd gathers around her.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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