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Yeh Vaada Raha 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Survi remembers tai’s behaviour to her, and decides that she has to gather evidence against tai anyhow. just then, a car pulls up, and kidnaps her and takes her away, despite her screams.

Scene 2:
Location: Unidentified hideout
As she wakes up, tied to a chair, with ropes, tai and pyare come, with tai taunting her, that she did the mistake of messing with her, by smiling crookedly at her when she was leaving. she gags her and asks her to smile now. Survi winces in pain, but says that evil might try but always falls short of the good. tai is frustrated, that she shall win only when she is alive. she says that he threw her out of the house, but she shall throw her out of the world, and kill her, and make the whole world believe, that since she couldnt bear the embarassment of being thrown out of the house of the husband, hence she committed suicide. she says that survi was acting smart, because she managed to save lata and kishore, but she wouldnt make the same mistake with survi now, as she wont let even her soul to be around kartik. Survi is tied in a chair with ropes, as tai sprays petrol on her, asking her to remember that next time, she confronts a lady like tai, she shouldnt mess with her. She says that she shall balanace her affairs with survi right here and right now, while pyare and others watch on, as he laments that she shouldnt have gone against tai. Survi is apalled, as she lights up a matchstick, and the whole place around her goes up in fire. She is distraught, as she screams for kartik. Pyare is shocked, while tai watches gleefully and guffaws, as her life with kartik flashes right in front of her eyes. tai and others leave, leaving her to die.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence and Unidentified hideout
Kartik is frustrated as he remembers the video, and is about to drink, when he feels a hand on his shoulder, and then he sees survi, who asks him if they arent destined for even this much happiness, that they are always separated after a small union. she says that grief sets in when pain lessens, and asks him to take care of himself, as she cant see pain and torture writ on his face, and thats her weakness, and that by his happiness, she shall be able to live peacefully. he gets up to go, but she stops him back, holding his hand. he stands tensedly, and she hugs him, asking him to be healthy and happy, even in her absence. he then suddenly realises that he is alone and was hallucinating her. he meanwhile wonders what was her fault, and why didnt she say anything, and rather remained quiet.

In his room, kishore tries survi’s number frantically, and finds that its switcehd off, and wonders where is she, and who should he contact. He thinks that survi never shuts her phone, and wonders whether tai is upto something. She hopes that survi is safe.

Later, pyare is anxious and eager to tell kartik, and then watch him be ruined. tai reprimands and taunts him, for being so naive and ignorant. tai says that if they tell kartik, then he shall doubt them only. she then takes out some court papers and has a determined look on her face. In the drawing room, tai gets the legal papers, and swears that in the next 24 hours, she shall get kartik to give srikant’s 50% to her himself. She says that she shall change the game so much so, that he shall do whatever she says, and that only she shall remain, and she shall poison his mind against survi so much so, that he wouldnt ever remember her, and in return, shall give him motherly care and concern, and then out of motherhood love and hate against survi, he shall give her the 50% shares. She is about to go, when they ask her whats she upto. she decides to make his favourite food, but seems to have forgotten work in the kitchen. Her children are of leats help. She continues with her work. Just then, kartik comes down, and then eyes the temple, and is reminded of survi, and thinks that she didnt even call him once, and even if she didnt do it, she could have atleast apologised. tai comes and asks him to come and sit, and have food. he says that he isnt hungry. she insists saying that she herself prepared. he refuses. she says that she too wont eat then. he is about to take the first bite, when srikant comes and asks for him. They are shocked to see him. tai wonders what shall happen if he says anything. Srikant says that he can wait till after they finish their dinner. Kartik tells srikant that tai is doing everything to settle down things to normal, so he should watch what he says. srikant is boggled and asks what does he mean. he says that this means survi didnt tell anything to them, this time too, as to what she did. He says that he expected nothing else from survi. Stikant is boggled. he then narrates what survi did, and srikant says that survi didnt return home, and denies it, that survi can do anything like that. kartik immediately gets tensed, while tai and others are shocked. tai says that maybe survi is playing another game like earlier. Srikant says that it isnt possible for survi, and adds that he kbnows one person who can do this drama, and thats tai. tai and others are apalled, while kartik is shocked. srikant says that she has trapped survi in this. kartik shuts him saying that he shouldnt say another word against tai, or else he shall forget all relations, and its good that he leaves. srikant says that he shall go, but straight to the police. they are all angered, while srikant says that kartik is blinded by his love for tai, and cant see the truth. tai reprimands him, for threatening especially after what his daughter did. he says that he would search survi in the next 24 hours. srikant asks what if he isnt capable of. he says that he shall go himself then to file a complaint. tai wonders what mess has she landed herself in.

Later, tai comes with pyare to the same place where they burnt survi alive, and its reeking of ashes. She is frustrated and reminds pyare as to what shall kartik do after 24 hours, and is enraged, when pyare suggests what if they find out. she tells her men to clean a nd clear this place up. her phone rings just then. kartik calls up tai and asks her to come straight home, hurriedly. she is boggled and asks why. he says that the truth is that he got to know the entire truth. the screen freezes on both their faces.

Precap: Tai is at a film shooting set, wherein she is talking to someone on the phone as to how its imperative that they find survi, or else kartik shall get on with the mumbai police to find her, and that shall be bad for them. just then, one of the actresses passes by with her vanity person, and accidentally collides into tai, and her phone falls. When she picks it up, she is shocked to find that the actress is an exact lookalike of survi. she is stunned to see her. 

Written Update By Rimjhim


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