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Yeh Vaada Raha 21st October 2015 Written Update

Tai’s kids playing a prank with Survi. Bindu pulls the chair Survi was about to sit making her fall on the ground and hit her head. Survi screams in pain making every one come there running while the kids laugh. Kartik scolds them for playing the prank on Survi while they cover it up saying they are treating her as their sister and so it was just a prank to make her comfortable Tai too covers them up saying she is really proud of them for accepting Survi and that calls for a celebration and makes Kartik sit for breakfast

While having breakfast Kartik asks about Hema’s boyfriend who was supposed to meet them. Hema gets confused hearing about her him and asks out of confusion Tai somehow covers up saying they shall have to go and check him out as she wants to confirm if he is fit to be her son in law Kartik asks Tai to go by herself as he has to go to factory to send some fun time with the kids. Tai agrees and all leaves after breakfast

Once everyone left Kartik makes Raghu sit for breakfast when he notices Survi lost so he asks Lata to come with him to the factory lata disagrees saying she has work at home so Kartik declares that he Raghu Survi and Shanti will go. Survi says she is no mood and leaves the breakfast table seeing Survi leave Shanti too says she doesn’t want to go anywhere without Survi. Kartik thinks of a plan to bring back Survi’s smile.

Scene shifts and Survi and Shaanti to have her breakfast while Shanti disagrees saying they are bestfriends and whatever Survi do will be repeated her

Scene shifts and Tai meets the goon who tried killing Survi in the visarjan and gives him a bundle of money hema tells bindu that he is the man Tai on the other hand asks him about a guy of 25-26 years of age who could lie on her saying and she would pay him any amount for it. The man gives her an address about a man

Scene shifts and Survi Shaanti walk out of Survi’s room hearing music and find the factory kids there with Kartik who’s dressed like a clown Kartik tries entertaining all but Survi’s mood doesn’t chance and she turns to leave Kartik tries stopping her but slips and falls on the cake Survi sees his face covered with cake and bursts out laughing Kartik smiles seeing her laugh and everyone else also laughs Kartik plays with the kids applying cake on their face when Tai comes.

Kartik sees Tai and goes to her who being silent for long laughs at his clown get up and asks himto change kartik agrees but asks about Hema’s boyfriend where Tai says she wants everyone’s decision before making him her son in law. Kartik agrees and leaves.

Tai asks the kids to leave and lata to clean the mess. She goes to Survi to scold her but lata protects asking Survi to go and study with Shanti and takes both of them and leaves. Lata locks the door once the three comes in. Survi notices lata tensed and asks her what’s the matter where after much denial lata confesses she is worried for her and Kartik because both are in a big trouble.

Scene shifts and Tai and her kids sit thinking about Survi. Tai says she is worried for their emerging friendship as that might ruin her plan. She further says that Kartik is going out of her hand and she needs to do something before its too late.

Epi ends.

Written Update By Shrisha


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