Yeh Vaada Raha 20th October 2016 Written Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha zee tv serial

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Yeh Vaada Raha 20th October 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Khushi goes berserk, as survi tries to calm her down, saying that she wishes to meet kartik right now, as she is very scared. survi assures that he is fine and shall come back soon. khushi talks about a dream that had kartik calling out to them. survi says that they shall get kartik soon. but khushi vehemently denies that noone is finding kartik, and how she also heard from the Uncle that something has happened to him. survi assures that nothing shall happen. khushi swears that she shall get him himself, if they don’t. survi promises that she shall get him back, anyhow and that’s a promise. she cries inconsolably, while survi hugs her. she then then puts her to sleep and places the pic beside her on the bed, visibly tensed. then she comes down, to find them all tensed and upset. she goes to the temple, and prays to the lord, as she remembers what the priest said. she alights a diya, while all others watch intently. she says that the lord has always helped them in times of trouble, and everytime, they have been pulled out of danger, and begs for a way to be shown. they are hopeful to find the inspector coming in. the police says that they don’t have any clue, as they haven’t gone out of Bombay. he asks them not to worry, as they shall continue the investigation for more days. she asks him to continue till he succeeds. bindu suggests that she senses something beyond logic and explanation. they are all tensed. survi thinks that she has to find out.

Scene 2:
Location: Isolated room
Ichcha asks him why is he getting scared, as she is here for him, and that they shall live happily ever after but not here, in her world, and before doing so, she shall kill him and get rid of all troubles and pains, after which he wont be scared, nor talk about leaving. bareely he manages to get up, and go, but she closes the door, and then comes to him. he begs her to let him go, in his dishevelled state. she asks if he wishes to go. suddenly, another ichcha calls him standing afar and beckons him towards him. she asks where would he go, and asks him to come to her. the first ichcha says that she is everywhere and where would she go away from her. he has a splitting headache and then rubs his eyes. when he opens them back, he doesnt find anyone and makes a mad dash towards the door, anyhow. but the minute he tries to, he gets electrocuted and falls right back on the floor. through thw window, he eyes people playing handball, in the garden and then the ball suddenly swings in his room. he is hopeful, but gets shocked when he finds that man passes through the wall, and takes the ball, gives a look around and walks out. he tries to go with him, but gets hit by the hall and falls back. ichcha reappears. she says that he is in a world, where he can neither be seen, nor be heard nor be seen and hence he needs to come with her, as he got no other option left. she continues beckoning him, while he retreats. she places him near his black magic set-up, as he lies semi-conscious. she tells him that he was in pain, but wont be anymore. she places his hand on his forehead, while he starts struggling. she says that now he shall forget everything, and shall only remember her. he finally goes unconscious. she guffaws.

When kartik wakes up, he finds himself on the bed, while she standing in front of him. she sits and asks him to sit down, and rest, as today his pain shall end, since she shall kill him, and take him to her world. she says that today is the night of their consummation and that she didnt kill him yet, since she can take him to her world only after 9 days of being married and they end tonight. hence she shall kill him and take him with her. she starts laughing, while he is petrified.

The next day, Kartik wakes up, with a bright dazzling sunlight, while survi herself has nightmares of his marriage with ichcha. she eyes her mangalsutra, and is visibly tensed, as she eyes the family pic, as she instinctively feels that soemthing is wrong, and her heartbeats very fast. she hears hema calling her, and goes down, while khushi is fast asleep. as she comes down, she finds that the same Baba have been called. they eye each other tensedly. the baba says that tonight is extremely dangerous, and they have to find out where the spirit has kept kartik, or else everything is lost. bindu asks what they have to do. he says that there is just one way, to get to that place, and that too by someone who has seen her, along with this blessed bag, and produces one. they are all tensed. survi stands tensedly as he comes to her, and explains that she has to spread the rice, in the same place where she had last seen kartik, and that shall attract the spirit to come out of hiding, and then he shall deal with the spirit. bindu says that she too knows. but he says that it shall be in vain and onyl that person shall go who has seen the spirit. they beg survi to go, while she stands stoical. lata asks if she too wants what, and says that they need to be together in this, and begs her to agree to him. lata begs her to get kartik back. survi agrees to go finally. they are relieved. she takes the bag from the priest, who blesses her, and tells her that she has to reach there before evening, and after after doing her work, she cant stay back there for even a minute, till then, he shall keep them all safe, and try to capture the spirit too. survi eyes the lord and then the bag. The screen freezes on

Scene 3:
Location: Haveli
Survi takes the bag and then enters the haveli stealthily, approaching with caution. she is oblivious that khushi is following her from behind, apologetic that she came here without her knowledge and permission, but she would find her father out today. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As survi lies on the floor, khushi is distraught and begs her to get up anyhow. survi tells her to go from there. meanwhile, khushi eyes ichcha descending down the stairs, while survi is fast unconscious. she grabs khushi by the hair, and then tying her hands, she places a nook around her throat, while khushi is apalled and distraught, and inconsolably in tears.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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