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Yeh Vaada Raha 1st October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence, Mumbai
Tai is happy as kartik stops her at the last minute. She turns around pretending to be very upset and not wanting to stay back, but he insists. he says that he cant let her go anywhere, sternly. All are surprised. he says that the house is as much hers, as its his, and tells her that she shall arrange everything. lata reminds him of his promise to srikant, and that survi is very small. he says that he shall manage everything and goes to talk to survi. tai stops him, as she glares at lata angrily. She says that she would herself talk to survi, and explain that it isnt his fault, but her problem. she thanks and hugs him.

Outside, Survi gets scared when she finds kartik coming back with tai, as she remembers how tai had wanted to cut off her leg. Kartik is tensed too. but to her surprise, tai comes and says that she hasnt changed a bit, in these 4 years. she asks how is she. survi shifts away scared. tai asks why is she trembling, and if she is scared of her. She asks her not to be, as she came empty handed today, while she remembers their last encounter. She says that she has come to talk lovingly to her, and laments on what happened to her, which is traumatising. She says that sympathy is one side, and principle on the other, and tells how she told kartik that she cant stay with him, as she isnt that noble, and told this to him too. She asks her not to misunderstand him, as he wanted to take her in his house, but couldnt since he loved her so much. she then turns to kartik and says that she has explained everything and she wont bear a grudge against him. She then shows all the affection and love on her, while she is scared of her still. she however hugs and caresses her, and asks her to keep herself safe in this big city. Survi is at discomfort. She asks kartik to take care of her, and keep her as far away from her as possible. tai then goes inside, while survi is terrified. kartik and shanti stand tensed.

Tai enters back in the house, and they all look upto expectantly. They say that they were expecting survi. Tai shuts them all, saying that her decision cant be changed, and asks them to empty the bags as noone shall go anywhere. lata is disappointed and angry and begins to go. tai stops her and then confronts her asking if she was feeling pity for survi, and asks if she didnt become too emotional. lata tries to speak, but tai reprimands her and again reminds her of bhao’s death and how her house broke once due to her, but not anymore, and this time around, she made survi understand nicely. She then asks what brought this sudden change in her today, and tells her that bhao may have died, and had she gone today, nothing would have happened to her, but her kartik’s life would have been endangered. lata is petrified. she asks Lata to stay away from Kartik’s life, as she is there, and things shall happen as per her wish. lata turns to go. She asks lata not to cry and grieve in her room, and sends her to kitchen to make some stuff. She resignedly complies.

Outside the house, They are really tensed wanting to know how to proceed. Kartik is tensed that he cant go away tai, nor can crack his promise to srikant which is in the horrible Predicament. Survi will come and tells him to go away her some place else, as she can manage by itself, as she doesnt want him to generally be bothered due to her. He asks her not to utilize her mind as He’s there to deal with factors. she asks what did she say Mistaken. He claims that if she had to remain alone, then why did srikant inquire him to deal with her. she states that he can still satisfy the guarantee, and remaining in his house, isnt a requirement for that. shanti suggests that this wont occur, as she got her soon after 4 decades. survi states that she shall keep in this article and so they shall maintain Conference. SShe then asks him to keep her awya someplace as everyone might be awkward. Tai sees this all within the balcony. Kartik finally complies and they all get in the vehicle and travel off, though shanti sees them off. Tai stands victorious.

Scene 2:
Location: Raghu’s residence
Kartik’s friend, Raghu gets them to his house, saying that had there been a family, he would have gotten her here and and kept him safe. While kartik and his aide are pondering over what to do, survi comes up with a suggestion and asks if she can say something. he taunts her for the only one being intelligent and they dont deserve to hear her, while they try and come up with a solution. She asks why does he think that she shall always tell him something wrong. he says thats what always happens. she says that today something else might happen. he says that he wont take the risk. They fume at each other. she mumbles that its his fault and he is getting angry too. he asks what did she say. raghu asks them both to be quiet, and then asks her to speak what she wants to. she says that she should be admitted to the orphanage, as there she wont be alone and shall be safe too. they are shocked. kartik brands it as a useless idea, and that in four years she hasnt changed a bit. She asks him what is he talking about. he says that he shall say at the right time and asks her to let him think. Kartik finally comes with an idea that there is a place where they can keep survi safe. all are amused.

Scene 3:
Location: Child Care centre
Kartik gets survi to the child care centre, who caretaker is more than happy to oblige him, for this favour, he giving hefty donations to her and her centre to run things smoothly. he says that he can only trust her with survi’s responsibility. He then asks if anything about geeta was found, and she abruptly gets tensed, and then answers maybe she ran away. he asks why would she from such a bful place. she says that due to discipline and rigorous regiment, which some people find constraining, and maybe geeta shall realise her mistake and come back. he says that he shall keep visiting her. He then takes her leave. he takes survi aside, and then says that she should take care of herself, and that sujata, the caretaker is very nice, and if she needs anything, he shall come everyday. he then apologises for keeping her here. he says that he wanted to keep her in the house, but unfortunately couldnt. survi says that she is okay and doesnt mind it at all, but there’s one thing that she needs. he hurriedly asks whats the matter, and what does she need. She tells him that whenever he speaks to her father, he shouldnt tell her where she actually is, and that he shouldnt talk about her at all, with him, or else he shall be tensed unnecessarily. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Sujata, the caretaker is in fact a pimp and trafficker. She calls her goons and asks them about the small business. they say that its been tense, since geeta’s kidnap and now A different a person shall established alarm ringing. but she waives off their concern, saying that she shall control. then they get survi and take a look at at hand her around to the goons. she attempts to battle free. sujata will get tensed and claims this Lady shall create difficulties. she asks the goons to get her unconscious and consider her absent. survi is shocked. down the road the road, survi is draped while in the burqa that muslims Ladies don, after which you can she’s taken combined with the goons. She finds kartik coming from the other stop. As she’s taped through the mouth, she is struggling to contact out to her. kartik brushes previous them, although she struggles to wrangle absolutely free from their grasp.

Written Update By Sahir


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