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Yeh Vaada Raha 1st December 2015 Written Update

Yeh Vaada Raha watch online

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
Kartik fumes while drinking, that today only due to simi, she managed to instigate aniket so much that he had the guts to stand up against his own brother, and that she is trying to pull them apart. he is enraged forming a wrong opinion about simi, who he eyes going out, of the main door.

At the main gate, survi asks the guard to arrange for an auto. As she waits, he gets the auto. Before she can board, kartik pulls up his car. He comes to survi on the road, and eyes her from inside the car, and then sternly says that he shall drop her home and asks her to get in. she hesitates thinking that there’s a risk of him knowing her true identity, and denies saying that she has the auto. But he says that he isnt interested in dropping her home, but has something imp to talk. She denies still, but he signals the guard and he sends the autp fellow off. she wonders what if her father sees kartik and what shall happen then. But he insists and tells her to sit. She non resigneddly complies. they drive off.

Inside, tai tells lata that she got saved yet again, and that despite her efforts, she isnt dying. the nurse tells tai that simi is the reason of all of her problems, and she needs to get rid of her. tai says that she cant lose simi. The nurse asks why so, and if she has grown fond of simi. tai tells her to stop talking nonsense. tai says that the girl has done magic on aniket, as he always agrees to do whatever simi asks her to do, and that she is good influence on aniket, and she wont let anyone spoil this system, not for the near future atleast. the nurse asks her to see to it, that simi is in full mood to get lata revived back. An angry tai asks whats she paid for, as if simi rectifies, she would spoil, and asks her to understand that at any cost, lata shouldnt get up, as if she does, then her game is up. The nurse complies.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
In the car, he tells her that he knows who she is. she is shocked to hear this. he then points out that she is the simple girl, who believes in interfering in everyone’s affairs forgetting her stature as that of a servant. she is humiliated but stays silent. he then continues to taunt her of her leddling nature, due to which his own brother turned against him, and spoke like that. she retorts back, saying that its not possible for her to see wrong happening and be silent about it. She shows him all the points where he is wrong, and how he is unnecessarily harassing his own people and himself due to something that he continues to clinge on to his past. unable to take it anymore, he asks her to get out of the car. She gets out. he asks if she wishes to say anything. She says that she wishes to know whats her fault. He doesnt reply and pulls up the windshield, and then drives off. Survi walks alone on the road, remembering kartik’s changed behaviour the second time she came around. she instinctively feels someone following her, but doesnt seem him the first time she turns around, but when she continues to look back, she finds someone’s shadow. she rushes all the more, but the person catches upto her, and then places his hand on her shoulder.

Scene 3:
Location: Simi’s residence
Simi’s brother comes and finds that his sister and mother have prepared a feast for survi, and then he comes to know of the actual reason why they did so, to be able to impress survi, so that she makes kartik meet simi, and she may get a launch in his sponsored movie, and start her career of actin. when simi keeps mentioning kartik’s name, he asks her to shush, as survi’s father cant hear this. he somwhoe manages to shut the mother-daughter duo, and then leaves to give meds to srikant. they are amused that their ambition isnt far behind.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Survi turns around and is shocked to find aniket, whats he doing here. He says that he too can ask the same question to her, as to what she is doing here alone in the middle of the night. she asks him to be serious and then asks again. He says that he saw her going in kartik’s car and knew things would go wrong, as he knows kartik, who would have reprimanded her, and also asked her to be sticking to her own business which is her job, and not poke around. he asks her not to mind kartik’s nature, as he isnt like this, but is soft from the heart. he says that kartik isnt able to trust anyone due to survi, annd her betrayal. she tells him that she wishes to seriously tell him, that he should stay away, or else kartik shall be angry. he asks her if he can drop home. she is boggled and asks what. He says that he can drop her home. She says that she lives nearby and can manage. he says that he shall walk her to her home, and she neednt invite him home too. She is at a loss of an answer.

just then, simi passes by in the auto searching for her, and shouts at her, calling her Survi. this alarms survi as well as aniket. Simi comes out and asks where was she, as she had been sent to look for her. survi is tensed. aniket is shocked, and asks her to repeat what she said. simi responds that she said what he heard. he asks her to say it again. She acts pricey. he asks if she called simi, survi. survi is tensed. She identifies aniket to simi, and then she remembers about survi’s double entity,. and tells that she was hollering simi. he then immediately asks whats her name then. survi is apalled. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: In the house, aniket extends his hand for friendship to survi, who hesitates for a second, and then takes his arm, accepting the offer. kartik sees this from a distance and doesnt like it. Meanwhile, when he sees kartik, Aniket flinches his hand away abruptly. survi is boggled, and then she finds kartik’s angry glare.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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