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Yeh Vaada Raha 18th December 2015 Written Update

Yeh Vaada Raha watch online

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Aniket is tensed when survi and kartik dont listen and dont call either, while tai and her children, along with Pyare listen resignedly. then they are shocked to find Simran coming with her mother and the police tensedly in the house. Aniket asks whats the matter. The mother responds that their car was found in a ditch. Aniket is concerned for survi, while simran is tensed for kartik, which boggled tai and then the mother. Tai gets on her pretense and fake grief as to what has happened. he asks the police if they found anyone from the car. the police denies. aniekt asks them not to think the worst, and maybe they barely escaped death. but tai continues rant about her grief, and simran’s mother too starts getting into competition as to how and who is more grieved. Aniket shuts them, and then tags with the police to find out. simran follows them too, concerned for kartik and survi.

Scene 2:
Location: The marriage venue
Savita asks survi where is the husband and she stays quiet. Bhau comes out, and she expresses her tension with them. bhau asks where is her husband, while survi stands tensed. Survi clarifies their misunderstanding, saying that he left her. they are both shocked and feel betrayed, saying that seeing them, his wife gave them shelter and in return they gave this as their gratitude for their hospitality. savita comes angrily, and says that there is no place for their small deeds of big cities, in their hearts and their house too. Bhau’s wife treats her with the same treatment that she did with the couple belonging to the city, saying that she shall be punished in a manner, that she remembers and thinks a hunderd times before doing something like this ever again. Survi is apalled.

Kartik meanwhile walks on the road, and takes the mobile of one of the pedestrians, and calls up at home. Aniket gets a call from kartik, and is very happy. this alarms everyone. Simran too expresses her concern while he asks about the accident and if he is safe. kartik says that he is okay, and tells about the location, and then aniket asks about survi aka simi. Kartik gets tensed, and replies that she is safe. Aniket is relieved, but then composes saying that he wanted to know due to simi’s family. kartik asks them not to worry as he shall reach in a couple of hours. Aniket complies. the police leaves, and then he asks aniket to tell kartik that he needs to file his statement, at the station. Aniket then brings up the disappearance of kishore and the email, and also talks about his suspicions, while tai and pyare are shocked. Bindu angrily goes in.

Scene 3:
Location: Simi’s residence
When simi returns home, her mother confronts her regarding her fondness and attachment to kartik, and then adds that their relation should stay strictly professional. Simi says that she likes him. her mother asks her to let it be, as her career is paramount, and she shouldnt meddle work with love, and if she wants to put up a pretense of friendship and love for her career, she has no issues. simi hears tensedly.

Scene 4:
Location: The marriage venue
Meanwhile, Savita gets black tar and as she is about to smear survi’s wife with black tar, but just before that, someone asks her to stop. she turns to find kartik standing there. All are surprised and boggled too. He comes upto face them, while survi is tensed too. He asks them what are they doing with his wife. hearing this, survi is shocked, while all are boggled. Savita asks if she is indeed his wife, and asks for how long. He says that since he married Simi. savita asks him not to lie anymore, as survi told the truth about their relation. he is shocked to know this, and savita asks if this is why he left her. he says that if he had to leave, then he wouldnt have come back, as before going, they had a fight, and she asked if she is anyone to him, and he replied in jest, that she means nothing to him, and thats the statement they took so literally. He asks savita if they fight or not, and asks them to make her understand not to behave like this. he then tells survi not to take her anger like this. bhau gets convinced and then tries to advise survi to behave maturely. Kartik apologises for the misunderstanding caused, and then takes survi’s hand, and says that even if for sometime, he shouldnt have left her, and apologises for the same. She is too boggled and confused to react. savita then takes them inside, saying that everything shall be proven, if they are indeed married. She takes them inside in a temple, where savita takes the holy vermillion, and asks him to don it on her forehead, to prove that he is her husband. Survi is shocked, while kartik is stunned too. savita asks why is he hesitating, and swear in front of everyone, that he is the husband and fulfill the responsibility, as her forehead as a married woman shouldnt be empty. bhau too starts getting tensed and impatient, while savita asks him either to fulfill the ritual, or leave his fate in Bhau’s hands. he remmebers bhau’s last decision and is in a dilemma. Finally, he picks up the vermillion, eyeing them both, seeing no other choice, and dons it against her forehead, while she is too stunned to react as tears stream down her cheeks, as they both reminiesce their past moments. savita then jokingly reprimands them never to fight like this again, and blesses them for a thousand years together, saying that they have been made for each other. Kartik apologises. Bhau asks savita to hurry up now, as she is happy, as its been enough and they are needed outside. They leave. survi eyes kartik overwhelmingly, while he eyes her with consternation. he leaves, while she feels the vermillion, as the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Survi comes abreast and clean with her truth about survi, srikant’s daughter and his accused. Tai hears this and is tensed. kartik gets enraged as he eyes her.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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