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Yeh Vaada Raha 18th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Temple
Kartik and survi are shocked to hear ranvir’s proposal. his bodyguard gives him some papers. Ranvir gifts kartik, with divorce papers, and hands them to survi. she is aghast as he gives them. meher and tai smirk. survi is distraught and unable to speak. kartik is enraged. shanti is distraught. tai and meher smirk. he says that all the papers are ready, and they just have to sign after which he shall handle everything. he reminds kartik that before breaking meher’s heart, he should think about shanti too, and asks survi to take the responsibility, of getting the signatures, and sending them to the house, as he always hears to her, hence he wants her to do this. he asks her to explain to kartik, that his favour is in divorcing her, as she too would want shanti to settle in her marital life. meher comes, and then tells him that she shall miss him, but its only for 24 hours, after which he shall be hers forever. he and survi are disgusted to hear this. they waive them goodbye and then leave. tai smirks. she then says that even her mastermind couldnt think of such a brilliant plan. she asks survi what shall she do now. she then eyes shanti’s mangalsutra, and shows it to survi, that her life started before it could even begin, as all her dreams are shattered, since he conned her brilliantly. she asks surv i to think about shanti’s happiness, and says that she shall pray for her too, so that she can divorce her husband for the happiness of her sister in law. she leaves. shanti collapses on the floor. survi picks up shanti, and says that everything shall be fine, as they are all here. he takes her hand, and asks shanti to come, as they are all here for her.

Scene 2:
Location: Meher’s residence
Meher pops a bottle of champagne with tai and ranvir, while he is tensed. meher asks what happened, and he says that he doesnt feel like eating. she says that anyone shall tell how sad he is, and asks him whats boggling him. he says that he got her whatever she needed, and never felt bad, but today for the first time, he is feeling bad, that he toyed with shanti’s life. she apologises and says that she understands, but she would settle down nicely with kartik. she says that she too wants kids like kartik, and then be an ideal mother like her mother, and wont bother him again. he blesses her and asks her to go and start her marriage preparations. he leaves. tai comes and tells meher that she wishes to show her something and takes her along. she shows meher, the lehenge and the jewellery, saying that she prepared everything for her, as her granny went. she says that her mother would have done this for her. meher gets emotional. tai asks her not to worry, as she is here, and she shall do everything for her, and never let her miss, her granny and her mother. meher hugs her, and tai thinks that she finally fell in her trap.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
As kartik and survi get shanti back, dressed as a bride, she faces taunts and ridicules of the chawl people. he is enraged and is about to say something, when survi stops him. when they get in, lata and the guests are shocked to see shanti as a bride, with her forehead smeared with vermillion, the guests leave. lata resignedly sits on the sofa, and breaks down. survi asks her to compose herself, as she neednt cry. lata asks why she did it, as she could have atleast told once. he says that she would have, when ranvir had given her a chance. kartik then narrates everything to lata, throwing the divorce papers. lata is aghast. shanti is about to talk of her love, when he gets enraged. he asks her to stop thinking about love and how she cant see what he is upto. he somehow controls his rage. shanti goes inside. survi goes after her, to find her crying, saying that she never wished something like this would happen. survi asks her to stop crying, as she and kartik shall set everything okay. survi hugs shanti.

The next morning, survi prays to the lord to show her a way, to lessen shanti’s pain, the doorbell rings, and in walks srikant with a wad of newspapers, looking tensed and grim. she asks whats the matter. the newspapers fall from his hand, and survi finds shanti and ranvir’s marriage pic on the first page and is shocked. kartik comes and sees them too, on every newspaper as headlines, while srikant collapses on the sofa. kartik tears them all, cursing him for his heinous acts. survi asks him not to be tensed, as they shall set everything straight. lata comes and sees this and is shocked. srikant wonders what and how would they face the crowd. survi asks them not to be tensed, as together, they shall solve everything, and they should only think about shanti first, and they should hide the newspapers. just then, shanti comes, and survi rushes to her, asking her to get ready, as its her exam today. lata intervenes, and says that she neednt go anywhere, as many would have known, and they would talk numerous things, and asks survi why she wants her to go out. survi stands for shanti, asking if she has done anything wrong, or betrayed anyone, that she needs to be in hiding, infact she has borne betrayal, by ranvir, due to her simplicity. she says that they cant hide shanti forever, and that they need to stand by her, and that her entire year’s efforts cant go to waste, and she shall give her exam. kartik also complies with survi, and asks her to get shanti ready. they both go in. he assures lata everything would be right, thinking that ranvir wont be able to break them.

Survi comes and banters with shanti, while asking her not to be tensed at all, as they are all with her. she tells shanti to get ready fast, or else they shall get late for her exams. shanti is grim, while she tries to continuously cheer her up. she asks where is her bindi. shanti eyes it, alontg with the bottle of vermillion kept alongside. she approaches it, while remembering the marriage last night, and ranvir’s betrayal too. survi thinks that if shanti places vermillion, then that means, she still hasnt understood ranvir’s betrayal. but to her relief, shanti places the bindi on her forehead. she thanks the lord profusely, for showing shanti the right path.

Scene 4:
Location: Meher’s residence
Ranvir gets the newspapers and asks meher why was this needed to be done, as he was handling things in his own style. Meher says that this was needed, as what if shanti’s family didnt accept the marriage, and then their plan would fail, or what if survi talked shanti out of this marriage. she says that now survi wont be able to do anything and would have to sign the divorce papers. he leaves tensedly. meher comments that she doesnt know whats wrong with ranvir suddenly. she then tells tai that this too was a brilliant one. tai says that she wants her benefit only, as her mother would have done the same too. meher says that she isnt her mother, and that she is thankful for what she is doing for her. she then leaves. tai meanwhile eyes the newspapers. bindu comes, and says that her ideas, voiced by meher are enacted by ranvir, but it can prove very dangerous, as ranvir is beginning to resent it. Bindu asks tai if she even realises how kartik would go after her, if he as much as gets to know, that its was tai’s plan to marry shanti and then leave her stranded. tai says thats why she is impressing meher, as she shall save her from kartik’s ire. tai says that she is just waiting for meher to give her the place of a mother, then she shall set everything to its place. the screen freezes on tai’s face.

Precap: Kartik and survi come to meher’s place and in front of her and ranvir, he burns all the newspapers, and then says that his plan has failed. He asks what does he think, whether he would be able to connivingly deceive the innocent shanti, and get his way, but actually its not true, and that she has seen through his deception, and understood his real game, oblivious to the fact, that on the road, shanti takes out the vermillion and dons her forehead with it. he says that he has gone to the exam center and taken a grip back on her life. but he doesnt realise that shanti is actually still lured by his deception, and is walking listlessly on the road, without seeing that a truck is approaching, dangerously close.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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