Yeh Vaada Raha 17th November 2016 Written Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha zee tv serial

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Yeh Vaada Raha 17th November 2016 Written Update

Episode begins with Survi & Aniket out to investigate about Iccha… They overhear Iccha revealing her plans to her ex saasu mom… As to how she had killed her ex husband… N now how she had planned to kill Kartik.. Saying so she sets her ablaze & leaves the scene.. but Survi & Aniket save her & seek her help…
Back home, since Kartik has stopped speaking to Survi, he decides to read Ramayan himself & find out what happens next… He sits to read.. But is unable to… says its very difficult, wonders how survi reads it (it was really very cute)… Tai calls out to him & hands over the wedding sherwani.. Kartik is sad & lost.. Tai tells Pyaare to run an errand & the latter laments how he has to do everything since Survi is unwell.. Pyaare’s words ring in Kartik’s ears & he decides to go & check on her.. there hema is lying in bed, having doubled up for Survi in her absence… Happily munching on chips underneath the blanket.. Kartik thinks she’s asleep & starts applying ointment on her feet.. that tickles hema & she gags her mouth so as to control her laughter … she prays for him to leave fearing being exposed & then Kartik screaming all over the place.. Lata walks in & tells him Survi is asleep & asks him leave.. as he turns survi jumps in from the window.. he turns back, but survi hides behind the curtains by then.. after he leaves, hema & lata tell Survi that though he doesn’t recall a thing, he still loves her & cares for her…
Tai goes to check whether Iccha is ready for the wedding.. On the other hand Pyaare is chasing Kartik in the lawn area pleading with him to get ready for the wedding… Survi prays to Bappa to help her communicate with Kartik.. Khushi walks in with Kishor… She sees Pyaare chasing Kartik… shouts at Pyaare for troubling her friend & asks him to leave.. Pyaare mumbles & leaves… Khushi turns to Kartik & says something like gande uncle ko bhagaa diya’, referring to Pyaare.. Kartik asks her why she has come back… Khushi says she can’t stay away from him for long… asks him if they can be friends… he readily agrees… Khushi walks into the BM, holding his hand… Survi comes & hugs her.. seeing Survi, Kartik leaves Khushi’s hand & goes to back to his room…
Khushi asks why the living room is all decked up.. Survi says Tai is getting Iccha married to Kartik but they wont let it happen.. Khushi is with Kartik in his room.. urvi walks in with food.. Kartik tells Khushi to tell Survi to leave, coz he didn’t want to eat.. Khushi coaxes him to have food with her… But Kartik is hell bent on Survi leaving the room…

Precap: Survi & her gang planning to stop the wedding from taking place

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