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Yeh Vaada Raha 16th December 2015 Written Update

Yeh Vaada Raha watch online

Scene 1:
Location: The marriage venue
Survi attends to kartik immensely, taking off his shoes, while he shivers tremendously. the lady comes and gives her clothes for her to change and also for him, addressing him as her husband, as he needs an immediate change and asks her to change his clothes, and then says that they have already called the doctor and she neednt worry. Survi tries to clarify but doesnt get a chance. The lady leaves. Survi then hesitantly gets to changing his clothes, hesitantly and awkwardly. Finally, she dresses him back, and then gets a glass of water, and just then, observes the red blood stained as vermillion on her forehead and is shocked. The doctorarrives with the lady and he checks kartik, while they stand tensedly. He then gives medications and tells the dose, as its a high fever. The doctor leaves. The lady asks if she needs to call the parents as they must be tensed. survi thinks that she cant call right now, as they would be tensed, when she tells them what actually happened, and denies that she doesnt need to. the lady complies and leaves, saying that she is here to take care of him, and asks her to call in times of need. Survi thanks her profusely for what she did for them. After the lady leaves, she starts rubbing his feet to keep his warm. the lady comes with food, and then asks her to go and change first. She turns and hears her name from his mouth, in his sleep. He keeps muttering in his sleep, that he didnt do right, as she has betrayed him, first as survi and now as simi. She understands that he knew her all along, and that her doubt was correct. She is apalled and shocked to know this.

The next morning, kartik wakes up, dizzy and startled, with a heavy headache, and finds his clothes changed too. He looks around and then gets up and goes out, to the balcony. he starts looking around, and then finds survi sitting by the side of the beach, who remembers his confession in sleep last night. she remembers his time with her earlier. as survi sits by the river bank, idly, kartik springs up behind her, and she turns back, splashing water accidentally across his face, with the dupatta. He is tensed. they awkwardly face each other, after which she asks him if he is okay, as he woke up pretty fast. Without answering, he turns too. they both turn around and starts walking back. he wonders whats happening to him, and why was he getting close to her, so stealthily, knowing her truth and knowing her betrayal.

Scene 2:
Location: Survi’s residence
Simi’s mother taunts srikant as to why they are hiding from kartik, and asks what have they done wrong, that they are always steering clear of kartik like this. he says that they are doing this for his benefit only. Her children ask her to go inside and not interfere in this nonsense. Simi assures him that she shall go to kartik’s house, and find out where they are.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Simi arrives at kartik’s place, and enquires about survi, from aniket. He tells her about where survi and kartik went, and maybe their phones died, and network issues were there, or maybe they are almost on their way back. she is still tensed for her, as survi always calls up. But he assures her that they shall be back by tomorrow. Simi leaves.

The next morning, tai is happily drinking away wine, as she remembers about email that bindureceived. Pyare comes in, and she gladly welcomes him, saying that she is very happy with his work and how did he get the idea of email. he says that he got the idea while surfing through kishore’s phone, so that bindu can easily move on. she invites him to drink too. He then indirectly points out as to how he deserves something in return too. she asks if he is blackmailing her. he says that he is merely her labourer, and lata’s work is still unfinished. tai says that she would be dealt with after sometime, once this dies down a little. Just then, aniket comes and tai is tensed. pyare invites him in, and asks him to come and see how tai is so upset and distraught. she pretends to be equally upset and goes on a crying rant. pyare asks her not to care about bindu, as he is there, and then realising his mistake, he says that they are all here, and they shall search for a better person than kishore. Aniket says that there’s something amiss. He tells tai and pyare that kishore cant go and disappear like this, and maybe something wrong has happened with him, and he even has proof for that. tai is shocked and scared too to hear this. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Kartik comes with survi to the lady and the husband, thanking them profusely for their extended hospitality. The lady says that its their duty as a humanitarian. she says that as it is, they merely gave him shelter, but the credit for his speedy recovery and his proper care goes to his good wife, looking at survi. He is boggled and shocked too, while survi stands tensed and flustered. The Diwale team makes them understand that they should start afresh, forgetting old issues.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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