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Yeh Vaada Raha 15th December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
Pyare immediately gets to kartik’s hand popping out, while tai distracts and assures aniket that all is okay. she takes aniket aside, while pyare shoves his hand inside. He tells tai that he shall call the others too. but she asks him to go along, while she comes. When he doesnt comply, she says that she shall come along, and asks pyare indirectly if he shall be able to handle everything. they are about to go, when aniket asks about kishore, and tai distracts him. He tries his number, despite tai telling him not to, and the phone starts riniging from his pocket, while kishore lies in the carpet. Aniket is boggled. tai suggests that the noise is coming from bindu’s room. he goes there, while they hurriedly take out the phone from the dead body, and when he comes out, tai shows it to him, saying that he must have forgotten. Aniket is unconvinced and continues to probe, while tai asks him to let be now. She says that he shall return when need be, and then says that they should get going. Aniket calls pyare, but he says that he needs to get the work done by the electrician, while tai signals him to get rid of the dead body. he then orders a hefty grand feast, and tai gets irritated, and leaves with aniket.

after theyleave, pyare and the electrician get to work and stealthily shove his body inside the car and then drive out, while the watchman is tensed. As they get rid of the dead body in the jungles, back home, tai and others are tensed, when they cant get a clue of kishore, survi and kartik. Bindu says that she got kishore’s mail, and tai is stunned. she reads it aloud, saying that kishore left without saying a word, as he isnt able to compromise his self respect, for the sake of being her trophy husband, and that he cant put up with this fake pretense for him. bindu gets frustrated that he sent such a hate mail, and vents out her frustration at him. tai wonders who did this but then plays along that sheisnt alone, and they are all there for her. bindu rushes to her room. aniket is boggled.

Scene 2:
Location: In the jungle
Finally, kartik and survi while walking, for a long time, arrive at a lake, without any other road and option nearby. Then they spot the delapidated wooden bridge. She asks him not to even try, as she places her hand on him to stop him, while he is about to get atop it. He looks back tensedly and she retreats her hand, and apologises, while saying that this seems really dangerous, and god knows if its in use, and says that they shall find another way. He says that the road isnt ever wrong, and he doesnt like going back on his road, and hence he shall go from here only, and she can choose a simpler road if she so wishes. He says that it shall be easy for him to contact them this way. She asks what if it breaks midway. he asks her to let be, as this bridge shall determine their good and evil and dares her to try their destiny. He starts walking, but before he can get atop the bridge, she stops him yet again and stands in front of him, saying that if they wish to go from here, then she shall go first, as if its destined, then let it be, as they cant escape it for long, as if anything happens to her, then he shall save her definitely, since she doesnt know swimming. He is tensed. She starts thinking that she cant place his life in danger, and that she doubts that he knows her true identity, and if she falls, and he doesnt save her, then she shall be sure, and if her death makes him live again, then its fine. he however remembers lata’s accident and thinks that she deserved this. As survi tries to cross a wooden board bridge, thats highly tumbling, survi’s feet gets caught in a wooden log, that succumbs to her weight and collapses, and she falls right in the water. she desperately tries to stay afloat struggling to be able to swim. he watches on amused at her plight. She finds that he is merely staring at her, and not trying to save her, and hence she thinks that if her death gives him happiness, then so be it, as she shall happily die for his sake and goes underwater. But ultimately he saves her, while she eyes him with overwhelmed emotions and gratitude as he carries her in his arms.

Scene 3:
Location: Undisclosed
Somehow kartik and survi manage to come to a place, which is set for a wedding. The owner and his wife come out, as they hears screams for outside. Survi and kartik desperately call out for help, and they are boggled to see him in such a wounded state. survi states everything that happened to them and begs for their help. the owner hesitates saying that his daughter is getting married, and he cant invite trouble, as there’s no telling if he would survive the night. his wife however gives him a lecture on his well known humanitarian and philanthropic nature, and he gets them in, moved by his wife’s speech. After they take kartik in, survi thanks the lady profusely. she sees the blood stains as vermillion on her forehead, and blesses her a happy marital life. The screen freezes on survi’s shocked face.

Precap: as survi sits by the river bank, idly, kartik springs up behind her, and she turns back, splashing water accidentally across his face, with the dupatta. He is tensed. they both turn around and starts walking back. he wonders whats happening to him, and why was he getting close to her, so stealthily.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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