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Yeh Vaada Raha 15th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
meher keeps beating around the bush, while survi asks her to shut up, and stop this drama, as she has no right to play with shanti’s life. meher asks her if she has the right to play with her life, and then asks kartik that he denied the relation with her, and that she shall spoil shanti’s life, by her marriage, as the marriage rituals must have started by now. she says that shanti doesnt even know that the person she is marrying, would ruin her after marriage, as she is slightly slow. she asks him if he wishes to stop the marriage, then he has half an hour, as sindoordaan has been decided at 10:30. he asks her how could she. survi says that she never thought she could stoop so low. meher guffaws, and asks how can she say so, as this cant be now, since she cant leave him. he grabs and lunges at her, but tai intervenes, asking her not to, as he should thank her, for having told her, and asks her to hurry up, as shanti is getting married within a five kilometer radius. they rush out, while meher gets tensed seeing them both holding hands. tai relaxes her, asking her not to bother, as after this marriage, kartik will have to hold her hand and that their plan, shall work wonderfully. meher smirks.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
On the rod, kartik ask survi how shall they search for shanti, within a half a kilometer radius, as there must be lots of temples. Survi says that they shall have to search. they run frantically. Meher and tai catch up with them on the road and then smirk. kartik and survi run and decide to search ahead. survi hurts her leg, and he is shocked. meher and tai smirk, and cast taunting remarks, and then meher eyes her sarcastically. he takes survi by the arms, and they walk ahead. they continue to tease survi and kartik, wondering who shall do the kanyadaan. tai asks if they should call lata. they mock kartik and survi.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence and on the road
While the guests start getting impatient, she asks raghu, aside whats going on. he tells them that noone is to be seen here. lata tries to manage them, and wonders where they all went. lata dials kartik’s number, and asks whats te matter. he doesnt understand what to say. survi takes the phone, and asks her to manage for now, as they shall come back and explain. they confirm that shanti is absolutely fine. he is tensed. lata is worried too.

Scene 4:
Location: Temple
Shanti participates in all the rituals one by one, and the pheras begin. while shanti’s pheras are going on, they frantically search for her, and finally find her, where she is marrying. he screams at her, and shanti is shocked to see him. but the groom puts a hand on her shoulder and she continues he rushes up the stairs, but is stopped by bodyguards, as he stands helplessly and distraught, seeing the groom, donning the vermillion on her forehead. meher and tai join in too. survi stands stunned and boggled. kartik fights off the bodyguards, and then reacehs just in time, to avoid the vermillion from beingd donneed. he pulls off the sehra, and is shocked to find that its Ranvir. survi is held by meher and tai. kartik is held back by the bodyguards, while ranvir puts vermillion on shanti’s forehead. they both are aghast and stunned, as the priest pronounces them man and wife. meher and tai smirk, while ranvir eyes them determinedly. kartik lunges at ranvir, and pins him against the pillar, and hits him hard, while shanti is shocked. he asks ranvir how could he betray him, and trap his sister. he is about to kill him, with a flaming log, when shanti comes in between asking him not to, and begs him to spare her husband. she is distraught, while survi and kartik are too stunned to react. he steps away. survi composes him, and then turns to shanti asking her why she did. shanti says that she loves ranvir, and he too. survi asks how it happened. she narrates that she met him some days back, colliding into him. they both apologise. he romantically lures her by talking sweet. she is mesmerised by his words, as he comments on her beauty. she says that noone had talked to her like this earlier, and that he is the first guy, who made her feel special, and gave her encouragement and support, and when lata told about her prospective groom, she realised that she couldnt be without him. survi says that she should have talked atleast. shanti reminds that she wanted to, but she left with kartik. shanti says that she couldnt muster the courage to tell anyone else. she then met ranvir, who proposed her, and convinced her that with time, everything would be okay, and they shall forgive them. she begs to be forgiven. survi and kartik are distraught. survi asks if he is happy now, that he is so lost in his sister’s love, that he ruined someone else’s sister’s life. she then tries to convince shanti that he betrayed her, and he doesnt love her. shanti refuses to believe this, while survi tries to convince that had he been true in his love, then he would have come home to accept her respectfully, and asks for her hand in marriage, but ranvir’s intentions werent true, and he merely used her. suddenly, ranvir asks kartik if they get down to talking business. survi is shocked while kartik is tensed too. Ranvir calls meher and caresses her face. he says that he is mad for his sister and loves him dearly, and nothing matters to him more than her happiness and whatever he did today, is because of her only. shanti is aghast to hear this. He tells him that the marriage is done now, and within a wekk, the marriage certificate shall come too, and the world shall know too but there is a fact that now his sister’s palenquin shall leave from his home, to her sasural, only when his sister’s palenquin leaves from his house, for kartik’s. they are all shocked. he tells kartik that he had promised meher he would get her married to kartik in ten days. He says that he has 24 hours to come with the baraat to his place to take meher as his bride. Survi is stunned into silence. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Ranvir gifts kartik, with divorce papers, and hands them to survi. she is aghast as he gives them. meher and tai smirk. survi is distraught and unable to speak. kartik is enraged. shanti is distraught.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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