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Yeh Vaada Raha 14th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Survi’s residence, Mumbai
After jatin hears what survi had to go through, he asks her to go to nasik, and starts blaming himself, for being such a bad friend, that he got her here, with her daughter, and then gave her the brilliant idea of talking to her husband that worked out so well. he says that he cant see her unhappy, and when khushi gets to know that she is an orphan she would break down forever. survi says that be in mumbai or nasik, he would search her out, and that the person who still feels she is at fault for 7 years, and he wouldnt rest till he makes her realise it. she says that since childhood, she has been taught by her father to be with the truth, come what may, and that the truthful person can always stand tall in front of the lies, and that now she shall confront him in the eye, and wont run away anywhere. she says that she shall just come, and asks him to take care of khushi.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence, Mumbai
Tai asks the lord as to why he keeps doing this, as she had successfully managed to get survi and khushi away from kartik. just then, pyare comes and asks why is she babbling to herself. he asks if she has gone mental, and gets a tight slap in return. she says that he too would go down, and that too by survi, as she is in town, and kartik has met her. he asks why wasnt he told. she says that had she known, she wouldnt have allowed them to meet at all. she then says that its only a matter of forgiveness, as the day she apologises, noone can stop them.

Meanwhile, survi arrives at the front door, and walks in with determination. she hollers for kartik. he comes out with his family. Survi lands at kartik’s residence, and while all are stunned. she remembers his misbehaviour and confronts him. he comes and is about to slap her, when she holds his hand midway, and then tells him that he has never been stopped or reprimanded, and hence has been in the habit of being angry. she says that he made a mistake 7 years back, when he branded her the killer of their child, whereas she too lost the baby, but never accused him. she says that she silently went away when he was the one who had broken off the relationship, and that was her mistake, when she should given retorted back with an apt answer, but today he did what noone does with anyone else. she tells him that he has lost his senses and that he shall be given 10 chances by her to rectify his methods, and at the eleventh chance, she shall give him a punishment that no man has ever got from her husband. all are shocked and kartik is furious. but before these mistakes, if he apologises, she shall forgive him, and asks him to decide what he wants to do now.

Later, when she is gone, kartik remembers survi’s confrontration as he drinks his grief away. he dials survi’s number, but it doesnt get through. he gets berserk, as to how dare she challenge him in front of his family, and that she made a huge mistake, and that he wont sit quiet till he finds out where she stays. he is about to go out, when tai stops him, asking where is he going. he says that he shall spoil the life of survi, after the way she audaciously challenged, and that every breath of hers shall cost her, and breaks the bottle of alcohol. this gets everyone, wherein he proclaims, that now by these mistakes, he shall ruin her life totally. they are asked by him to find out where he stays. pyare says that they have been searching too, but when tai eyes him, he says that he got enraged at the way she challenged kartik. kishore asks him to sit down and confront each other, and talk it out. pyare cuts him short, saying that thereisnt any misunderstanding, as its all clear. pyare continues to furthermore instigate kartik, who says that they shouldnt even try any compromise between them, as they are like two parallel lines, who walk together, but cant meet, and she is responsible for this, and he shall search her anyhow. tai is amused.

Scene 3:
Location: Survi’s and kartik’s residence
The next morning, when survi switches on her phone, and khushi is getting ready for school, she gets kartik’s call and gets tensed. she doesnt receive despite khushi telling her to. he dials yet again, but she ignores. he gets frustrated. she gets her breakfast and then takes her to school. the police meanwhile tells kartik that till she doesnt receive the call, her cell phone cant be tracked. kartik says that he shall keep tracking till he finds the position and location, when survi is forced to receive the call.

Later, tai is instigated by pyare that kartik isnt searching her for hatred, but for love, and if survi as much as apologises, they shall be united forever. she gets furious. just then, she gets a call from the kidnapper, and is shocked, as he asks her about the payment for the last two months. he warns her to give the money. tai wonders how he landed in mumbai.

Scene 4:
Location: Unidentified Location
Tai comes with pyare and pays the kidnapper. he gets busy counting the money. She then takes out the knife, and asks for his hand, and he silently complies. she slashes on his palm, and he winces in pain. she says that this is his warning, and asks him not to threaten her. she then bandages him, and warns him yet again. she also tells him that if he tells kartik about her or the daughter, she shall kill him. she asks him to rush and he complies.

Scene 5:
Location: Kartik’s Company
Survi waits along with jatin anxiously, for the owner while not knowing that its kartik himself. she talks about how unpunctual he is, but jatin says that he must have had other obligations. survi asks him to relax, and not side with him. she says that she shall wait so that he doesnt incur a loss. she keeps getting kartik’s call, and then finally excuses herself, to the receptionist to ask for the washroom. while she goes there, kartik enters the office just then, both oblivious of the other’s presence. as he sits in the office, kartik wonders how long she wouldnt pick up. just then, he gets survi’s call, who tells him not to bother her, since she is very busy in an important meeting right now, and asks him why is he calling again and again. he asks if she would let him live in peace, then how can he. she says that he had himself accepted that he was at fault too, and if she apologises, complying to him, then it would just go on to prove his accusations in his mind, which he doesnt want. she asks him to live on, and let her live on too. he asks her to stop ordering her, and that he shall continue to bother her. she asks him to do whatever it takes, but be prepared to face consequences. she cancels the call. he is enraged. he calls the police, and asks if they tracked the phone. the police says that they shall call when they find out.

At the reception, jatin asks about their meeting, since the boss has arrived. when she asks, he asks Jatin to wait furthermore. but she gets restless that she cant wait, as people are waiting on the site for her. she apologises and then says that she got a good response and has to leave. meanwhile, kartik gets to know that survi is in his office only right now. he is shocked to hear this. he rushes out to see, but misses her, as she just steps out of the office right then. he gets dishevelled as he looks around everywhere. he asks for the CCTV footage, and gets to know that there are technical errors. he gets frustrated. jatin intervenes and asks for his appointment. he asks him to do whatever it takes. jatin finds him mad. Inside, he again calls the police, to find out about survi. the police says that rght now, she is speaking to someone else, and that it wont be difficult to trace her now. he says that he needs to meet survi soon, so that he can teach her a lesson.

Scene 6:
Location: On the road
Survi tells jatin on the phone, that her meeting was fine. he talks about his, and then asks where is she. she says that she is in bandra. Meanwhile, Kartik is driving on the road, when he gets the location of survi’s cellphone, by the police. he rushes towards there. The screen freezes on krtik, survi and the kidnapper’s faces, as he is running on the road.

Precap: while rushing on the road, in the car and almost collides into the same man, who was the kidnapper of their child. he is taken back to memories, and rushes after him, who runs for his life through lanes, and lands right into survi’s house. as she turns around, she is aghast to see the kidnapper.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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