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Yeh Vaada Raha 13th October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
Kartik knocks at the door, and tai stops drinking inside, and then opens the door, and sits sullenly on a chair, with her back at him. He comes in stealthily and hesitatingly says that he needs to talk to her. she doesnt respond. he gets on his knees, and holds her knees, saying that he has hurt her terribly, and that he is here to bear any punishment that she gives, but she should say something. she says that she doesnt wish to talk to him, and asks him to go, as she has to think what to do about her children, since he took his decision 4 years back. he pleads. but she insistently throws him out of the room, and shuts the door on his face. he stands worried, while she is angry.

The next morning, kartik sits tensed at the dining table, when raghu comes and asks whats to be done, as the problem is worse now, as even the children arent wishing to talk, and have said that now only tai shall decide and they know very well what she shall decide. He eyes the Lord’s idol, and goes upto the temple, and prays. He calls out to tai. This attracts everyone’s attention and they all come down. As tai sits sullenly and resignedly in her room, not opening up, and not responding, kartik calls her from down, getting everyone’s attention, that he can bear everything but not her silence, and that its her right to punish him, if he has hurt her, and finally relents that since she cant stand survi, she wont stay here, as whatever she has wanted shall always happen. All are shocked. he says that he shall purchase another bungalow for her, along with lata and shanti, till srikant doesnt come back, and that survi wont come in front of her eyes. tai is appeased. he begs on the floor, saying that its her house and she has decorated it, and that its a matter of few days, and once he returns, he shall give the money to srikant and then they shall be done with. he distraughtedly turns to lata, who caresses his face and complies. she then goes up to talk to tai. lata asks tai to open the door, and that kartik maybe abig shot, but he is a child for her, and she should forgive him, and open the door. lata says that they havent put the Bhog to the lord, as everytime she does it, and if not for anything else, then atleast for this, she should come out. tai sits resignedly. Kartik gets upset and says that till tai doesnt speak, nothing shall happen, not even the bhog, and that the lord can stay hungry, as every big decision has been taken by her, and so today either she comes down to punish him, or give the bhog to the lord and forgive him. tai gets up and opens the door, much to everyone’s surprise. She comes down, while lata smiles. the children are worried what their mother has decided, as tai descends down along with lata. Kartik smiles through tears. tai comes down to eye survi, who is scared. She calls survi, while she stays at her place, scared and worried. lata asks her to come, but she hesitates. Finally she starts walking and comes upto tai. All are tensed, as she asks survi to give the Bhog. Survi is surprised too. tai taunts her that she has a 50% partnership, hence the bhog shall be given by her only. All are tensed. tai says that humans have erred, then why should the lord be punished, as they arent above him. She gives the bhog thali to survi, who takes it, while she is scared and worried too. tai places her hand on survi’s shoulder and leades her towards the temple. she stands and nudges survi to give the Bhog. scared, survi starts with the rituals. Kartik smiles as all watch. All fold their hands seeking blessings. she then apologises to the lord, and then tai takes her out of the temple. She asks to give prashad to everyone, after she herself eats it. Her children are tensed, while tai again taunts her on her partnership. She forcibly feeds survi the sweet. Kartik tries to intervene, while tai says that survi hasnt eaten anything since last night, hence she is insisting. He is boggled. she says that from this day forth, survi shall stay here in this house, and pretends to shower her love and affection, while survi flinches at her love and affectionate touch. She then turns to him, and asks how much shall he think of them, and asks how can he give 50% of everything that he has built with his hard work, to srikant. she asks that he would get another house, just so survi is out of her sight and adds that it isnt needed. he says that more than his pain, her happiness matters. She is tensed. He says that he shall do what matters to her. She thinks that he finally fulfilled his promise to srikant, and broke the one he made to her. she says that now she would bring upon her ire. She then tells him that he is way more matured that her, and that survi shall stay here only, but not as his business partner, but as her daughter. tai’s children are apalled, while lata, shanti and kartik are overwhelmingly happy. tai then comes to survi, and in her tone of affection, says that she shall change her life, and give her everything that she never got till now. survi is scared and worried. she says that she shall give her a mother’s love, pamperings and scoldings. she taunts and teases her, while survi doesnt like it. he thanks her profusely as he had never thought about this. She says that she is like this only, as she is always unpredictable, and hence asks them not to make assumptions about her. she then asks lata to feed her as survi is hungry. They go, along with raghu and shanti. tai finds that her children walk away in a huff. she is tensed.

In their room, tai’s children are furious as they remember tai’s role reversal and sudden affection for survi. they wonder whats wrong with tai and why is she behaving like this, and how can she forget what survi’s father did to them. Indu and aniket dont speask. bindu asks whats the matter. Indu and aniket understand that there’s something cooking in tai’s mind that she has kept the greatest enemy of hers in her house, and that she hasnt forgotten anything. they are all boggled.

In her home, the place shanti and kartik far too are there, lata feeds juice to survi, who says that she isnt capable and doesnt desire to. She normally takes the glass, when tai comes in and calls her lovingly, plus the unexpected scare, can make her unintentionally toss the glass on the ground, shattering into pieces. All are stunned, although tai is amused. Survi attempts to arrive and tai asks her to be careful or else folks shall express that she hurt survi. kartik asks her to go, and survi cautiously goes to tai. tai suggests that its a fantastic indicator that glass has broken, and now the good will of the home is makes certain. Survi is fearful, when she nudges her to chortle and smile. she continues to taunt and amuse her, though survi is still really at pain. Tai starts off joking that she has 6 youngsters to take care of now, and asks her to forcibly smile. kartik and lata smile, unaware of tai’s real feeling. tai asks survi to forget about what ever transpired, as well as her, how her husband died, as a result of the mistake of her father, and whatever followed and what wasnt performed, they need to start afresh and switch above a fresh leaf Which she should make her for a mom. she asks kartik to elucidate. he asks her to speak, and fail to remember no matter what transpired, and think about tai being a mother. lata way too advices the same coupled with shanti, and check with her not to be fearful, as all of them shall begin a new leaf. survi remembers tai’s torture, before and immediately after Dubai and receives tensed. tai asks them to stop badgering since they shall give her time in order that she opens up herself. she then scolds kartik also that if he lies once more, she shall punish him. jhe apologises, even though she also responds again in english. all are amused. She leaves inquiring all of them to get great care of survi. she leaves. kartik asks her to smile now, as she is still tensed. all of them attempt and comfort her. From a length, tai angrily fumes as she eyes lata, shanti, raghu and kartik all showering their love and passion on her and producing survi truly feel at your home. tai suggests that survi can smile all that she desires, as now not merely With this house, but her days During this world are numbered much too as by naming 50% immediately after her, kartik himself shortened her life. the monitor freezes on her angry facial area.

Precap: tai tells the youngsters, that by keeping survi in your house, she’s supplying them all a chance to acquire revenge from survi. They may be boggled. as she does the arti, tai phone calls up lots of people According to her approach, eyeing survi executing the puja, that if they have to live to tell the tale, then she must die.

Written Update By Sahir


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