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Yeh Vaada Raha 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha watch online

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
Survi paces nervously and remembers kartik’s promise of completing them today, and then tai’s threatening of exposing sakhi, and how she herself doesnt want to go ahead before she tells the truth to kartik. she wonders how to deny him, as he wont be able to ehar no, and she wont be able to say the truth, and wonders how to get out of this dilemma, of trying to avoid betraying him, but ending up doing so. a lady comes in, and says that she has been sent by kartik to get her ready. she eyes her tensedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Holiday Hotel
In a romantic decor and set up, kartik lights up the candles to heighten the ambience and setting to make it a perfect and memorable night for them. Then she steps in, and is amazed to see the beautiful arrangement, and then a kaleidoscope of their moments on the projector, with kartik’s voiceover, of a promise for eternity as he finally steps up, and confronts her. they both are engaged in a romantic eyelock, as they smile overwhelmingly at each other. he talks about how unpredictable their love story has been, and blossomed from childhood enemies, to best friends, to lovers and finally into life partners, bonded in matrimony. he says that he wishes to express how special she is, as she is made solely for him, by the lord, and she has stood by him, through everyw alk of life, since childhood, and has cared and concerned for him, even if by being strict sometimes. he says that when he used to be depressed and tired of life, he used to have just her face in front of his eyes. She looks at him adoringly. he comes upto her, and then apologises for not being able to trust her blindly, and given her pain and torture, and then promises that he wont berak her heart ever, and that he and his heart are only hers forever now. He then signals her to a place on the floor, where I LOVE YOU is scribbled with rose petals, earthen pots alighting up the message. She is overwhelmed. In the romantic setting, kartik gets down on one knee, and then proposes to her, giving her a red rose, confessing his love for her. she takes it. he promises that the day he distursts her love, that would mark his end. she covers his mouth not to speak such omen. he moves her hand away. he says that after tai, if anyone matters to him, its her only. she hugs him in gratitude and love. he hugs her back. she then says that she wishes to tell him soemthing, but not today, and asks him if he shall wait for her to tell it, and trust her on that. he readily complies. then he tries to get physically intime with her, as they bask in the glory of their new found love, as he nuzzles his neck around the nape of her neck, and she shivers with excitement as a shiver runs down her spine. then they get to dancing. She retreats shyly, while he holds her back and romances her, while she sensualises at the slightests touch of his, or the feel of his warm breath against the curve of her skin. he turns her around, while she closes her eyes, as he brings and leans himself close to her. She moves away. he cups her from behind, and then gently muzzles and grazes his lips across the back of her neck, while she is heightened with romance. she sits on the floor, as he showers her with rose petals, and as they all fall down, he makes her lie on the floor, and then tries to seal their love, with a kiss on the lips. she shys away and rushes out, wherein they enjoy their romance, under the snowfall that accetuates their romance. He carries her in the arms, and then dances and twirls her around. He then makes her lie on the bed, while she watches in anticipation for his next move. he shuts the door, and then comes back and places a diamond necklace around her neck. his hand slowly grazes up her body, while she clutches tightly at the bedsheet. Then they finally get to consummating their relationship.

Scene 3:
Location: Tai’s residence and Holiday Hotel
Pyare and tai are extremely tensed as they dont get hold of kartik, not his info, nor through his phone call. Kishore, while playing snakes and ladders with shanti, indirectly sends a message to tai, through advise for game, as to how a person should continue playing, despite many obstacles standing in the way. sha nti is tensed, while tai eyes them angrily. kishore eyes her determinedly. tai comments that he is being oversmart due to survi being by his side. he asks her to think about herself, as she has some hours left. He then asks shanti come along to the temple, as by the time, they return back, tai’s defeat shall be sealed. they leave. pyare again suggests what if survi wins. tai wonders and is frustrated as to where they went. She then remembers hearing kartik’s voice, while she was listening to survi, and remembers about holiday hotel. he misinterprets that she wants a vacation and starts cursing her, and gets slapped in return. she asks him to find out about holiday hotel. he finds that its everywhere. tai wodners where they went. She thinks that its definitely Maharashtra, as the switch off operator meesage was in Marathi. she asks him to check the Hotels in their state. he finds that there are two. he dials the one in pune. the receptionist asks them to hold the line, and then informs that there is noonme by that name staying here. tai understands that they are at Panchmeshwar.

As kartik gets close to survi, he gets a call, from the manager citing that its an emergency call from his house. pyare asks him where has he disappeared, as their phones are coming switched off. kartik apologises and then asks whats the emergency. Pyare creates a big emotional drama. survi is shocked to hear tai’s mention. Pyare tells kartik, that tai cut herself with her own hands, in anger, and there was blood everywhere. he gets berserk and asks how. tai enjoys viciously, while pyare says that he cant blame tai, as there was such drama and ballyhoo in the house due to kishore, who arrived in as unexpectedly as he went away. he says that tai got enraged, and even after kishore was made to leave, she vented her anger on herself. Kartik is aghast. he tells survi about what pyare told and says that he shall settle the bills, and she should come in the lobby, as they shall have to immediately leave. she wonders what is tai upto now, to distance her from kartik, as he hurreidly leaves out.

Back home, tai discusses with pyare as to how she doesnt like when things dont go her way. Pyare says that kartik is going to be back in two hours. tai says that she wont like being back home after a couple of hours, and she has had enough of goose chase. tai thinks that they shall have to get rid of the problem right from the bud, right in panchmeshwar. meanwhile, someone who is her aide, plants a bomb in kartik’s car, to finish tai’s incomplete work. kartik and Survi get in and drive off hurriedly. In a distance, the bomb goes off, causing an explosion. tai guffaws meanwhile in her house. the screen freezes on her evil, vicious face.

Precap: Tai and pyare are tensed when the police come in one more time. Pyare hesitatingly asks whats the matter. he says with deep regreat that survi and kartik are nomore. shanti is apalled and aghast and breaks into uncontrollable tears. tai is amused, oblivious meanwhile of an apparition that seems like survi, lurking around in this vernadah of the house, circling the mansion.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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