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Yeh Vaada Raha 11th December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Barve Mills Compund
As the goons continue to try and take advantage of her, Survi screams apalled and tensed, while kartik walks in at a leisurely pace, eyeing the whole secnario eyeing survi being harassed tensedly. she sees him and then rushes upto him and hugs him. he eyes her tensedly. When she realises, she composes herself. she asks why is he doing this, as she feels he is doing it. one of them comes to try and hit him, but he preempts his strike, and beats him to pulp. he then angrily takes off his coat and hanging it by the crane, he beats the pulp out of the goons, while survi eyes them shocked and tensed. he beats the goon with a ferocity, when survi comes and begs him to let them go, or else he shall die. the goons run off. the guard comes, and kartik reprimands him for his recklessness. he sends the guard to go and file a police complaint immediately. he complies. kartik turns to her, asking why did she feel he did all this, as he didnt feel when then accident happened, when she came here and when she was trying to prove survi innocent. he asks if its so, that maybe unintentionally, he reminded her of some crime. She is apalled and comes to her, and says that she hasnt done anything, and that she shares the pain of everyone, and asks him to name one person who is only happy. but he insistently continues to try and find pain himself in his old wounds, torturing himself. He turns and comes to her, and says that she is wrong, saying that he doesnt search for his past pain, as he intentionally keeps it alive, so that it doesnt die, then only he shall enjoy giving punishment to survi. She is tensed. he asks her not to be tensed for him, as the reason is survi, and its remedy is the screams of that betrayer survi in the garb of a friend. Just then, he gets hit with an iron rod from behind, and he winces in pain. One of the goons approaches survi. One of them comes and tries to take advantage of her. but even in his distraught state, with blood gushing out of his head, he beats and makes him flee away. she tries to attend to him, but he asks her not to touch him, while he gets dizzy. She begs him to let her look at it. they are both shocked to find the blod from the brain, and she begs him to let her take a look. he says that he doesnt allow strangers to catyer to his wounds. She insists, as he gets groggy. She rushes to go and and get the first aid kit from the car, and then tries to do it, but he doesnt let her, and applies savlon himself. But the bandage fliesoff in the wind, and she tries to get to the medicine, but he stops her hand. she eyes him longingly, and then he refrains his hand away. she attends to the wound, and ties as a bandage with the dupatta. He gets up and tries to take off the dupatta, but she asks him not to, as his revenge is incomplete, and if this blood loss continues, then he wont be able to achieve it. He agrees. She asks him to come to the doctor, but he thinks that she should stop this, as nothing she does or says, can stop him from hating her. She tries to help him up and support in walking, but he jerks her away, and walks off. She stands extremely tensed.

Outside, kartik groggily gets in the car, while denying any help from survi, who stands apalled at his rude behaviour. he turns on the ignition and she resignedly takes her seat beside him, in the car. he drives off.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Being groggy, kartik drives rash, while survi asks him to stop the car, as they can take a lift, but he doesnt listen to her.

Scene 3:
Location: Tai’s residence
Tai is boggled, and kishore shocked, when pyare asks him not to be confused, as he shall always side with his mother in law. She is tensed. he says that kishore is a principled man, and he cant deal with it, and begs her to take him as her disciple, and he promises that he shall cater to her every demand. She comments that he is too shrewd. He asks her to deal with kishore. She says that what makes him think, that after dealing with kishore, she wont deal with him too. he says that she wouldnt want both of her daughters to become widows together. he says that he shall always have himself insured when he does something. He then shows her a video of tai instructing the eletrician regarding lata’s death and she is shocked. he then says that he got it on phone, and also sent it on his insurance agent’s number, who shall call him every 12 hours for the second installment, and if he doesnt get a response from Pyare, then he would straight away call kartik, then she can herself imagine what shall happen. she gets frustrated as he asks her to stop worrying about him, and focus on kishore. Tai eyes him angrily. Pyare again asks kishore to apologise and let this go and forget it, so that they can enjoy their meal. But kishore doesnt relent. Pyare asks why is he hell bent on dying, and asks him to apologise to tai, as she is required for their sustenance. kishore says that he isnt that unprincipled to stoop to his level. Pyare tells him that his principles shall ruin him. kishori says that he cant do this. tai gets super angry. Pyare asks him to go to hell. Kishore tries to walk past tai but she stabs him with a knife, saying that he is sonj in law, and not her daughter, as she can see bindu’s bangles breaking, but not see the tears of poverty in her eyes and asks if he shall ever dare to betray tai ever again, and decide to go and tell kartik about her reality. All are shocked and aghast. Pyare is shocked to see this. She stabs him again with venomous rage, as she asks him to see what happens to people who go against tai or threaten her, while kishore breathes his last, and she says that she can bear the tears of grief forever but not the tears of sadness and poverty, and asks him to go to hell, and speak about his conscience, as to what tai is capable of. Pyare is aghast as he hadnt expected this. tai eyes him as he collapses on the floor, and dies within seconds.

Precap: As kartik and survi try to cross a wooden board bridge, thats highly tumbling, survi’s feet gets caught in a wooden log, that succumbs to her weight and collapses, and she falls right in the water. she desperately tries to stay afloat struggling to be able to swim. he watches on. Meanwhile, tai and others are alarmed as they hear the doorbell ring, and she instructs them all to wrap the body in the carpet, and then wipe off blood marks and stains. meanwhile, she asks pyare to go and open the door, and when he does, he is shocked at what he sees. tai is tensed and worried to see this reaction.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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