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Yeh Vaada Raha 11th August 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
All are aghast as they find khushi under in te pit. Kishore reprimands rohit and ria for being rash and irresponsible. he says thathe complied but ria didnt. all are apalled and distraught. he calls the contractor, and shows him what happened, while he expresses failure, clarifying that he had kept in open. tai remembers how pyare had covered it up. jatin asks them not to waste time, and get to work, to rescue her. hema decides to call up kartik, but his phone is on silent, as he is in a meeting finalisation. survi continuously tries to assure khushi that she shall take her out. tai thinks that she shall take her out, but as dead body. pyare disheartens her all the more. but survi gets an idea, and sends in one phone inside a transparent plastic bottle, and then starts talking to khushi viavideo conferencing. tai is aghast. she asks her to continue looking up, and asks her to try and come out, by the help of rope. khushi expresses her inability. tai is amused, that surviu shall see her bdaughter breathing last. through the help of the rope, survi tries to raise her up, and manages to succeed even though with difficulty. she slips and gets extremely scared. but she gives up and rushes deep down, accidentally, while all are aghast, and construction material too falls on her. they are apalled. jatin leaves to call his contractor, while tai and pyare are amused. finally survi says that she has an idea, and much to everyone’s shock, she tires the rope around her waist, despite all protesting her not to to. they continue to try and talk her out of it, but sher is adamant and says that today she shall save her definiteky. she then turns to top and continuously nudges them, to keep track of them. finally she descends down, amidst such difficulty, assuring khushi that she shall soon be there. finally khushi grabs hold of survi’s hands and they are both ecstatic to see each other and hence hug. after hugging, and tying khushi’s harness, she asks the person to pull back up. kishore and jatin hurriedly try to get survi and khushi out. tai is furious saying that she shall not let them win, and puts a chemical on the other end of the rope, and it starts rotting away immediately. meanwhile lata begs on her kneees, to the lord to keep them safe/

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
A pleased kartik has flowers for survi and a teddy for hug, but his car breaks down, and he takes an auto, to avoid being smeared and not look good in front of survi.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
KArtik arrives and is shocked to see whats happening. the rope unties off at that very minute. he rushes and dives in to save khushi and survi anyhow. they are all grived, yet relieved that kartik has come now. tai fumes. kartik uses up every strength in his senses, to pull them both out. Pyrae from a distance chides and comments with glee that khushi did finally arriove but not for long. Tai slaps pyare and leaves. he follows. then they are pulled out, and kartik overwhelmingly hugs survi. Kartik hugs survi and khushi, as she lies unconscious in front of her. they are shocked as they find that khushi isnt waking up. tai gets a glimmer of hope, while a dvevastated khushi apolohgises for not making it up. they anyway plan to rush her to the hospital.

Scene 4:
Location: Hospital
Kartik rushes in with his daughter in his arms, who is immediately admitted. as her pulse is checked, she lies unconscious. kartik and survi are apalled to see him addressing her wounds on minor hands. survi goes to the temple and takes a burning camphor ball on her hand, and says that she shall keep its help, about where is he, and shall not wait till, Khushi has woken up, and if she doesnt wake up, then survi shall forever stop believing in him. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: survi narrates to kartik that she shall have to leave with her daughter. kartik is enraged, as he lashes at her, in front of everyone that he is yet again responsible for distamncing him from his child. she reminds sternly that khushi isnt heis child, and noone else’s. He raises her volume saying that she wishes to make one thing clear. she says that she needs to go. she asks him to do whatever he wants to, and even kill her, but noone can stop her from taking her child away. everyone including kartik is boggled, to see survi this aggressive.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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