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Yeh Vaada Raha 11th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
Tai agrees to meher’s audacious request and turns to go, but meher stops her, and asks her to gather the glass pieces. with tears in her eyes and bearing the insult, she complies. ranvir warns her not to tell her old sentimental story to kartik, or else he shall have her family ruined. she agrees and turns away, tearfully. they are all shocked when they get to know of tai working as a maid. she swears revenge and says that she shall get back to meher and her brother. she informs them of the roka with kartik. bindu says that they are day dreaming as this shall not happen, and that she shall see how ranvir plans to get it done.

Scene 2:
Location: Tai’s and kartik’s residence
The next morning, kartik and his family is surprised to see ranvir at their doorstep, with huge gifts, saying that its meher’s roka today, and that he shall be happy if they come, particularly kartik. they are tensed. he requests them to accept the gifts, he is giving to everyone who is a part of the function. he says that survi should come along too, as she is the reason behind it, by starting off with the lie. he begins to go, but kartik says that they arent related, and hence he doesnt find it comfortable taking such gifts from him. ranvir says that very soon, they shall establish a relationship. he says that he needs a person like him, and offers a job worth 1.5 lakh a month. kartik thanks but says that he shall ask his wife first and then give his answer. ranvir asks why bring the wife into it. kartik says that he wont take any decision without asking her, as the family is paramount, and asks him what can he do for his sister. ranvir says that he can die. kartik takes survi’s hand, and says that she taught him that we should live for the family, not die, as who would look after them. ranvir eyes them intently yet frustrated. kartik asks what if he dies, then who would take care of his sister. ranvir comments that they are made for each other, and then gives his card and leaves, saying that he shall wait for their answer, and that they shall come if its a yes, else its a no. after he leaves, kartik asks survi what should he do. she says that she doesnt know. he reprimands her for being so indecisive, when he praised her so much. he chides with her, and reprimands her. a verbal scuffle ensues. finally, he says that he shall take a call, and give the final answer which is not subject to further discussion.

Meanwhile, when ranvir comes home, meher is excited as she shows her dress and then asks if kartik shall come. he replies in a yes. then he gets kartik’s call, who says that its an incredible oppurtunity to be turned down, but he shall have to say NO after consulting his wife. he apologises and says that they wont be able to make it to the function, as what happened between him and meher, nothing shall be normal, and if her husband gets to know, it shall not be good too. he gives them their best wishes, and says that he shall return all the gifts. he cancels the call. ranvir gets tensed, while meher is excited about arrangements.

Inside, survi and kartik talk, while she asks him how and why he refused. he says that he saw tension on her face at the job proposal, and hence refused. she thanks him for keping her happy. they decide to fight together, and says that neither anyone can come, in between or separate them. they get romantic. she shys away, while he holds her hand and turns her to him, while he cups her face with his hands and then seals their love with a kiss. they bask in the glory of their evergreen love.

Meher keeps asking when shall kartik come back. Ranvir is unable to say anything, when maeher finds the gifts returned back, and understands that kartik turned down the offr. she reprimands him for leading her on and pinning her hopes, and now he wants her to find another suitable groom, when all she ever wanted was to have kartik to himself. she storms out saying that now she shall take care of matters. he is tensed and worried, but she doesnt listen.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
meher storms in survi’s house, while all are sitting, asking why didnt he come. he and others are boggled. then she draws out a knife from behind her back, and eyes him. she says that she loves him, but he didnt come at all. she gets distraught saying that tody is her roka, then how dare she keep him here. she blurts out what her brother promised her, but he returned it back. they are shocked to know this. he asks what nonsense is this. meher says that not she, but survi lied to her, which brought all this drama, and that she wont allow survi to be with him. she gets berserk and distraught, and says that she wont bear it, and screams if he shall leave survi or not. he screams back, that he shall never leave, and asks her to get out of here. in aggression, she says that she wont let him be survi’s too, and then is about to stab survi, when he comes in the way and she accidentally stabs him in the stomach. he is taken aback, while all are shocked. survi is aghast. all scream out, while he winces in pain. meher is shocked to see the blood laden knife, as survi clutches kartik who collapses in her arms, continuously screaming to revive him. then meher takes the dagger and pierces it in her stomach. the sight of it alarms ranvir, and he is jolted from his nightmare, as she continuously asks him if he is going to come at seven in the evening. he promises it that kartik shall definitely come at seven, and asks her to go and get ready for him. she happily leaves. he is thoroughly tensed. then he is set to thinking, while granny says that she knows he doesnt want to do it, but has to, for the sake of his sister. he says that the lord is to be blamed, for playing with emotions, and he is responsible for what his sister is going through. he says that he doesnt hate the lord, but wants to know that he got everything, then why such a horrible fate of his sister, and the immense love of his sister. he says that till his heart beats, his sister’s wish shall be fulfilled. Ranvir claims that by seven, kartik shall be at home, and how thats on him. The screen freezes on his tensed />

Precap: Ranvir and his men attack survi and shanti on the road. survi gets hit with an iron rod, and falls unconscious on the road, in shanti’s arms, who is distraught herself. ranvir is tensed, seeing her, from his car. Later, Kartik rushes inside the house hassled and distraught, while he finds ranvir and meher standing at the balcony, eyeing him, with a smile. Ranvir smiles at her, while she is ecstatic seeing kartik, that ranvir did fulfill his promise.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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