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Yeh Vaada Raha 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Tai comes to Survi and asks her to tell her the truth about who she is. She is about to slap Survi when Survi holds her hand. Tai shivers in rage. Survi says she is the same fourteen year old girl who came to live at her friend, who sacrificed herself for a promise. She is the wife of the man with whom she has played a lot for the last ten years. She made a joke of the promise of a little girl. These promises are feeble as string, but strong as iron. She compelled that girl to take revenge from her, but she is the same Survi Kartik. Tai laughs hysterically. She slaps herself and says this girl made a fool of her. She throws the plate at Survi that goes on the floor. She says that since the age of fourteen years she has turned her life as hell, what she thinks if she has won over Tai? Will she go to Tai and open her reality up to him, and will he agree to her? Survi says those who are afraid always run, and she has stopped being afraid of those who stabs at the back. She is here, Tai can do what she wants to. Tai says she has got a lot of courage that she is speaking to Tai eye to eye. She recalls that 8 years ago Tai pushed Lata from the roof, she accused Survi and Kartik hated her. Kartik is her dog, he will still do what she says as Tai had given him, her mother and crazy sister the roof. Tai says she was standing with Kartik when he had a bad time. Tai says he forgot her when it is his good time. Survi says Kartik has considered her a mother, he always think about her and her family. Why she then started to plan his death. Tai says when it was a time to give the actual right, he thought about Survi and Srikanth. Survi says Tai has filled herself with such hatred, she can’t see any good. Survi says one’s real son won’t even do what Kartik has done for her. Tai says this is decided, she will end this story today. She thinks about Survi’s drama and their phone talk and gets it to be her drama. Survi says she had vowed to disclose Tai’s reality to Kartik, Kartik would never have trusted her no matter what. She created doubt in his mind, so that he tries to find out the truth and hears every confession from Tai’s mouth; like he is listening right now. Kartik appears from behind the wall. Tai and Pyaare are shocked to see him. He remove his glasses, and fake moustache.
Tai tries to explain to him, but he passes her by and comes to Survi. Survi asks if he now trusts. If the curtain has raised from over his eyes. Tai had pushed Lata, they have always done the crime and she has always been accused. They misused his trust, they kept him imprisoned in his own promise and took advantage of his innocence. She is sad she had to betray him just like them. She had no other way. He neither trusted his mother nor Survi, Lata always shout that Tai pushed her. He blindly trusted Tai that until Tai confessed this all he never believed anyone. She only had two ways, either to accept the defeat broken or face it all. Kartik had been crying. Survi fell on the ground broken, joins her hands and says if he thinks she is the culprit he can throw her out of the house. She can’t do anything more than this. Kartik holds Survi, he says today he accepts that a wife is the biggest strength of husband. He considers himself a culprit, he has been unlucky for not being able to recognize his wife. He knew her but couldn’t recognize her, he accepts his mistake and will improve it. A husband bends in front of three women, Durga, his mother and the third… he kneels in front of Survi. He says today her Kartik is head bent before her, for the last promise that he will never let broken. He takes the sindoor box and says today he wants to ask her the right to love him, to call her a wife and fill in sindoor in her head partition. He asks her to return his lost right. He takes the sindoor to fill in her head partition, she backs up instead. Kartik was taken aback. She says the right he has been asking for isn’t given, it is achieved. He lost it because of mistakes, he will have to gain it. If she had to become a Durga today, it wasn’t because of Tai but because of his lack of trust on her. He trusted Tai so much that he forgot trusting anyone. He was lost in Hema and Bindu’s happiness that he never cared for his own sister. He will only get the right back only when he wlll bring the roots of this relation with trust. His mother, his sister and wife had to pay for his trust on Tai.

PRECAP: Kartik calls commissioner. Tai calls him and throws the snake at him that bites Karti. Tai says he had said today will be the end, today he must die.

Written Update By Sona


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