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Yeh Vaada Raha 11th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha watch online

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Tai goes into a rant as to how she has been reprimanded by lata, unnecessarily, after what she did for them. she asks them all if she ever did anything wrong against kartik or his sister, shanti. Lata gets up and then wonders whats tai giving lectures about. she intervenes and says that she hasnt forgoteen anything, and that she threw her that day off the roof, which she remembers clearly. all are shocked to hear this, and how she had gotten survi to leave, and gotten her to promise, that she shall never come in his life again. they both remember. She says that tai behaves very sympathetic but she was the one who got the gun fired at kartik. They are all shell shocked. She blurts out all of tai’s atorcities and torments against them so far. He says that he remembers everything, as they have talked all this. Tai is amused. he says that tai herself consumed poison. She makes him convince that tai is a drama queen, and she has poisoned their lives. The doctor starts telling kartik that she needs to be in a facility asap. Tai vehemently protests that lata wont go anywhere, and they shall get her treated here only, but she wont go anywhere. Lata tells her that its enough of drama, and is about to raise her hand, when tai holds her hand and then pulls it down, eyeing her viciously. Lata asks him to see that she is still smiling. tai breaks out why would she cry, and continues on her rant, that god might do anything to her, but she needs that lata get better. unable to take it any longer, lata lunges at tai’s throat, and she is taken apart, by much struggle, by kartik. The doctor asks him to understand that she is getting fragile, and if she worsens, she might hurt others, and that there shall be electric shock treatment necessary then. they are shocked. Lata rushes to survi, and asks her to explain as she knows the truth. The doctor signals the nurse to take lata away, but survi stops, and says that she wont be given shock. tai eyes them both evilly, while all others stand tensed and surprised. tai asks why wouldnt it be done, as the doctor himself says so. Tai asks how can she talk like this being a medical student herself, and the doctor is obviously better than her. survi tries to object, but tai holds her hand and presses it hard, signalling her to be quiet, while she is scared and shocked. Tai then asks her to refrain and asks the nurse to take lata away, who continues to beg survi to tell the truth, while survi stands apalled and distraught. The nurse with kartik take lata to the bed, while survi protests. Tai says that she knows that she wont be able to see lata like this, and forcibly takes her away. All are grieved, as they forcibly tie her up, fo the electric shock. He finds shanti seeing lata, and goes and hugs her. the electric shock, and lata writhes but is unable to move, being fixated. He and shanti are apalled.

In her room, survi keeps begging tai to let her go to lata. survi says that the doctor didnt check properly. tai asks if she has studied enough, and asks her to learn from her, as she complied to her son’s love, despite her hatred for her, but she kept quiet. They hear lata’s screams, while tai smiles evilly, and asks if she can hear them, while survi is distraught. Tai says that she kept praying to the lord, but he didnt listen much to lata’s screams, and hence she herself does what lata deserves, as god is too busy. She says that the biggest crime is to reprimand her and accuse or threten her, and lata did the same. She gags survi by her necklace, and then asks her to speak if she too wishes. she says that lata is right, and the doctor’s diagnosis is wrong, and survi is shocked to hear this. Tai says that she doctored him to say so, as per her principle, that she needs to be punished for what she did against tai, and that the son, who has the faith that tai shall never lie, is getting this shock done. Lata’s screams keep echoing. survi is then told by tai, that she mightnt have broken the promise, but still her truth came out in front of kartik. she wrenches her hand, and then says that she has another chance at keeping the promise, that its a sin to even dare or try to go against her. she says that survi still isnt a bahu, but she is the Saans, and she shall immediately take action, as she takes the ice picker, and wrenches her waistskin with it, while she winces in pain, and when she removes it, it leaves a scar, like a lovebite. She says that she shouldnt even try to get kartik know about this, then she would again get back to kartik, and kill him. Survi is shit-scared and apalled. She asks survi to freshen up now, and remove her tears, and that it should all be normal. She says that noone should get to know about it, and also asks her to remember, whatever conversation they had, to herself, as thats her first lesson. She pains survi some more, and then leaves. survi stands apalled.

Scene 2:
Location: Bindu’s residence
As bindu and pyare try to get physically intimate, someone is shown to be lurking in, with bl**dy fotsteps. pyare is shocked to see her husband in the doorway, appearing as a ghost. He remembers having killed him, and then lets go of her, while she is boggled as to what happened. he is scared to death, as he gets up and tries to look around, severely palpitating, and visibly terrified, at the slightest sound. she comes and asks whats the matter, and if he has gone mad. she takes him inside, while he is scared. he locks the door, still unable to believe what he just saw. The screen freezes on kishore’s ghostly face, as he lurks behind the curtain.

Precap: Tai notices a mysterious doll kept in the middle of the night, in the centre of the drawing room. she picks it up and eyes it intensely. meanwhile, in her residence, survi tries to keep convincing kartik that lata needs to go to a hospital, but he says that tai has gotten a good doctor. she keeps trying to make him see the point. he says that he can entrust lata’s life in tai’s hands, and survi blurts out that she cant. he almost raises his hand to slap her, shocking her and srikant.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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