Yeh Vaada Raha 10th November 2016 Written Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 10th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha zee tv serial

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Yeh Vaada Raha 10th November 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
survi is aghast, as tai tells her that she had warned her, but she didnt pay heed, and now shall pay the price. she is apalled, as tai beckons him to come this side of the railing. he is scared and apprehensive, while tai asks him to do what she tells him, so that everyone know how much he loves her. survi begs her to leave him, as she shall face any punishment. he starts getting down the railing, with his eyes closed, while survi is apalled at his condition. tai beckons pyare and he leaves, to get a chair for her. she sits on it, and then asks survi to rub her nose at her feet and apologise saying that she made a mistake. survi gets on her knees and complies. tai reminds that she still hasnt rubbed her nose at her feet, while aniket, hema and lata are apalled. kartik is super amused, along with bindu and pyare. survi complies to that too, saying that she made a grave mistake, and wouldnt do it again. tai teases her by asking kartik if he enjoyed enough. he complies. Tai asks kartik to come easily to his mother. he complies, and begins to get down stealthily, from the roof. his foot slips and he falls down and they all scream out. they are aghast as he falls down. but he is caught just in time, by a person who holds out her hand and holds him midair. all are shocked as it turns out to be ichcha, who he doesnt see since his eyes are closed. As he opens his eyes, he eyes ichcha, and thinking of her as a ghost, he starts screaming for tai. survi and others are apalled, while tai enjoys the fun. tai asks him to calm down, and take ichcha’s helping hand, and he complies. ichaha is amused, as he stands scared. tai says that she is her friend. survi is amused at this u-turn. tai asks her to get kartik down to her. tai again taunts survi that she is always one step ahead of her and her plans. she says that her husband only trusts his mother. she asks survi to think next time, before trying to be smart with her. they all go in, as tai first hastuily walks in. survi and her team is disappointed.

Inside, tai tells him, when kartik comes back, that ichcha isnt a ghost as had she been, she wouldnt have saved him otherwise. he asks her to thank ichcha because of it. he complies hesitatingly. tai says that she wishes to give him a gift, that would stay with him even after she leaves, as there are lots of people who wish her dead. he is apalled at the mentiona of her death. survi is boggled. tai asks him to listen totally first, and then talks about how survi likes the story of ramayana. tai starts talking about how sita changed the life of rama, and she intends the same for him too. she says that she wishes to get him married. survi and her team are shocked. he is ecstatic and overjoyed. she says that she wants him to marry ichcha. they are aghast to hear this. he is super happy, while ichcha is amused. tai says that she shall get him married to ichcha in the next 3 days, in a lavish way. he is very happy. kartik feeds sweets to ichcha, and when she is about to do the same to him, survi stops her hand, alarming everyone. kartik is enraged, while tai is tensed. he asks why did she stop. survi says that he shall eat, but first she needs to confirm if ichcha is a suitable bahu, and take care of him, his mother and his house. he asks how shall they find out. survi suggests that they should take a test, to find out. she suggests a plan that has him listening intently. tai and ichcha are tensed. tai tells him that there isnt any doubt, as ichcha is perfect. but survi continues to pitch her idea, making tai in a grandly noble avatar, and asks her to let him take ichaha’s test. all hear tensedly. he complies and then asks survi what test. survi suggests if she can make good tasty food, as he loves it. he laughs at the idea. tai, ichcha, bindu and pyare are tensed. next, survi shall have to give Agnipariksha. all are shocked, as survi says that she shall prove her genuinety due to it. he likes. it. Survi says that she shall have to give this test rightaway. both tai and survui’s team confront each other. tai thinks that survi shall pay a price to this. survi however thinks that tai shall face her brunt this time around.

In her room, survi breaks into tears, while they try and calm her down. survi says that she cant bear it anymore, and cant suffice through it, and she might be strong, but she is breaking down from inside. kishore asks her not to lose hope, as her bravery gives them support, and that if she loses, then tai shall win and the house shall be ruined. Lata asks her to think about exposing ichcha in front of kartik, and win back her love for kartik. she asks her to fight for her love and not give up. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: While kartik and others anxiously and impatiently wait at the dining table for food, Ichcha comes and says that the food is ready. she then serves it to everyone. kartik loevs the food. survi fumes resignedly. but then she notices a note stuck underneath the serving bowl. she snatches it out. then, Survi shows kartik that ichcha is lying as its ordered from a restaurant. tai and ichcha are flustered.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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