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Yeh Vaada Raha 10th December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
Tai tries to compose kishore and make him understand, but he says that he has seen and heard enough, and that now he cant even imagine that she had this side to him, and understands that all of her apology was a facade, as she wanted the house alone, to be able to kill lata. She tries to talk to convince him, but he shuts her up, and then says that he shall go out and immediately tell kartik about her betrayal, who he loves and idolises as the lord, despite her double faced personality. he rushes out, while tai is extremely tensed.

Outside, kishori rushes out in a whim, when pyare stops him, asking for his water. Pyare finds kishori shocked and distraught, and asks him to calm down and tell what happened. kishori narrates everything to him, and then tells of his plan, that he wishes to go to the police, to get tai arrested for what happened. Pyare stops him, and then asks him to take advantage of this situation, as tai shall get to the police much earlier than he does, and hence they wont be on his side, and in the meanwhile, she shall also successfully kill lata too. kishori is influenced as he says that he is with him. Pyare comes inside with kishore, who asks him where he saw tai last. he informs about them being in lata’s room. But just then, they are stopped by tai’s voice, and they turn around to find themselves confronted with tai,the electrician and the nurse. they are scared. Kishori tells pyare that he told that this was a bad idea, and even if they wouldnt have gone to the police, they could have gone to kartik and told him atleast. He comments that now they are trapped. pyare assures him that they both arent trapped, but only he is. Kishori is shocked to hear this. Pyare smiles crookedly, while tai is shocked to see this too.

Scene 2:
Location: Barve Mills Compund
kartik reminds her, that the betrayer survi threw lata off the roof, and on the ground, and one day, he shall do the same to her. She is apalled.he asks whats the matter. she says that she doesnt feel a 14 year old can do this, and why would she, as lata loved her like a daughter, and survi cant do this, saying so, she turns away. he asks her to clarify. She says that according to her heart, a 14 year old girl isnt capable of doing this. He thinks that the heart shall agree only when there is one, as it wasnt there seemingly eigth years back, and till now she is trying to prove herself innocent. he says that they shall do something, for sometime she becomes survi, and he becomes lata and they reenact the entire scene that happened 8 years ago, by survi’s perspective, as he holds survi responsible for this wrong, then she can now clear his misunderstanding, by showing him whats right and wrong, and points at the uncanny co-incidence, behind the accident, that landed them eher, and nor would they have questioned whether survi is innocent or not. he says that he gives her another chance to prove that survi isnt responsible for this condition of lata, and that shall take away all of his pain and troubles. she remembers promising herself to be in the house, till he turns back to his original self, and then going awya, without revealing her identity to anyone. he asks if she accepts the challenge. she thinks that she has to, not for herself, but for him, and to allevaite his pain, and then nods in compliance. he complimnets her, and then asks her to come up then.

As they arrive on the roof, kartik reminds her the scene, that lata had called him right here, where they are, saying that she found survi. She is taken back down the memory lane. he circles around her, asking her to tell what happened between survi and srikant, and lata, till he came, and asks her to take her time, to think clearly, and tell him what happened, as he had lots of time, and gives her a chanbce to think from the angle of a 14 years old. he asks her to be survi and tell what happened. she says that it might be that survi left without telling anyone. he agrees, and says that anything could be, and asks how lata felll, and who pushed her, and asks if it was a ghost, as there was no third person around, except for survi or srikant. She wonders who could it be, as they had left, and after that someone might have come after that. she wonders if it was tai, but then discards that it couldnt be, since its been eight years, and she had ample chances to do so, but she didnt. she wonders who else could it be then. he says that he shall say, how survi committed the heinous crime. he takes her forcibly at the edge of the roof, and then tells how lata must have apologised standing at the edge, for kartik’s misbehaviour and his slap, and explaining that he didnt want to hurt her, just silence her, but she wasnt listening to anyone, being in a bad rage. Kartik reiterates the entire scene to survi, on the terrace, that this is where survi and srikant must have had an arguement with lata, wherein survi must have gotten enraged. He starts making her retreat backwards till she is right at the corner. he says that lata must have had tears, and she too must have thought that survi is a child. She eyes the immense height behind him. He reenacts the same scene, saying that she must have approached lata and gave her a push, and out of the impact of his voice, the same happens to survi, which makes her fall down the terrace. Survi screams out in shock, but she is shocked as he holds out his hand just in time for her to catch and save her. He pulls her up, and due to the jerk, she ends up hugging him, and he too hugs her back. she is too stunned to react. he however pulls her away. she composes herself. he says that for the last 8 years,lata has been a living dead, and whenvere he sees her, he is reminded of just one person, that 14 year old survi, and she is saying that a 14 year old cant do this. He says that if survi had aheart, then in these years, she would have come once, and apologised for her mistake, and if not her, then her father would have come atleast. she remembers tai’s threat, if she ever came back, and is apalled. He notices her crying, and asks if these were brought on by his emotional saga of lata, or 14 year old survi’s horrendous betrayal. she is stunned. he says that he has proved that even an arch enemy wont do what survi did as a friend. he walks off, while she stands tensed, and then collapses on the ground, and wonders how could she have come, as tai had handicapped them with her promise, as they kept themselves away, so that he can be happy, but he still holds a grudge against him. She then remembers about his plans for the night and his obvious hints, and how it all connects right from the start, to their ending up in this mill. She thinks that this cant be an uncanny co-incidence, and wonders if kartik actually knows about her being survi. she is shocked. She rushes down, but doesnt find the car anywhere, and wonders where kartik went off so hastily. She comes inside the warehouse of the mill, wondering where is kartik and why did he leave her alone here, and finds it completely isolated. she continues hollering for him. oblivious to all this, some drunk thieves are enjoying themselves, with alcohol, happy at the sight of their stolen items. Survi screams for kartik, and the guys are alert. she turns around to find them. They leeringly eye her, and pass lewd comments. She tries to run away, but to save their secret hideout, they run after her to capture her, so that she isnt able to alert anyone. but despite her running, she is caught by them, as they guffaw evilly. she begs them to let her go. she is distraught, as the leering, drunk men get physical with her, and try to take advantage of her, while she screams for kartik, apalled and distressed. They continue to harass and torment her. The screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: As the goons continue to try and take advantage of her, Survi screams apalled and tensed, while kartik walks in at a leisurely pace, eyeing the whole secnario eyeing survi being harassed tensedly. Meanwhile, tai stabs him with a knife, and asks if he shall ever dare to betray tai ever again, and decide to go and tell kartik about her reality. Pyare is shocked to see this. She stabs him again with venomous rage, as she asks him to see what happens to people who go against tai, while kishore breathes his last. Pyare is aghast as he hadnt expected this.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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