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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th October 2015 Written Update

Gayu saying makeup artist is not coming as she is ill. Akshara says I will make Rashmi ready. Naitik wantes everyone well for marriage. Varsha asks Ananya to lose weight. Ananya says she will not marry the guy who cares for her weight. Varsha asks her to manage weight for her health. Ananya argues. Shaurya and Rajshri come and pacify them. Ananya takes challenge to lose weight in one month. Varsha says I m her mum and told this for her good. Rajshri asks Varsha to talk to Ananya by love.

Akshara gets ready and Naitik helps her. She thanks him. He flirts with her and asks for a kiss. She says I have no time. He asks for just one kiss. She says fine and Mishti comes there. She asks Akshara to come. Naitik says kids always interrupt our romance. She laughs and asks about Varmala. He says I ordered. She says I also ordered, either will come on time. Naksh is seeing all arrangements. Rama comes and greets them. Rama asks Akshara to find girl for Naksh, its time for her to become saas. Akshara says no, he is young, he is studying. Rama and everyone pull Akshara’s leg. Akshara worries and tells Naitik about Naksh’s marriage, how is Rama saying, Naksh is so young.

She says he is studying, who marries so soon these days. He asks is she scared to become saas, she will become saas one day. Naira says I want a sweet cute bhabhi and teases Akshara. Naitik asks Akshara to find a good girl for Naksh and teases her. He asks what will she do if Naksh finds a girl himself. She worries and recalls Rama’s words. Tara and her friends are on the way and her friend complains about some guy. They don’t know the house and just guess. Varsha argues with Ananya over her weight loss again and asks her to get ready soon. Yash makes Naksh try the special pagdi. Mukti is not sure about the house and Tara says maybe its this house, we will deal with him. Mukti stands near the gate. Yash says Naksh looks a groom and takes his pic. Tara says send pic to me too Dulhe Raja and he gets mesmerized seeing her. Yash asks who are they. Naksh asks who are they. Tara and her friends beat Naksh and Yash. He asks what they want. Tara scolds him and asks why did he cheat her best friend, what if she died.

He asks that’s Mukti, I don’t know, I didn’t cheat any person. Naira sees this and operates. Naksh says who’s Jeetu. Tara claims you. Naksh claims I m not Jeetu. Yash claims even I m not Jeetu. They conquer him more. Naksh stops them and claims that you are mistaken, I m not Jeetu. Tara phone calls Mukti. Mukti states this is not Jeetu. Naksh looks at Tara. She gets tensed. Naira involves Akshara and asks her to come, some women are beating Naksh and Yash. Tara states sorry and tells about some fool dishonest Mukti. Naksh claims they got damage. She says sorry, you can conquer me, but don’t crack our hockey, we’ve been sorry. Naksh usually takes her hockey adhere and Tara problems. Her Buddy says we should always operate. Naksh retains Tara’s hand advertisement stops her.

She claims sorry, depart me be sure to. He offers her the hockey stick and smiles. Tara stops and throws the relief spray for his reduction. Naksh likes her and states she was like air. Yash suggests she was like wind and went like storm. Naira reveals Akshara that Female has crushed Naksh and Yash. Akshara couldn’t see her encounter and is also offended. Yash states we were not the just one the girls had been obtaining. Akshara can take them for help. The elders say its Erroneous that women did this. Naitik teases Akshara and asks her to think if such Woman becomes her bahu. Naksh smiles.

Naira tells Akshara about Tara who may have crushed Naksh. Tara states Sure, I had been mistaken. Naksh states its all sorted, she said sorry and helped me also.

Written Update By Sahir


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