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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kartik’s sleeve getting torn. He thinks what to do, and sees a stapler. He removes his Kurta to staple the sleeve torn part. Gayu sees him and helps him by stitching the sleeve, so that the stapler pin does not hurt him. Khoyi Khoyi….plays………. he thanks her and says if I have any problem next time, I will come to you. She says anytime and smiles. He goes. Yash tells shayari to Rose, and everyone clap. Rose also tries to say shayari.

Kartik smiles seeing Naira. Akshara asks Martha to apply mehendi to Rose first. She teaches Martha not to make a small round of shagun mehendi. Martha applies mehendi to Rose and hugs her. She gets emotional and blesses Rose and Yash. She asks Nandini to apply mehendi too, as she is Rose’s mum now. Akshara and Nandini apply mehendi to Rose. Martha goes to apply mehendi to Yash. Naksh asks about music, qawalli and songs. They all start the shayari. Anmol says some shayari and everyone laugh. Rukmani claps for him and praises him.

Rukmani tells weird shayari. Everyone control laughter and clap for her. Vishwamber tells romantic shayari for Rajshri. Rajshri smiles. Bau ji tells shayari for Devyaani and she blushes. Kartik serves water to everyone and smiles. Naksh looks at him. Akshara tells beautiful shayari recalling Naitik. Everyone clap. Varsha teases Akshara. Its Gayu’s side. Naira says maybe Gayu wrote something for special person. Gayu smiles seeing Kartik and tells shayari to express love for him. Kartik tells shayari seeing Naira. Everyone clap for Gayu and Kartik. Mishti says now its Naira’s turn. Naira tells shayari about her family and relations. Akshara looks at her. Anmol and his friends stop Pungi. Anmol apologizes to her. He asks her to get sherwani from room, I want to wear it for Yash’s sake, don’t tell anyone, I want to surprise Yash. She nods and goes.

Everyone get mehendi applied. Gayu asks Akshara to apply mehendi to her. Akshara goes with her. Nandini tells Rose that Yash’s name is written on this, ask him to find it. Gayu looks at Kartk. Shayari round continues. Gayu makes a K. Akshara sees her necklace and asks where is Rashmi’s necklace. Gayu says oh no, this is mine, I don’t know where is Maa’s necklace, did it go with sample boxes. Akshara says we will go out and talk, else everyone will worry.
Anmol and his friends catch Pungi to take revenge. Naira and Kartik argue and Kartik falls. Naira gets mehendi on her hand and scolds Kartik. He says sorry. She applies mehendi to his hand too. They hear Mohit’s shayari. Naira goes to wash off the mehendi. Kartik says this color of yours getting on me, how will this go off.

Anmol scolds Pungi and asks her to get fruits for them. Naira looks for Pungi. Naksh asks Kartik why is he going upstairs, when everyone is here. Kartik rushes. Pungi beats Anmol and his friends. Kartik knocks the door and asks Pungi to open the door. He laughs seeing the guys beaten up, and says great, I was worried for you, you are not afraid, I m your fan.

Pungi signs and asks Anmol to wear sherwani. Anmol says I will wear it outside. Kartik encourages Pungi and asks who taught you to be brave. She signs about Naira. He says I knew this, come, I won’t tell anyone, Naira is always ready to get anger on others.

Akshara consoles Gayu. Gayu says I m feeling ashamed, don’t trust me again. Akshara says I will go and get necklace, I will take Naksh along. Naksh says I m going Krishna, what happened to Gayu, why is she crying. Akshara says she is missing Rashmi. He goes. Akshara tells Gayu that she will manage alone, and goes to change. Naira looks on.

Akshara gets necklace and family waits for her at home. Goons hit Akshara and make her faint.

Written Update by Amena

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