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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th October 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with the thieves tying Akshara’s hands. They ask about the safe and threaten her. She says we don’t have safe, who keeps money at home, we keep everything in bank. He pushes her and she sees her phone. She gets Naitik’s call and man disconnects it. Naitik thinks she is annoyed till now. The man breaks her phone. She says there are many people at home, they can get caught. They laugh. The family is in the bus and have good time. Naksh says ladies talk much, I want some change. He asks Sameer to say shayari. Sameer asks him to ask Rashmi. Gayu says Sameer does good shayari. Bau ji says temple is close here. Naksh checks on GPS and says there is no signal.

The thieves say they know the family went out and ask Akshara not to waste time. Devyaani asks whether Akshara and Naitik will patch up. Naksh says yes, I know Naitik will convince her. The thieves ask Akshara for keys. Akshara says I don’t have keys. They threaten her. She says its my sister in law’s marriage next week, safe has jewelry, please leave it, I request. They laugh and ask do they look fools to leave jewelry, he has sister and wants jewelry for his marriage. They scare her with knives. She beats them and runs out.

Naitik and Mohit are in Krishna and talk about Akshara’s annoyance. Naitik says Akshara would be fine, as there is no one to disturb her. Akshara shouts for help and tries calling by landline. The thieves catch her. The thieves get tired and ask her to stop. She sees tomato sauce and puts on man’s face. She runs and throws water on stairs to make them fall.

Rajshri and Vishwamber tell about robbery happening these days. Shaurya says I will visit Singhania house in evening. The thieves catch Akshara. She manages to run and gets inside a room. She locks the door and is tired. Naksh and everyone reach temple. He tries calling Akshara and tells everyone that no one is taking call on landline and mobile. Devyaani worries. Naksh says I will call dad. Sameer asks them to do darshan, temple is closing. Bau ji says we will call later, come.

The thieves say they will break door and wonder is there is phone, she can call someone. They break the door and ask her for keys. She has hair straightners in her hand. Shaurya rings the bell and thinks whether Akshara slept. She shouts for help. Shaurya gets a call from office and leaves for urgent work. She runs from the room and they hit on her leg to make her fall. They catch her and ask her to shut up. They snatch the keys from her hand. The man goes to get jewelry from safe. Mohit calls Naitik adamant and asks him to listen to Akshara. Naitik says she gave me much lecture, she could have solved matter. Mohit laughs and jokes on Naitik. Krishna asks him to leave and scolds him. Mohit says I was just advising you.

Akshara asks them to go away jewelry. The man scolds her. They Imagine to get rid of her. She asks them to depart her and she or he screams. She receives indignant and beats him Together with the frying pans. She requires jewelry bag and beats them. She runs in the direction of the doorway and goes out. Naitik comes along with bouquets. She sees him and hugs him. She cries currently being relieved seeing him. He claims its all right, don’t come to feel responsible, I was experience poor far too. She tells him about intruders. He goes inside and sees thieves fallen on the ground. He asks is she fantastic. She nods. He asks her not to fret and phone calls police. He hugs her.

Ananya talks to Jasmeet and asks her to alter the dress, devoid of telling Varsha. Varsha arrives and Ananya tends to make excuses. Varsha sits on the clothes and receives the dress. She asks Ananya did this get limited way too. Ananya nods. The inspector arrests intruders and praises Akshara’s bravery. The elders come and check with what occurred. Naitik tells about thieves whom Akshara has beaten lots. Akshara says I m high-quality. Naitik states burglars were in poor state. Bhabhimaa asks why did she not give them jewelry. Akshara suggests it absolutely was Rashmi’s bridal jewellery. Rashmi hugs and many thanks her. Naksh and Naira get in touch with Akshara sturdy. Rashmi suggests I experience I shouldn’t marry. All of them ask her not to worry and praise Akshara. Akshara says don’t fret, I promise your relationship will occur on mahurat and in good way.

Rama asks Akshara to search out Woman for Naksh and its time for his marriage. Akshara says he is younger. Devyaani states Certainly, even I felt Naman and Muskaan are young at their situations.

Written Update By Sahir


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